GoSwim Video of the Week: Freestyle – Inverted Kick

By USA Swimming / GoSwim


Here’s another fun, and quick drill to activate a great flutter kick.

Why do it:
Understanding what a “constant kick” is can sometimes be a tough concept if you’re just swimming back and forth. This requires a constant kick to accomplish the drill.

How to do it:
1 – Find some water deep enough that will allow your entire body to be submerged when extended.
2 – Head to the bottom, placing both hands on the floor.
3 – Kick vertically into the floor for a few seconds, making sure you’re able to stay stable in the inverted position.

How to do it really well (the fine points):
Keep the kick quick, narrow, and constant. If you lighten up on the kick, the hands won’t be secure against the bottom and you’ll find yourself floating around, or leaning to one side.

With any drill that requires you to hold your breath, only go for very short instances, and always with a team or under instruction observation.

When you feel you’ve got that connection and understanding of a constant kick, go back to the surface and swim some lengths focusing all your attention on your flutter kick.

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