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“The Ready Room”: Relaxation – Monday, May 4: 2 PM ET

Led by Kim Vandenberg and Brett Hawke

For Swimmers Ages 13+ and Coaches

Two Olympians will discuss how to relax and stay calm during swim meets, training… and any other time we need to take it down a notch. Learn tricks and exercises to quiet your mind and become a more focused athlete. 

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“The Ready Room”: No Legs No Limits – Monday, May 4: 5 PM ET

Led by 5-Time Paralympic Medalist Rudy Garcia-Tolson with Olympic Champion Tyler Clary

For Swimmers, Parents, and Coaches

We will be talking about Rudy’s story from having both of his legs amputated above the knee as a child to being a multiple Paralympic medalist, World Record Holder, World Champion and multi-sport athlete. Rudy is an inspiring example of what is possible by continually overcoming obstacles and learning to use those obstacles as strength! 

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“Breaking It Down”: The 100 Free – Tuesday, May 5: 3 PM ET

Led by Olympic Coach Brett Hawke, Bahamian Olympian Arianna Vanderpool-Wallace and Canadian Olympic medalist Brent Hayden

For Swimmers Ages 13+ and Coaches

The 100 Freestyle is a fast paced and challenging race for swimmers of all levels! In this episode of #FFTLive, two Olympic Finalists will discuss the components and strategy that make up a fast and successful 100 Freestyle. 

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The Animal Lane with Janet Evans & Chloe Sutton: Get in the Mind of a Distance Swimmer – Wednesday, May 6 12:30 PM ET

Led by four-time Olympic gold medalist Janet Evans and the first and only American woman to swim in the Olympics in both open water and pool swimming Chloe Sutton

For Swimmers, Parents, and Coaches

They’re first in the pool and last out of the pool at nearly every practice on every team around the globe. Distance swimmers grind day in and day out putting in massive mileage. Get inside the mind of two of the greatest distance swimmers of all time: Janet Evans and Chloe Sutton!

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Yoga for Swimmers – Wednesday, May 6: 5 PM EST

Led by Olympic Medalist Emily Silver

For Swimmers of All Ages

Olympic medalist and yoga instructor Emily Silver will lead swimmers through a yoga class designed to help swimmers build strength, stability, and flexibility.

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FFT Insider: SPEED with Olympic Legend Carl Lewis & Brett Hawke – Thursday, May 7 4:30 PM ET

Led by 10-Time Olympic Medalist Carl Lewis and Brett Hawke

For EVERYONE who loves sports!

Understand raw speed with one of the fastest humans in history! Carl Lewis is a 4-Time Olympian racking up 9 Gold Medals and 1 Silver medal during his career. Many people say Lewis is one of the top three Olympians of all-time with Michael Phelps and Jesse Owens. Listen in on his revelations, experience and stories over his illustrious time as one of the fastest human beings on Earth!

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Fitter & Faster Fuel – Thursday, May 7: 6 PM EST

Led by Olympic gold medalist Cierra Runge and two-time Olympian Chloe Sutton

For Swimmers, Parents, and Coaches

Learn all about essential nutrition for athletes AND learn a new recipe! Watch Cierra cook a meal that any swimmer can make and that is packed with good vitamins and nutrients for better performance.


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Live Stroke Demo: Butterfly – Friday, May 8: 3:30 PM ET

Led by Olympic gold medalist Tyler Clary and Coach Ben Lee

For Swimmers and Coaches

Watch some live swimming in an Endless Pool! Swimmers will get to watch Olympic gold medalist Tyler Clary demonstrate his butterfly technique. Both he and coach Ben Lee will break down his stroke and discuss what makes it fast! 

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Coaches Corner: Macro Training Philosophy for Club Teams – Friday May 8: 5 PM ET

Led by Head Coach of Victor Swim Club Mike Murray, Dynamo Head Coach Ian Murray and Carmel Swim Club Head Coach Chris Plumb

For Coaches

Three of the top Club Team Coaches in the USA will be discussing their philosophies behind decisions they make to set up their athletes to have the best chance of success at the end of the season! 

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