Around the DMV as seen on Twitter

This week, the NVSL had their third weekend of competition while MCSL, PWSL, and Prince-Mont held their 4th week.  There was a lot to celebrate this week, with the 4th of July and many MCSL teams competing in their Relay Carnivals(NVSL will compete Weds July 11). NVSL also saw one of their league record go down this week, congratulations to Andy Li!

All the MCSL , NVSL , PWSL results are available on our site, Prince-Mont is now available through June 30!  Get psyched for next week, check out your competition, and try out our Virtual Meet feature!

Also, give us a shout out @rftwdmv when you send your tweets, we’ll compile a few highlights for the week.




While this one wasn’t on Twitter, it’s not often you see a father & his sons on the same record board- Lakevale

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