The ‘daily dryland’: Ideas to stay active while at home-week 8

By Reach for the Wall Staff

Another Friday & another day where it looks like exercising indoors is the best option! Today’s suggestion comes from All Star Aquatics head coach Bob Walker:

  1. 80 pushups from your knees (all the way up & down)
  2. HOLD a straight arm pushup position plank for 3 minutes
  3. HOLD a side plank on your forearm for 2 minutes, repeat on the other side
  4. STAND on 1 leg, extend the opposite leg, sit down (90 degree squat) and stand up 25 times, keeping your leg in the air the whole time. Repeat with the other leg
  5. HOP (up and down using both legs), then leap lateral/sideways, repeat the hop, then leap lateral/sideways back to the starting position. Repeat 40 times

After the above exercises you may need to cool things down with some yoga and mindfulness. Try out this session (Thanks SwimSwam and Jeff Grace)

Today’s ‘not to miss’ web sessions:

Fitter and Faster:

Live Stroke Demo: Butterfly – Friday, May 8: 3:30 PM ET

Led by Olympic gold medalist Tyler Clary and Coach Ben Lee

For Swimmers and Coaches

Watch some live swimming in an Endless Pool! Swimmers will get to watch Olympic gold medalist Tyler Clary demonstrate his butterfly technique. Both he and coach Ben Lee will break down his stroke and discuss what makes it fast! 

Register Now

Coaches Corner: Macro Training Philosophy for Club Teams – Friday May 8: 5 PM ET

Led by Head Coach of Victor Swim Club Mike Murray, Dynamo Head Coach Ian Murray and Carmel Swim Club Head Coach Chris Plumb

For Coaches

Three of the top Club Team Coaches in the USA will be discussing their philosophies behind decisions they make to set up their athletes to have the best chance of success at the end of the season! 

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CG Sports Network:

Elizabeth Beisel joins the King of the Kitchen for the Season Premiere of Cooking with Chuck! Today at 1pm EDT.

Water Polo Royalty, Heather Petri
Serving straight fire on The Carpool Lane at 2pm EDT.

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