Day 2: Eastern Zones for 10 & Unders

By Rich Sanidad / Contributor.

ROCHESTER – The 2016 Eastern Zone Short Course Age Group Championships (Zones) continued on Friday at the Webster Aquatic Center in Webster, New York.

The 10 and under swimmers on the Potomac Valley (PVS) team followed up Thurday’s showing with more impressive performances on Friday.  And, they repeated Thurday’s feat of placing all three PVS entrants on the podium in five of the nine individual events in this session.

On Friday, the girls were paced by Courtney Watts with 20 points (a 1st place finish and a 2nd place finish) and Josephina Wang with 12 points (a 4th place finish and a 6th place finish).  For the meet, Courtney Watts has scored 44 points for the PVS team. Amy Lamb is next with 27 points.

The boys were led by Bryan Kim with 15 points (a 3rd place finish and a 4th place finish) and Fletcher Bautz with 10 points (two 6th place finishes). For the meet, Bryan Kim has scored 29 points, and Fletcher Bautz is next with 21 points.

The session ended with the girls’ 400 yard freestyle relay team taking 2nd place and the boys’ 200 yard freestyle relay team taking 4th place. The boys’ race was very close as only 0.43 seconds separated 2nd place from 4th place.

Overall, the combined PVS team is still in third place after the second day of competition. (Metro LCS – 1110.5 points, Allegheny Mountain LCS – 950.5 points, PVS LCS – 875 points)

You can keep up with the action via live results and the psych sheet.

Thanks (again) to Rich Sanidad for sending in this report.

*** picture of PVS 10 & unders with Olympian Chloe Sutton

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