DMV Swimmers and Divers earn NISCA All-American honors

By Reach for the Wall Staff

In early July, The National Interscholastic Swim Coaches Association (NISCA), released its high school All America lists for the 2018-2019 season.  NISCA is a professional organization that supports High School coaches of all aquatic sports. They are dedicated to coaches education and athlete recognition through the All America programs. NISCA allows opportunities for coaches to network and exchange knowledge and experience.

NISCA has “Automatic” standards and “Consideration” standards. In the end, the top 100 athletes in each event will be recognized as All-Americans.  The only way for an athlete to be recognized is for their coach to submit an application. If you didn’t make the list for 2018-2019, here’s the goal time for next season:

2019-2020 Yard Standards

Below is a list of athletes from the DMV who have been named for the 2018-2019 season.  Congratulations to all these athletes!

Girls 200 Yard Medley Relay:

2101:42.8Mackenzie McConagha (10), Abigail Harter (11), Katherine Winklosky (11), Jordan Wenner(12)Briar Woods High School                           Ashburn                  VA
2701:43.0Mary Kate Reicherter (11), Kayle Park (12), Victoria Huske (10), Caroline Burgeson(9 )Yorktown High School                              Arlington                VA
3701:43.7Emily Drakopoulos (11), Samantha Rojas (9 ), Lexi Cuomo (12), Thalia Costanza(12)Centreville High School                           Clifton                  VA
6201:44.5Dani Ghine (10), Marietta Gately (12), Kira MacMullan (9 ), Mia Burke-Dopson(9 )McDonogh School                                   Owings Mills             MD
6701:44.8Jing-E Tan (12), Rachel Blackwell (11), Jillian Johnson (9 ), Tatum Zupnik(11)The Holton Arms School                            Bethesda                 MD
7101:44.9Darby Galbraith (10), Anna Keating (10), Maggie Shi (9 ), Morgan Howat(10)James Madison High School                         Vienna                   VA
10001:45.8Nika Sauger (12), Abigail Zindler (10), Evelyn Pickett (12), Alexandra Martschenko(11)Oakton High School                                Vienna                   VA

Boys 200 Yard Medley Relay:

2001:31.4Anthony Grimm (10), Nicholas Highman (12), Kyle McCleskey (11), Graham Evers (9 )Oakton High SchoolViennaVA
6901:33.5Zach Cram (12), Liam Ryan (10), Iain Moore (12), Stephen Laming (12)Collegiate SchoolRichmondVA
7001:33.5Spencer Ryan (12), William Klena (12), Clayton Whetstine (9 ), B Gray Randolph (12)Norfolk AcademyNorfolkVA
9801:34.0Charles Moore (12), Riley Fletcher (12), Ben Lundy (11), Kyle Floyd (11)Woodberry Forest SchoolWoodberry ForestVA

Girls 200 Yard Freestyle:

311:48.02Victoria Huske                    10Yorktown High School                              Arlington                VA
341:48.11Grace  Sheble                   10James River High School                           Midlothian               VA
531:48.72Claire Nguyen                   12Riverside High School                             Leesburg                 VA
581:48.86Allison Kopac                    11Riverside High School                             Leesburg                 VA
671:49.18Olivia Jubin                    12The Holton Arms School                            Bethesda                 MD
831:49.57Erika Chen                     11Stone Ridge School                                Bethesda                 MD

Boys 200 Yard Freestyle:

2601:37.48Sean Conway12Loudoun Valley High SchoolPurcellvilleVA
2901:37.65Ryan Vipavetz12Our Lady Of Good Counsel High SchoolOlneyMD
3601:37.73Daniel Gyenis12Oakton High SchoolViennaVA
6501:38.78John Moore11Briar Woods High SchoolAshburnVA

Girls 200 Yard IM:

31:57.31Phoebe Bacon  11Stone Ridge School                                Bethesda                 MD
71:58.13Victoria Huske  10Yorktown High School                              Arlington                VA
141:59.48Grace  Sheble 10James River High School                           Midlothian               VA
242:00.15Anna Keating11James Madison High School                         Vienna                   VA
252:00.16Abigail Harter 11Briar Woods High School                           Ashburn                  VA
452:01.41Catherine Belyakov        11Quince Orchard High School                        Gaithersburg             MD
682:02.23Kayle Park   12Yorktown High School                              Arlington                VA
742:02.40Olivia Jubin  12The Holton Arms School                            Bethesda                 MD
842:02.68Sophie Duncan 9The Holton Arms School                            Bethesda                 MD

Boys 200 Yard IM:

51:45.77Sean Conway12Loudoun Valley High SchoolPurcellvilleVA
251:48.46Timmy Ellett12Walter Johnson High SchoolBethesdaMD

Girls 50 Yard Freestyle:

1:21.95Victoria Huske      10Yorktown High School                              Arlington                VA
31:22.99Lexi Cuomo        12Centreville High School                           Clifton                  VA
51:23.17Carly Sebring      9Damascus High School                              Damascus                 MD
64:23.24Alexandra Dicks  10James Madison High School                         Vienna                   VA

Boys 50 Yard Freestyle:

3:19.67Anthony Grimm10Oakton High SchoolViennaVA

Girls 100 Yard Butterfly: Not only was Torri the fastest in the Nation, she also set a new National High School Record. Here’s a recap from SwimSwam, including a video of the race. Also in this video is Lexi Cuomo, who achieved the #4 time in in the Nation.

RankTimeNameYearSchoolCity State
1:51.29Victoria Huske  10Yorktown High School                              Arlington                VA
4:52.01Lexi Cuomo  12Centreville High School                           Clifton                  VA
16:53.50Mackenzie Mcconagha    10Briar Woods High School                           Ashburn                  VA
21:53.60Phoebe Bacon        11Stone Ridge School                                Bethesda                 MD
29:53.93Carly Sebring      Damascus High School                              Damascus                 MD
48:54.35Abigail Harter       11Briar Woods High School                           Ashburn                  VA
93:55.16Abigail Daniel       10Patriot High School                               Nokesville               VA

Boys 100 Yard Butterfly:

63:49.03Ryan Vipavetz12Our Lady Of Good Counsel High SchoolOlneyMD

Girls 100 Yard Freestyle:

RankTimeNameYearSchoolCity State
10:49.52Victoria Huske                10Yorktown High School                           Arlington                VA
33:49.93Sydney Whiting              11Trinity Episcopal School                          Richmond                 VA
58:50.29Lexi Cuomo               12Centreville High School                           Clifton                  VA
71:50.44Carly Sebring              Damascus High School                         Damascus                 MD
99:50.73Grace Sheble               10James River High School                       Midlothian               VA

Boys 100 Yard Freestyle:

20:44.29Sean Conway12Loudoun Valley High SchoolPurcellvilleVA
52:44.96Matthew Davidson12Jefferson Forest High SchoolForestVA
66:45.16August Lamb12Western Albemarle High SchoolCrozetVA

Girls 500 Freestyle:

4904:52.4Allison Kopac             11Riverside High School                             Leesburg                 VA
6804:53.6Claire Nguyen           12Riverside High School                             Leesburg                 VA
7704:54.3Kaitlin Gravell             12Sherwood High School                              Sandy Spring             MD
9204:55.3Sophie Duncan           The Holton Arms School                            Bethesda                 MD
9504:55.4Victoria Huske             10Yorktown High School                              Arlington                VA

Boys 500 Freestyle:

174:24.42Daniel Gyenis12Oakton High SchoolViennaVA
254:25.63Ryan Vipavetz12Our Lady Of Good Counsel High SchoolOlneyMD

Girls 200 Free Relay:

1901:34.3Jordan Wenner (12), Mackenzie McConagha (10), Mackenzie Cunnane (9 ), Abigail Harter(11)Briar Woods High School                           Ashburn                  VA
2701:34.5Alexandra Dicks (10), Darby Galbraith (10), Anna Keating (11), Elizabeth Kuhlkin(11)James Madison High School                         Vienna                   VA
3201:34.6Abigail Zindler (10), Leaya Ma (11), Evelyn Pickett (12), Brynn Curtis(11)Oakton High School                                Vienna                   VA
5301:35.4Thalia Costanza (12), Emily Drakopoulos (11), Allyson Lerke (10), Lexi Cuomo(12)Centreville High School                           Clifton                  VA
7401:35.7Valerie Mello (10), Tatum Zupnik (11), Sophie Duncan (9 ), Olivia Jubin(12)The Holton Arms School                            Bethesda                 MD
8901:36.0Makenzie Higgins (11), Erika Chen (11), Tia Thomas (10), Phoebe Bacon(11)Stone Ridge School                                Bethesda                 MD
9301:36.0Kayle Park (12), Emily Larsen (10), Natalie English (11), Victoria Huske(10)Yorktown High School                              Arlington                VA
9601:36.1Molly Benson (11), Maya Drill (12), Jane Umhofer (10), Lianna Rosman(9 )Walter Johnson High School                        Bethesda                 MD

Boys 200 Free Relay:

2601:23.7Graham Evers (9 ), Daniel Gyenis (12), Albert Xu (12), Anthony Grimm (10)Oakton High SchoolViennaVA
7401:24.9Ryan Vipavetz (12), Jonthan Crocker (11), Andrew Munson (12), Gabriel Laracuente (12)Our Lady Of Good Counsel High SchoolOlneyMD
8901:25.3Thomas Outlaw (12), Ryan Soh (12), Andrew Meighan (12), Sam Ellison (12)Yorktown High SchoolArlingtonVA

Girls 100 Backstroke:

7:52.74Phoebe Bacon                11Stone Ridge School                                Bethesda                 MD
17:53.73Mackenzie McConagha        10Briar Woods High School                           Ashburn                  VA
47:54.74Sarah Boyle                 12Westfield High School                             Chantilly                VA
50:54.78Janika Perezous            10Potomac Falls High School                         Sterling                 VA
76:55.17Lexi Cuomo               12Centreville High School                           Clifton                  VA
83:55.25Anna Redican              11South Lakes High School                           Reston                   VA

Boys 100 Backstroke:

2:46.63Anthony Grimm10Oakton High SchoolViennaVA
91:49.77Noah Rutberg11Winston Churchill High SchoolRockvilleMD

Girls 100 Breaststroke:

4:59.65Anna Keating           11James Madison High School                         Vienna                   VA
1701:01.5Phoebe Bacon             11Stone Ridge School                                Bethesda                 MD
4001:02.4Abigail Harter              11Briar Woods High School                           Ashburn                  VA
5201:02.7Catherine Belyakov         11Quince Orchard High School                        Gaithersburg             MD
7501:03.0Julia Moser             12Fairfax High School                               Fairfax                  VA
7701:03.0Brynn Curtis              11Oakton High School                                Vienna                   VA
8801:03.1Sofie Davis               11The Madeira School                                Mclean                   VA
9401:03.2Annie Tuttle              12Potomac School                                    Mclean                   VA
10001:03.3Dora Wu                 11McLean High School                                Mclean                   VA

Boys 100 Breaststroke:

45:55.68Sean Conway12Loudoun Valley High SchoolPurcellvilleVA
60:55.96Kyle Wu12James Madison High SchoolViennaVA
84:56.37Timmy Ellett12Walter Johnson High SchoolBethesdaMD
100:56.53Nicholas Highman12Oakton High SchoolViennaVA

Girls 400 Freestyle Relay:

2103:25.6Makenzie Higgins (11), Erika Chen (11), Tia Thomas (10), Phoebe Bacon(11)Stone Ridge School                                Bethesda                 MD
3403:26.5Kayle Park (12), Emily Larsen (10), Natalie English (11), Victoria Huske(10)Yorktown High School                              Arlington                VA
7303:28.9Leaya Ma (11), Nika Sauger (12), McKenna Witlin (12), Brynn Curtis(11)Oakton High School                                Vienna                   VA
8203:29.2Sophie Duncan (9 ), Jing-E Tan (12), Ella Myers (9 ), Olivia Jubin(12)The Holton Arms School                            Bethesda                 MD

Boys 400 Freestyle Relay:

8203:06.8Graham Evers (9 ), Albert Xu (12), Daniel Gyenis (12), Nicholas Highman (12)Oakton High SchoolViennaVA
9303:07.3Ryan Vipavetz (12), Andrew Munson (12), Alexandre Brun (12), Gabriel Laracuente (12)Our Lady Of Good Counsel High SchoolOlneyMD
9903:07.5Cole Dyson (12), Michael Hynes (12), Patrick Kuhlkin (12), Kyle Wu (12)James Madison High SchoolViennaVA

Girls Diving: Diving is listed alphabetically, there was a single designated National Champion (Hailey Hernandez, Southlake Texas)

JessicaBuntman11Linganore High SchoolFrederickMD
MadisonGrosz11James Madison High SchoolViennaVA
SarahGurley11Paul VI High SchoolFairfaxVA
JuliaPioso10Centreville High SchoolCliftonVA
DorothyShapiro12National Cathedral SchoolWashington DCDC
GenevieveThibodeau11Stone Ridge SchoolBethesdaMD

Boys Diving: Diving is listed alphabetically, there was a single designated National Champion (Lyle Yost, Shaker Heights Ohio)

EthanBadrian9Blake High SchoolSilver SpringMD
SamuelDuncan11James Madison High SchoolViennaVA
MaxwellFlory12Robinson Secondary SchoolFairfaxVA
SamuelFlory9Robinson Secondary SchoolFairfaxVA
OliverMills11Flint Hill SchoolOaktonVA
JulienMusel11Walter Johnson High SchoolBethesdaMD
MichaelParker10Sherwood High SchoolSandy SpringMD
JosephPerreault12Oakton High SchoolViennaVA
MaxPowell12South County High SchoolLortonVA
AidanThomas10Woodson High SchoolFairfaxVA
MaxWeinrich9Sherwood High SchoolOlneyMD

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