Taking the Swimming World by Storm: JOLYN Swimwear

By Hannah Gould* / Contributor.

From Olympic Trials to your neighborhood pool, you will notice many young female swimmers are wearing one brand – JOLYN swimwear. If you don’t know what JOLYNs are, they are brightly colored swimsuits that come in one and two-piece styles for swimming and other high-intensity water and land sports, including water polo, surfing and beach volleyball. They make a great practice suits and are reasonably priced.  JOLYN swimsuits are easily recognized by their signature tieback design. These suits are known for their comfort while staying in place. They can’t be bought in stores and they often sell out quickly in certain colors and patterns.jolyn

Over the past few years, JOLYN Swimwear has grown in popularity among young women in the swimming world. How do you buy one (or two or three…)? There are only two ways you can get a JOLYN: online or a trunk show. The advantage of a trunk show is you can try suits on and they are a fun way to find new or old styles and colors that may not be available online. Additionally, at trunk shows, there is no charge for shipping. JOLYN usually determines where to set up trunk shows based on customer demand. In the next few weeks there are a few in the DC-metro area.  JOLYN will be in Fairfax, VA on July 20 and College Park on August 4 and 5.

The most popular suit styles differ depending on the region. In the mid-Atlantic region, the “Bali” and “Andy” style bottoms and the “Tomcat”, “Triangle” and “Vent” bikini tops are the most requested. For one-pieces, the “Dayno” and “Jackson” tie back styles have been the most popular. The most sought-after colors generally vary but JOLYN’s “cabernet” has been a consistent favorite. The prints, “Shark City” and “Merman”, have been in high demand and are currently sold out online.

The company’s design team, located in California, consistently comes out with bright, new prints and colors, so fresh patterns could be released at any time! The JOLYN team heavily relies on customer feedback, so they are constantly dropping new designs and making improvements to older ones. You always need to be checking out their website or join their email list to know when new designs are released.

Although tieback suits are one of the most beloved styles in the area, FINA has banned them from use in competition due to the “fastening system” they contain. Do not try to wear one at a meet, even for summer league. These suits may still be worn during warm up and warm down periods at meets.tie backs

For those of you looking for deals, JOLYN Swimwear usually goes on sale online around holidays. For more information, visit: jolynclothing.com.

* Hannah Gould is a rising Junior at The Potomac School, a long-time Dolphin at MCSL’s Tilden Woods swim team, and a club swimmer at RMSC.

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