High School 2019-2020, returning swimmers to watch

By Reach for the Wall Staff

The 2019-2020 season is underway with teams from the WMPSSDL, WCAC and ISL leagues a few weeks into their dual meets and Montgomery County as well as schools across Northern VA starting this past weekend. With 100+ swimmers graduating (PVS listing, Reach for the Wall: Where did the go?) there is ample opportunity for swimmers to take over the reigns of the top 16 rankings. Across the 8 individual events, there are 168 top-16 swims returning for the girls and 162 swims for the boys.

Torri Huske (Yorktown) leads the way with top returning times in 4 events (50 Free, 100 Free, 200 Free and 100 Fly) and returns as the top swimmer in the Nation in the 50 free and 100 fly, as well as the current National record holder in the 100 fly. This past weekend Torri competed in the Toyota US Open Championship, where she won the 100m butterfly (from lane 1!), set a US Open and 15-16 age group National record:

Torri also placed 3rd in the 200m IM, 4th in the 50 Free, 12th in the 100 Free and 23rd in the 200 Fly.

The events with the most returning swimmers are the girls 100 backstroke, with 12 swimmers. In the 100 backstroke, it is no surprise that Phoebe Bacon (Stone Ridge) returns at the top ranked swimmer in that event. Phoebe competed this past weekend at the US Open and she too set a new US Open meet standard in winning the 100 backstroke:

In the 200 Back, she raced to a touch-out finish to capture 2nd. She also swam the 200 IM, finishing 14th, 100 Fly (20th in the heats, did not swim finals) and 100 Free where she finished 97th.

On the boys side, the 200 IM has 10 returning swimmers, with Brett Feyerick (Georgetown Prep) as the top returning swimmer. Anthony Grimm (Oakton) returns as the leading swimmer in 2 events 50 Free, (3rd in the country) and 100 Back, (2nd in the country) last season. The two events that have the least returning swimmers are the Boys 50 & 100 free, with 4 each, we’ll be on the lookout for new swimmers to fill the rankings as the season progresses.

In the diving rankings, the top scorers return- Max Weinrich (Sherwood) for the boys and Sarah Gurley (Paul VI) for the girls. The competition on the boards should be fierce in that 12 of last year’s top 16 are returning in both the boys and girls rankings.

Coaches and swimmers feel free to send us your stories and meet results via email (.cl2 meet manager result files are best, but we’ll take whatever you send). Also feel free to include @rftwdmv in your Tweets, we love to see you in action! Best of luck on reaching your team goals.

See below for the swimmers returning in each event and last year’s ranking:

Men 200 IM:

4 1:51.87Brett FeyerickPREP
6 1:52.70Ryan CatronGONZ
7 1:52.85Adi KambhampatyWLEE
9 1:53.27Anthony NguyenROBN
10 1:53.32Landon GentryPATR
11 1:53.36Eric LiaoBTFL
12 1:53.64Noah RutbergWCH
14 1:54.02David FitchPREP
15 1:54.05Andrew BlusiewiczDHS
16 1:54.07Joe SchaeferWTWD

Women 200 IM:

1 1:57.31Phoebe BaconSR
2 1:58.13Victoria HuskeYTWN
4 2:00.15Anna KeatingJMAD
5 2:00.16Abigail HarterBWHS
6 2:00.52Catherine PurnellSJMN
7 2:01.41Catherine BelyakovQOR
10 2:02.68Sophie DuncanHA
11 2:03.08Brynn CurtisOAKT
12 2:03.17Georgia JohnsonMVHS
14 2:03.32Carly SebringDAM
16 2:03.96Mackenzie McConaghaBWHS

Men 50 Free:

119.67Anthony GrimmOAKT
420.88Trace WallRRHS
1421.16Aiken DoWTWD
1421.16John MooreBWHS

Women 50 Free:

121.95Victoria HuskeYTWN
423.17Carly SebringDAM
523.24Alexandra DicksJMAD
623.46Abigail HarterBWHS
823.59Reagan OsborneLKBR
923.65Elizabeth KuhlkinJMAD
1023.69Sheridan PhalenWPOT
1123.7Molly BensonWAJ
1423.79Paige HallDJO
1623.88Claire MoweryWLEE

Men 100 Free:

545.82Trace WallRRHS
846.01Brett FeyerickPREP
1046.21John MooreBWHS
1646.56Peter MakinFAIR

Women 100 Free:

149.52Victoria HuskeYTWN
450.44Carly SebringDAM
550.78Allison KopacRVHS
751.05Tatum WallRRHS
851.32Catherine BelyakovQOR
951.38Elizabeth KuhlkinJMAD
951.38Erika ChenSR
1351.65Katherine HelmsSOCO
1551.73Paige HallDJO

Men 200 Free:

5 1:38.78John MooreBWHS
10 1:41.07Lucas JohnsonCFRG
12 1:41.48Mitchell MeyerWDBR
13 1:41.49Sam OliverJCHS
14 1:41.68Peter MakinFAIR

Women 200 Free:

2 1:48.02Victoria HuskeYTWN
5 1:48.86Allison KopacRVHS
7 1:49.49Catherine PurnellSJMN
8 1:49.57Erika ChenSR
9 1:49.77Tatum WallRRHS
13 1:50.63Sophie DuncanHA
14 1:50.70Abigail HarterBWHS
15 1:50.84Claire MoweryWLEE
16 1:50.90Jillian BergerBCC

Men 500 Free:

1 4:23.92Sam OliverJCHS
4 4:28.39Nick LawsonSHS
7 4:35.03William MullenDJO
9 4:36.56Josh AndersonLKBR
11 4:37.06Ziad BandakWCH
14 4:37.67Sean SantosGC
15 4:38.57Henry RadzikowskiBTFL
16 4:39.06Sean SantosGC

Women 500 Free:

2 4:49.96Catherine PurnellSJMN
3 4:52.37Allison KopacRVHS
6 4:55.31Sophie DuncanHA
7 4:55.36Victoria HuskeYTWN
9 4:56.57Erika ChenSR
11 4:57.61Tatum WallRRHS
12 4:57.77Ella MyersHA
13 4:58.25Catherine PurnellSJMN
14 4:59.02Molly BensonWAJ
15 5:00.10Allison LangenburgTSS
16 5:00.11Jessie WallinMONHS

Men 100 Back:

146.63Anthony GrimmOAKT
249Brett FeyerickPREP
449.77Noah RutbergWCH
850.21Thomas SohCNTV
950.46Ryan CatronGONZ
1250.8Thomas SohCNTV
1450.87Mitchell MeyerWDBR
1550.92Kent CoddingWTWD

Women 100 Back:

152.74Phoebe BaconSR
253.73Mackenzie McConaghaBWHS
554.78Janika PerezousPFHS
755.25Anna RedicanSOLK
855.33Paige HallDJO
1055.7Abby CarrWCA
1156Alexandra DicksJMAD
1256.04Aris RunnelsCOLG
1356.08Mary Kate ReicherterYTWN
1456.25Darby GalbraithJMAD
1556.29Megan JungersLANG
1656.33Jennifer LuongFREL

Men 100 Fly:

750.06Chris MaRMT
950.22Zachary BaylerWHE
1150.3Kyle FloydWFS
1250.31Kent CoddingWTWD
1450.4Sorab AmanWSPR
1550.61Alec CooperWWH

Women 100 Fly:

151.29Victoria HuskeYTWN
353.5Mackenzie McConaghaBWHS
453.6Phoebe BaconSR
653.93Carly SebringDAM
754.09Abby CarrWCA
854.35Abigail HarterBWHS
955.16Abigail DanielPATR
1055.35Jillian JohnsonHA
1255.39Sarah CulkinGC
1455.69Kyleigh TankardGHS
1655.76Jordan BuechlerWSPR

Men 100 Breast:

757.24Dylan DanaiePREP
857.3Aiken DoWTWD
957.39Joe SchaeferWTWD
1157.47Steve HanMCLN
1257.58Eric LiaoBTFL
1357.94Andrew BlusiewiczDHS
1457.96Ben CharlesMAR
1658.13David FitchPREP

Women 100 Breast:

159.65Anna KeatingJMAD
2 1:01.46Phoebe BaconSR
3 1:02.43Abigail HarterBWHS
4 1:02.71Catherine BelyakovQOR
5 1:02.88Georgia JohnsonMVHS
7 1:03.02Brynn CurtisOAKT
8 1:03.14Sofie DavisMAD
10 1:03.28Dora WuMCLN
11 1:03.31Jasmine BarryBCC
12 1:03.50Shelby GervingTUSC
14 1:03.96Sophia RoutzahnTUS

Men Diving:

1588.85Max WeinrichSHE
3557.4Oliver MillsFHS
4547.1Samuel DuncanJMAD
5523.9Tyler ReadGCS
7499.1Michael ParkerSHE
9487.7Sam FloryROBN
10482.95Ethan BadrianJHB
12456.05Spencer BloomFHS
13450.9Jacob FisherMTVN
13450.9Aidan ThomasWTWD
15441.55Julien MuselWAJ
16439.7Quinn WestwoodWCH

Women Diving:

1509.55Sarah GurleyPVI
2435.7Genevieve ThibodeauSR
4417.85Minh DonnellWTWD
5415.95Madison GroszJMAD
7408.25Julia PiosoCNTV
8397.7Alexandra HallaMCLN
9396.25Wynter BramaoHA
10389.95Sadie SmithWLEE
11389Maggie Di ScipioFCHS
12385.95Celia BidwellSEV
13379.7Miah FisherMTVN
14378.85Maddie ReeseOAKT

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