Ignite SwimRun Maryland – Podcast #1

By: Rich House.

We are excited to start 2018 off with our very first podcast: an interview with Jay Peluso, the owner and race director of Ignite SwimRun. Leading into 2018 and the first few weeks, I (as I’m sure you all) have seen a multitude of ads in my social media feeds, from promoting this weight loss thing … or that gym … or some other exercise to pick up, but one ad that kept recurring was the Ignite SwimRun event being held in Maryland. After checking out their website, it turns out my teammate from UMass Swimming, Jay Peluso, happens to be the owner/race director of Ignite SwimRun. As I was intrigued, I reached out to Jay to find out what exactly a SwimRun event is and what it takes to compete.

While this area has its share of triathlons, duathlons, open water swims and swim meets, I haven’t seen an event like the Ignite SwimRun. The Ignite SwimRun Maryland is a two-person team race, not a relay. Teams can consist of all men, all women and mixed gender. The race begins with a mass wave start and teams complete 6 swim and 7 run legs, covering a total of 2.1 miles in the water and 14.1 miles on land. During the race, teammates must remain within 10 meters of each other at all times. Teammates must complete the entire course and cross the finish line together, a true test of sportsmanship and teamwork!

Listen to the podcast and sign up (click the image below or visit Ignite SwimRun Maryland directly) and be one of 50 teams to compete, you won’t be disappointed:


With top competitors completing the course in 3.5 hours, the novice competitor will be able to enjoy the terrain for up to 6.5 hours! Best of luck to those who decide to attempt this race, and thanks to Jay for spending some time with us to chat about the SwimRun format of racing.

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