We Improved How You Search For Times!

By Reach for the Wall staff.

We heard your feedback and worked overtime during the holiday season to implement some changes in how you can search times on our site.

We’ve revamped the ‘Swimmer Rankings’ function and streamlined the search parameters. Now, with a few criteria (Gender, Stroke, and Distance), the system will return results!  If you want to limit the results to a certain age, or age range, you can enter that before or after the search. We’ve also implemented an ‘Advanced Search’, offering a few more criteria for filtering the results.

Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on executing the new function:


Scenario #1: I want to see the top times in the area (default 25) for a certain event in a certain time period.

In this case, we will describe how to view the ranking for the girls 100 freestyle from September 1, 2016 through December 21, 2016.

Step 1.  Navigate to Swimmer Rankings


Leave age Blank



Step 2.  Enter the date range for meet results


We also provide the ability to select a date using the calendar:



Step 3.  Select Stroke: Freestyle,  Distance: 100,  Course: Yards



Step 4.  Select ‘Best Time Only…’ and Search


By selecting ‘Best Time Only…’, the results will return a single instance for each swimmer.  To get accurate rankings, you should select this option, unless you want to see how many times Katie Ledecky swam fast in an area meet.

Sample Results:


If you want to view greater than 25, look to the bottom right corner of the results and select a greater number from the dropdown, 50, 75, 100



Step 5.  Now that the stroke, distance and course is selected, you can further segment the data using the ‘Advanced Search’. Start by selecting the link: Show Advanced.

The page will expand exposing the fields: Season, League, Division, Team.


For this example I will select the Season (Club), League (Potomac Valley) and Team (Rockville Montgomery Swim Club) and select Search:


You can continue to make different selections in the advance search and view the results without having to re-enter any of the prior criteria.


Scenario #2: I want to see the times for my son/daughter or another swimmer

Step 1.  Navigate to the Swimmer Stats function in the main toolbar:



Step 2.  Type a swimmer’s name in the text box (first, last). As you type, the text box will ‘autofill’ with individuals that match.


Note: this search function also executes searches/results for teams, but in this example we are searching for an individual.  Once the name is in the search, the page will refresh and display information RFTW has on your swimmer.  Please Contact Us if the information we have is incorrect.

Top times are listed (alphabetically) by stroke starting with backstroke, then by distance(25,50,etc.):



Enjoy!  And please Contact Us with your suggestions on how we can make the functionality of this feature even better.

2 thoughts on “We Improved How You Search For Times!

  • Jan 5, 2017 at 7:34 pm

    Where are these times coming from? I have found several mistakes – my daughter’s 500 free and 1000 free is incorrect. The USA Swimming database has different (best) times.

    • Jan 6, 2017 at 2:28 pm

      Good Morning & thanks for taking time to try out the new Search! We upload all available PVS sponsored meets and when alerted will also find/upload results of meets swum outside of PVS. We were able to locate and upload the results containing your daughter’s times as listed in the USA Swimming database. Please let us know if there are any other meets we are missing. Cheers!


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