2016 Eastern Zone LC Championship – Day 3

by Rich Sanidad


After the third night of finals, the PVS team leads the standings with a total of 1416 points. Metropolitan Swimming sits in second place with 1053.5 points, while Virginia Swimming, Inc. (VSI) remains in third place with 1051.5 points.

The story of the day was the setting of two Eastern Zone meet records by the PVS team. First, Courtney Watts continued her domination of the Girls 10 and Under age group, winning the 400 meter Freestyle with a time of 4:49.46; the margin of victory was nearly 18 seconds. Courtney also won the 50 meter backstroke and anchored the Girls 400 meter Freestyle Relay to victory.

Then, in the evening finals session, the 11-12 boys A team of Liam Redman, Johnny Bradshaw, Justin Singletary, and Cole Greenberg won the 400 meter Freestyle relay with a record time of 3:57.25. The same four boys won the 200 meter Freestyle relay on Wednesday night. The VSI A team also went under the previous record of 3:57.73, but was out touched by PVS in a race that went neck and neck from the opening dive.

The PVS Boys 13 – 14 400 meter Freestyle Relay A team of Jack Moore, Henry Radzikowski, Larry Sapp, and Trace Wall also won their event with a time of 3:43.40, out touching the New England Zone A team in another race that was closely contested from the beginning.

Other victories for the PVS team on Friday include the 10 and under Boys 400 meter Freestyle. Michael Mullen remained perfect for the meet, winning his fourth event with a time of 4:56.08. John Paul Gonsalves took second for PVS in that event at 4:56.92.

Three PVS swimmers qualified for two final events on Friday evening. Extra credit goes to Duncan Proxmire and Johnny Bradshaw for also swimming on the 400 meter Freestyle Relay teams.

  • Abby Carr: Girls 13 – 14 100 meter Backstroke and 100 meter Butterfly
  • Duncan Proxmire: Boys 15 – 18 400 meter Freestyle and 100 meter Butterfly
  • Johnny Bradshaw: Boys 11 – 12 50 meter Backstroke and 100 meter Breaststroke

Below are two lists of the swimmers who have earned double-digit points for their respective age groups up to this point in the meet:


10 & U 11 – 12 13 – 14 15 – 18
Hailey Brown, 19 Jill Berger, 20 Abby Carr, 27.5 Cassandra Sanidad, 19
Emma Redman, 16 Margaret Shi, 13
Angelina Sagaow, 10
Courtney Watts, 44


10 & U 11 – 12 13 – 14 15 – 18
Adriano Arioti, 21 Andrew Blusiewicz, 32 Zachary Bayler, 14 Danny Calder, 30
Samir Elkassem, 21 Johnny Bradshaw, 16 Michael Falzone, 14 Zack Einhorn, 15
Jordan Evans, 17 Cole Greenberg, 37 Reese Fye, 12 Tyler Ellis, 20
John Paul Gonsalves, 20 Liam Redman, 48 Jack Moore, 23 Richard Gentry, 14
Michael Mullen, 44 Justin Singletary, 17 Patrick Kuhlkin, 15
Harrison Quach, 11 Alexandre Labossiere, 17
Ashton Sun, 14 Duncan Proxmire, 20
Alexander Wen, 10 Lawrence Redmond, 12
John Sita, 12


It’s been a long meet, but PVS is looking to finish strong in tomorrow’s final day to bring home the team victory.

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