NVSL Season ends with All Star meet

Saturday August 4, the Northern Virginia Swim League held their annual All Star meet to conclude the 2018 season. The battle for division titles were decided the week prior and for the first time in at least 15 years (NVSL historians can verify) all 17 division winners went undefeated, with Chesterbrook capturing the coveted Division 1 title!  This season NVSL also enjoyed the re-emergence of the SwimNinja’s. They provided coverage of many dual meets and a live stream of the All Star Meet. It was fun for us to follow along with the live stream events & to see the kids in action!

Several league records were set along the way,  congratulations to the following Individual record setters:

11-12 Boys 50M Free 

Michael Mullen, OKM: 26.18 (besting Donovan Kovalsky’s record of 26.20 set 1 week prior)

13-14 Girls 50M Back  

Alexandra Dicks, HTM: 29.75  ties  Janet Hu MW from  7/17/2010

13-14 Boys 50M Breast  

Aiken Do, RFD: 30.41

8&U Boys 25M Fly  

Andy W Li, KG:16.21

11-12 Girls 50M Breast  

Catherine L Hughes, T: 34.40

11-12 Boys 50M Fly  

Nolan L Dunkel, T:  28.47

Relay record setters:

Boys Free 200M Mixed Age: Hamlet   1:49.40

Ryan Bradshaw
Alex Andrews
Johnny Bradshaw
David DiMeglio

Girls Free 200M Mixed Age: Cardinal Hill 1:54.89

Courtney Watts
Emma Watts
Margaret Shi
Brynn M Curtis

Girls Free 200M 13-14:  Overlee 1:53.00

Alexis Lee
Emilia L Ridgeway
Elyse W Hartmann
Kate Bailey

Boys Medley 200M 15-18: Fox Mill Woods     1:44.67

Jaya Kambhampaty
Tommy Hallock
Daniel Gyenis
Noah Desman

This was the first time they broke the record…

Boys Free 200M 15-18: Fox Mill Woods 1:34.94

Jaya Kambhampaty
Daniel Gyenis
Noah Desman
Thomas Hallock


We have received all the league results from MCSL, PWSL, and NVSL, so you can take a look at how the swims stack up across each league:

Swimmer Rankings 15-18 Boys 50 Freestyle

Swimmer Rankings 15-18 Girls 50 Freestyle

To check other ages & events, select the age range and stroke/distance from the dropdowns, the results are already filtered for ‘Summer only’

Thanks again to all the league representatives that provided results throughout the season, we look forward to working with you again next Summer!


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