NVSL Weeks 2-3

By: Reach for the Wall Staff

In the past two weekends, NVSL teams have fiercely competed their dual meets. Over the 17 divisions, 21 teams still remain undefeated and last week there were two ties! In division 1, the undefeated Chesterbrook and Overlee will see each other on 7/22, while in division 2, the top 2 teams, Fairfax and Little Rocky Run are one of last week’s ties (both undefeated). In divisions 3-9, the top teams are 1 win clear of the field, while in division 10 the undefeated Walden Glen and Great Falls will swim this weekend. Division 11, the meet between Somerset-Olde Creek and Annandale, will decide who remains undefeated as will the showdown in division 17 between Broyhill Crest and North Springfield.

As reported on the NVSL website, swimmers Elizabeth Bryan, Anthony Grimm, Zoe Dunn and Charis Roundtree have re-written the record books for individual events! This will be a very busy week with Divisional Relay Carnivals taking place this Wednesday and Dual meet weekend #4 on the 15th.  Good Luck, we look forward to seeing great results and keep sending your tweets, pictures and results!


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