MCPS completes dual meet season

By Reach for the Wall staff

The schools across Montgomery County, MD swam their final dual meets this past weekend and are now tuning up for the championship run. This weekend they start the quest with the Divisional Championship meets, next weekend will be the Metro’s, followed by the Region meets on Feb 15th, and culminating with the State Championship meet on Saturday 2/22. Yes, that’s a Championship meet every weekend for the next 4 weeks! To finish out the dual season, there were many ‘shout outs’ to the Seniors as they competed in their last (dual meets) both January 11 and January 25th weekends. Here’s a few we saw via Twitter:

Top times as of 1/25:

Division Championship:

The dual meet results and Divisional championships factor in the overall picture for each school in terms of how they are crowned Division Champs and how they are pitted against each other next season. (This is vastly different from how schools are classified/divided on the State level, which is based on school enrollment numbers.)

As described in the MCPS Swim and Dive Handbook, the dual meet results and divisional results will determine the next year’s divisions. The male and female points will be combined. The schools in Division II, III, and IV with the most combined male and female points will move up a division. The schools in Division I, II, and III with the least amount of combined points will move down a division. If teams in a division meet more than once during the season, only the dual meet results (not the tri-meet) shall count toward division standings. A division championship is awarded in each division for each gender. The team with the most combined points in the regular season divisional dual meets and the postseason divisional meet is the divisional winner. If there is a tie in points for divisional winner, head-to-head competition is the second tiebreaker. If teams are still tied, overall record in regular season divisional meets is the third tiebreaker. If there is still a tie, there will be co-champions.

Final dual meet records:

Point System: Divisional dual meet victory receives 1 point. Divisional dual meet tie receives 1/2 point.

Divisional meet finishes (6 team division): 1st = 7 points; 2nd = 5 points; 3rd = 4 points; 4th = 3 points; 5th = 2 points; 6th = 1 point.

Division meet finishes (7 team division): 1st = 8 points; 2nd = 6 points; 3rd = 5 points; 4th = 4 points; 5th = 3 points; 6th = 2 points, 7th = 1 point. The girls’ team and the boys’ team with the most points will be declared champion.

According to the standings above and cumulative points that we’ve tallied from each week’s results through 1/25, the teams vying for the Division Championship are:

Division 1 Boys:

TeamDual Wins Total Points Combined

Division 1 Girls:

Team Dual Wins Total Points Combined
Walter Johnson31237.5

Division 2 Boys:

Team Dual Wins Total Points Combined

Division 2 Girls:

Team Dual Wins Total Points Combined

Division 3 Boys:

Team Dual Wins Total Points Combined

Division 3 Girls:

Team Dual Wins Total Points Combined

Division 4 Boys (7 Teams):

Team Dual Wins Total Points Combined

Division 4 Girls (7 Teams):

Team Dual Wins Total Points Combined

The Divisional meets take place this Saturday, February 2 at the following venues/times:

Division 1: Martin Luther King Jr. Aquatic Center from 7:30-1:30 pm and

Teams: B-CC, Churchill, Walter Johnson, Richard Montgomery, Sherwood, Whitman

Division 2: Germantown Indoor Swim Center 7:30-1:30 pm

Teams: Blair, Damascus, Northwest, Poolesville, Quince Orchard, Wootton

Division 3: Martin Luther King Jr. Aquatic Center from 4:00-10:00 pm

Teams: Blake, Einstein, Gaithersburg, Magruder, Rockville, Wheaton

Division 4: Olney Swim Center from 7:30-1:30 pm

Teams: Clarksburg, Kennedy, Northwood, Paint Branch, Seneca Valley, Springbrook, Watkins Mill

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