MCSL – A meet update week 1

Congratulations MCSL teams on your successes this weekend.  It sounds like everyone had great meets.  Below are some initial summaries of meets that we’ve received from around the league.  We will continue to update this article as information comes in.  Please email us at

One common theme we heard this year is that some confusion exists as to whether or not winter club-affiliated caps can be worn at MCSL dual meets.  As reported in our Nuts and Bolts discussion about MCSL , winter club-affiliated caps are prohibited only at MCSL Invitational Meets (i.e., Coaches Long Course, All Star Relays and Individual All Stars) but are allowed (albeit discouraged) at dual meets, division relay meets and divisionals (see Rules 15-17 in the MCSL handbook).  In other words, swimmers can wear winter club caps – alone or under their team caps (double cappers rejoice) – and won’t be disqualified for the same except at MCSL invitational meets.  That said, MCSL encourages the use of summer team caps – they build team unity and are not expensive.

Week One Updates (winner highlighted in bold)

Division A

Upper County vs. Rockville.  The Rays beat Upper County by almost 500 points. Alan Li broke three 13-14 group team records: 50 Free, 50 Back, and 50 Fly.  The victory was foreseeable as so many of Upper County’s team did not return to the team following the retirement of their beloved, long-time coach, Jen Taylor.  It’s unfortunate for the team, but we applaud those Dolphins that stayed with Upper County for giving 100% at the meet and maintaining the spirit of their team.

Germantown vs. Stonegate.  Stonegate beat the Germantown Torpedoes at the Serpents’ home pool.  Team records for Germantown were set by Samantha Bischoff in 100 free (15-18), Moshelle Borjigin 50 back (13-14), Sarah Elliott in 50 breast and 50 fly (13-14), and the girls open medley – BischoffBorjigin, Sarah Elliott and Grace Elliott.  Cassie Sanidad broke the Stonegate 100 breast record (15-18) and their girls also broke the medley relay –  Sanidad, Claudia Quach, Tia Thomas, and Melanie Doan.  The real success story of the meet though was Elliot Ha (GER), the lone legal breaststroker in boys 8 and under.   Proof that quality work matters!

Tilden Woods vs. Tallyho.  In a prior article, we noted that the difference in this meet might come down to which team loses the least swimmers to competing meets (e.g., the UMAC Red & Black LC Invitational meet; Last Chance Meet in Richmond, VA).  Although Tallyho was missing many of its 13 and overs to those meets, it’s debatable if they would have won had they been at full strength.  Phoebe Bacon (13), who will be one of the youngest swimmers at Olympic Trials later this month, swam the first half of Saturday’s meet, breaking Tallyho records in 100 IM (1:09.94), 50 free (28.43) and 50 back (30.34).

Division B

Northwest Branch vs. Bethesda.  Given that Bethesda lost key swimmers last year and several of its strong swimmers this year were competing at the Red & Black and Last Chance meets, Coach Malka Ostchega wasn’t sure how her team would perform against Northwest Branch on Saturday.  But, the Barracudas began their campaign in Division B after 10 years in Division A with a solid win thanks to balanced performances across all age groups. Northwest Branch, however, stayed close until the breastroke events, when the Barracudas started to pull away. Kate Hallmark (12) broke team records in 100 IM (1:10.83) and 50 free (28.62). Northwest Branch enjoyed especially strong performances from Max Casey-Bolanos.

Country Glen vs. Connecticut Belair.   Country Glen (4th seed in Division B) pulled an 18 point upset against #2 seed Connecticut Belair at CB’s home pool.  Country Glenn was led by the Elkassem boys (Karim, Nasim, Samir), Charlie Begin, and Livia Venditti.

Woodcliffe vs. Wildwood Manor.  Down 8 points before the final 2 relays, Woodcliffe won both to come back and notch a 4 point win over the Wombats.  This is the Wahoos’ first dual meet win since beating Upper County in a Division A meet in 2014.

Division C

Potomac Woods vs. Glenwood.   Last year, Potomac Woods tied Tallyho for 2nd place in Division B, yet this year PW fell to Division C (and is the 5th seed to boot!) while Tallyho and Germantown moved up to Division A (see here on why this happened).  Given this context, it’s not that surprising that the 5th seeded Demons beat the #1 seeded Tigers at Glenwood’s pool this past Saturday.  As we’ve noted before, Potomac Woods won Division C in 2014 and is off to a good start to do it again this season.  The Tiger’s Molly Benson (13) broke 3 of her coach’s team records – 100 IM, 50 Back and 50 Fly.

Darnestown vs. Cedarbrook.

Woodley Gardens vs. Potomac Glen – Potomac Glen, who jumped up to Division C this year from Division E last year, met stiff resistance from their new division foe, Woodley Gardens, who thumped the Gators by 99 points.  On the bright side, however, PGL’s Giulia Baroldi (12) set 4 Potomac Glen pool records (and 3 team records) in the girls 11-12 IM (1:11.02), 50 free (28.82), 50 back (32.63), and 50 fly (30.89).

Division D

      IMG_2321                                                                                                                                                                River Falls vs. Manchester Farm

River Falls defeated Manchester Farm by a score of 456-355.

Ties don’t happen very often in swimming.  But the excitement was uncontainable for Manchester Farm 8&U swimmers Iris Chakiath and Eden Fiery  when they found out they tied  for 1st in 25 Free (19.84) .






Hallowell vs. Mill Creek Towne

Regency Estates vs. Flower Valley

Division E

Clarksburg Village vs. Old Georgetown – Division E newbies beat Old Georgetown.  Clarksburg Village honored the three Juniors from Clarksburg High School who were killed last week in a car accident and a fourth killed by a train earlier this year. Their theme was Clarksburg Strong – Jacob Dennis was a lifeguard at their pool and will be forever missed by the team.  Ever the class act – hosting team Old Georgetown had a moment of silence before the National Anthem in their memory.  Swimming is far more important than the races contested in the water but the friendships made on land.  Both teams demonstrated a great understanding of what really matters.

img_4260Quince Orchard vs. Robin Hood.  Quince Orchard squeaked by Robin Hood on Saturday with a 402 – 388 win after being down by 24 points at half.  The day ended with two spectacular relays:  Christian Kennard (RH) edged out Kazuki Nagao (QO) allowing Robin Hood to take the Boys 14 and Under Graduate Relay and then Ariana Katz (QO) returned the favor by beating Kellie Kincaid (RH) in the Girls 14 and Under Graduate Relay giving Quince Orchard a dramatic win.  Cole Greenburg (12) set the Quince Orchard Team and Robin Hood pool record in the Boys 12 & SC Meter IM (1:09.42) as well as pool records in the Boys 11-12 Backstroke (32.52) and Butterfly (31.53).  Cole also received his MCSL All-Star for IM, Free, Back and Fly.   Rachel Katz (10) (Free, Breast and Fly) and Kazuki Nagao (8) (Free, Back and Fly) each earned MCSL All-Star in three strokes.  QO also has three seven year olds earn their first  ever MCLS All-Star Caps: Ariana Katz – Freestyle, Andrew Kissel – Back, and Anna Bosco.   (Parent on Deck writer, Sean Katz, QO).



Kentlands vs. Garrett Park

Division F

Franklin Knolls vs. King Farm

Stonebridge vs. Mohican

Damascus vs. Rock Creek

Division G

Palisades vs. Daleview

Lake Marion vs. Westleigh

Bannockburn vs. Little Falls

Division H

Olney Mill vs. Lakelands

Clopper Mill vs. North Chevy Chase.  North Chevy Chase in Division H enjoys good depth in certain age groups but the lack of breadth across age groups was the difference in the Sharx 10 point loss to Clopper Mill.  NCC’s Sam Meisel (12), however, rocked the Open Medley Relay in breast, holding his own with the 15-18 boys!

Merrimack Park vs. North Creek.  Catherine Belyakov broke four (4) North Creek team records and 2 North Creek  pools records in 100IM (1:09.92), 50 free (29.02), 50 back (32.86), and 50 fly (30.57).

Division I

Rockshire vs. Potomac

Chevy Chase Recreation vs. Kenmont

Tanterra vs. Old Farm

Division J

Seven Locks vs. Inverness Recreation Club

Poolesville vs. Forest Knolls

Glenmont vs. Manor Woods – Despite Glenmont beating Manor Woods 411.5 – 378.5, the Manor Woods graduated freestyle relay team (Linus Ament, Theodore Ament, Brian Kines, Sebastian Ament) broke both a pool and team record.

Division K

Clarksburg Town Center vs. Norbeck Hills – In the process of defeating Norbeck Hill’s with a score of 413-372, the swimmers at CTC broke a whopping 17 team records!!!  Congrats to Orion Foo, Emma McGrath, Kayla Gomez, Manisha Kappor, Riley Sloan, Eric Yi, Angeni Patrick, William Kirk, and Lauren Chin CTCs Week 1 record breakers!

Calverton vs. Whetstone

Somerset vs. Ashton

Division L

Eldwick vs. Carderock Springs

Willows of Potomac vs. Quail Valley

Twin Farm vs. Montgomery Square

Division M

Washingtonian Woods vs. Norbeck Grove

Hillandale vs. Waters Landing

James Creek vs. Wheaton woods

Division N

Fallsmead vs. Long Branch

Plantations vs. Diamond Farms

East Gate vs. New Mark Commons

Division O

West Hillandale vs. Flower Hill

Middlebridge vs. Twinbrook

Tanglewood vs. Kemp Mill







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      It’s fixed! Thanks. Any updates from this weeks meet?

      • Jun 29, 2016 at 12:56 pm

        Big Country Glen victory over Wildwood Manor by over 100. Again, great swims by the 9-10 boys (Nasim and Samir Elkassem, as well as Brady Begin) and a strong 15-18 performance by Will Sherman and Colin Mackey. Wildwood Manor’s 11-12 girls provided a spark for their team, but it wasn’t enough.

        • Jun 29, 2016 at 12:56 pm

          Almost forgot: Karim Elkassem with an 11-12 boys record in 50 fly for Contry Glen, besting Zachary Barons 10 year record.

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