Podcast #2, a conversation with Jason Blanken from B-CC

By: Rich House

In this conversation, I check in with with Jason Blanken, head coach at Bethesda Chevy Chase High School (B-CC), to get the 411 on the upcoming championship meet schedule for Montgomery County schools. Jason has spent the better part of the last decade coaching B-CC, the Advanced Senior group at RMSC, as well as within the MCSL (the last 7 at River Falls). Jason provides his insight on his B-CC squad, how he’s getting them ready for the ‘gauntlet’ of championship meets: the MCPS Division Championship (February 3), Metro’s (February 9-10), Regionals (February 17) and the Maryland State meet (February 24).  Take a listen to this fun and informative conversation, and thanks for stopping by!

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