NISCA All American 2020- DMV Swimmers in the Rankings

By Reach for the Wall Staff

This week, The National Interscholastic Swim Coaches Association (NISCA), released its high school All America lists for the 2019-2020 season.  NISCA is a professional organization that supports High School coaches of all aquatic sports. They are dedicated to coaches education and athlete recognition through the All America programs. NISCA allows opportunities for coaches to network and exchange knowledge and experience.

NISCA has “Automatic” standards and “Consideration” standards. In the end, the top 100 athletes in each event are recognized as All-Americans.  The only way for an athlete to be recognized is for their coach to submit an application. If you didn’t make the list for 2019-2020, here’s the goal times for next season:

2020-2021 Yard Standards

Below is a list of athletes from the DMV who have been named for the 2019-2020 season. The RFTW Girls Swimmer of the Year, Phoebe Bacon, achieved the top times in the country in both the 200 IM and 100 Backstroke, and set the National Record in the 100 Back. Torri Huske swam onto the list 9 times, with 6 individual events and 3 relays. She ranks 2nd in both the 50 & 100 free and 3rd in the 100 Butterfly, where she set a National public school record. Anna Keating achieved a ranking of 2nd in the 100 Breaststroke and also made the list in the 200 IM and 2 relays (4 total). Abigail Harter made 3 individual and 1 relay, with her best ranking of 6th in the 100 Butterfly. Not to be left out are the 9th graders that hit the list in multiple events: Camille Spink (5 events: 3 individual, 2 relays), Erin Gemmell (4 events: 2 individual, 2 relays), Eleanor Sun (4 events: 2 individual, 2 relays), Maren Conze (4 events: 2 individual, 2 relays) and Joyce Wu (3 events: 1 individual, 2 relays). The future is certainly bright for these athletes!
For the Boys, Brett Feyerick tops the list with 6 swims, 3 individual and 3 relays, with his 100 backstroke time ranking 12th on the list. Anthony Grimm achieved 5 ranked swims, 2 relays and 3 individual events. His top ranked swim was the 50 Freestyle where he achieved 5th on the list. Noah Rutberg swam on the list 5 times with 3 individual events, his top ranking coming in the 100 Backstroke at 49th, and 2 relays. Aiken Do also made the list 5 times, with his best ranking of 40th in the 100 Freestyle.
Congratulations to everyone that made the list!


200 Medley Relay:

2001:31.70Brett Feyerick (11), Dylan Danaie (11), Ryan Mathis (12), Luke Addington(12)Georgetown Preparatory SchoolNorth BethesdaMD
2801:32.07Eric Lundgren (11), Joseph Schaefer (12), Kent Codding (12), John Schaefer(10)W.T. Woodson High School FairfaxVA
3601:32.40Jason Bretz (11), Michael Paulos (12), Alec Cooper (11), Kristopher Lawson(9 )Walt Whitman High SchoolBethesdaMD
4901:33.09Gavin Newcamp (11), Kyle Floyd (12), Ben Lundy (12), Jack Stelter(12)Woodberry Forest SchoolWoodberry ForestVA
5101:33.19Anthony Grimm (11), Joe Wong (12), Kyle McCleskey (12), Caleb Yu(12)Oakton High SchoolViennaVA
5801:33.39Sean Conley (12), Adi Kambhampaty (12), Jack Mowery (12), Carson Silva(11)Washington Liberty High School ArlingtonVA
6201:33.51Ziad Bandak (12), Alvin Kimwon (10), Ben Long Zuo (11), Noah Rutberg(12)Winston Churchill High School                     PotomacMD
7101:33.62Robert Luebke (11), Johnny Bradshaw (11), Darius Truong (12), Daevin Oey(10)Langley High School                               Mclean VA
7701:33.75Will Kohn (10), Michael Zhang (10), Jeffrey Gerber (12), Evan Zhang(11)Thomas Jefferson High School                      ArlingtonVA

200 Freestyle:

2601:38.14Jacob Rosner12Landon SchoolBethesdaMD
3301:38.63John Moore12Briar Woods High School Ashburn  VA
5101:39.17Jack Stelter 12Woodberry Forest SchoolWoodberry ForestVA
6901:39.69Henry  Radzikowski12Battlefield High School  HaymarketVA

200 IM:

591:50.24Noah Rutberg12Winston Churchill High SchoolPotomacMD
611:50.28John Moore12Briar Woods High SchoolAshburnVA
661:50.49Noah Nichols12The Steward SchoolRichmondVA
781:50.84Landon Gentry10Patriot High SchoolNokesvilleVA
981:51.52Kyle Floyd12Woodberry Forest SchoolWoodberry ForestVA

50 Free:

5:19.79Anthony Grimm11Oakton High SchoolViennaVA
39:20.51Walker Davis11Albemarle High SchoolCharlottesvilleVA
49:20.56Aiken Do10W.T. Woodson High SchoolFairfaxVA
72:20.71Brett Feyerick11Georgetown Preparatory SchoolNorth BethesdaMD

100 Butterfly:

32:48.71Landon Gentry10Patriot High SchoolNokesvilleVA
39:48.83Sorab Aman12West Springfield High SchoolSpringfieldVA
49:49.00Kent Codding12W.T. Woodson High SchoolFairfaxVA
54:49.09Chris Ma11Richard Montgomery High SchoolRockvilleMD
80:49.56Noah Hargrove12Western Albemarle High SchoolCrozetVA
82:49.59Kyle Floyd12Woodberry Forest SchoolWoodberry ForestVA

100 Free:

40:44.83Aiken Do10W.T. Woodson High SchoolFairfaxVA
58:45.15Brett Feyerick11Georgetown Preparatory SchoolNorth BethesdaMD
97:45.57Noah Rutberg12Winston Churchill High SchoolPotomacMD
97:45.57Jack Stelter12Woodberry Forest SchoolWoodberry ForestVA

500 free:

224:27.35Jacob Rosner12Landon SchoolBethesdaMD
574:30.74Henry Radzikowski12Battlefield High SchoolHaymarketVA
674:32.02William Mullen12Bishop Denis J. O’Connell High SchoolArlingtonVA
794:32.63Ziad Bandak12Winston Churchill High SchoolPotomacMD

200 Free Relay:

141:23.39Alec Cooper (11), Michael Paulos (12), Kristopher Lawson (9 ), Lucca Scott(12)Walt Whitman High SchoolBethesdaMD
451:24.53William Hughes (12), Anthony Nguyen (12), Matt Mitros (11), Ben Pastva(12)Robinson Secondary SchoolFairfaxVA
571:24.90Joseph Schaefer (12), John Schaefer (10), Nick Parker (11), Aiken Do(10)W.T. Woodson High SchoolFairfaxVA
611:24.96Brett Feyerick (11), David Fitch (11), Ryan Mathis (12), Luke Addington(12)Georgetown Preparatory SchoolNorth BethesdaMD
741:25.22Jack Mowery (12), Adi Kambhampaty (12), Carson Silva (11), Sean Conley(12)Washington Liberty High SchoolArlingtonVA
1001:25.80Noah Hargrove (12), Sam Johnson (10), Andrew Holzwarth (12), Tyce Winter(12)Western Albemarle High SchoolCrozetVA

100 Backstroke:

12:48.16Brett Feyerick11Georgetown Preparatory SchoolNorth BethesdaMD
47:49.29Anthony Grimm11Oakton High SchoolViennaVA
49:49.36Noah Rutberg12Winston Churchill High SchoolPotomacMD
88:50.15Peter Makin12Fairfax High SchoolFairfaxVA
92:50.23Eric Lundgren11W.T. Woodson High SchoolFairfaxVA

100 Breaststroke:

6:53.86Anthony Grimm11Oakton High SchoolViennaVA
49:55.71Aiken Do10W.T. Woodson High SchoolFairfaxVA
56:55.85Joseph Schaefer12W.T. Woodson High SchoolFairfaxVA
65:56.20Dylan Danaie11Georgetown Preparatory SchoolNorth BethesdaMD
74:56.26Tyler Lentine11Bishop Denis J. O’Connell High SchoolArlingtonVA
93:56.49John Moore12Briar Woods High SchoolAshburnVA
98:56.60Eric Liao11Battlefield High SchoolHaymarketVA
99:56.68Joshua Wolfson10Georgetown Preparatory SchoolNorth BethesdaMD

400 Free Relay:

453:05.84Dylan Danaie (11), Nick Spicer (12), David Fitch (11), Brett Feyerick(11)Georgetown Preparatory SchoolNorth BethesdaMD
543:06.15Lucca Scott (12), Jason Bretz (11), Kristopher Lawson (9 ), Alec Cooper(12)Walt Whitman High SchoolBethesdaMD
673:07.11Graham Evers (10), Carl Blakney (11), Kyle McCleskey (12), Anthony Grimm(11)Oakton High SchoolViennaVA
683:07.15Jack Stelter (12), Ben Lundy (12), Gavin Newcamp (11), Kyle Floyd(12)Woodberry Forest SchoolWoodberry ForestVA
803:07.59Kent Codding (12), Eric Lundgren (11), Nick Parker (11), Aiken Do(10)W.T. Woodson High SchoolFairfaxVA
843:07.65Ziad Bandak (12), Rory Stumpf (12), Ben Long Zuo (11), Noah Rutberg(12)Winston Churchill High SchoolPotomacMD
923:07.97Chino Vera (12), Emmett Hannam (11), Eric Liao (11), Henry Radzikowski(12)Battlefield High SchoolHaymarketVA
1003:08.54Sean Conley (12), Carson Silva (11), Adi Kambhampaty (12), Jack Mowery(12)Washington Liberty High SchoolArlingtonVA


No ranking is attributed to the divers, they are listed in alphabetical order. A single diver was designated National Champion, Noah Duperre from New Albany High school in New Albany, Ohio.

Charles Berman9Winston Churchill High SchoolPotomacMD
Matthew Bray9Chantilly High SchoolChantillyVA
Spencer Dearman10Oakton High SchoolViennaVA
Sam Duncan12James Madison High SchoolViennaVA
Jacob Fisher10Mount Vernon High SchoolAlexandriaVA
Sam Flory10Robinson Secondary SchoolFairfaxVA
Finnian Gelbach9The Heights SchoolPotomacMD
Gellert Kish11Georgetown Preparatory SchoolN. BethesdaMD
Jonathan Lindstrom11Walt Whitman High SchoolBethesdaMD
William McCollum11Chevy Chase High SchoolBethesdaMD
Oliver Mills12Flint Hill SchoolOaktonVA
Michael Parker11Sherwood High SchoolSandy SpringMD
Aidan Thomas11Wt Woodson High SchoolFairfaxVA
Aidan Wang9Thomas S Wootton High SchoolRockvilleMD
Maxwell Weinrich10Sherwood High SchoolSandy SpringMD
Quinn Westwood12Winston Churchill High SchoolPotomacMD


200 Medley Relay:

61:41.62Phoebe Bacon (12), Eleanor Sun (9 ), Erin Gemmell (9 ), Tia Thomas(11)Stone Ridge SchoolBethesdaMD
211:42.59Mary Kate Reicherter (12), Bridget Morris-Larkin (9 ), Victoria Huske (11), Natalie English(12)Yorktown High SchoolArlingtonVA
321:43.39Alexandra Dicks (11), Anna Keating (12), Darby Galbraith (11), Morgan Howat(11)James Madison High SchoolViennaVA
351:43.46Mackenzie McConagha (11), Abigail Harter (12), Mackenzie Gupton (9 ), Mackenzie Cunnane(10)Briar Woods High SchoolAshburnVA
601:44.60Courtney Watts (9 ), Joyce Wu (9 ), Jillian Johnson (12), Tatum Zupnik(12)The Holton Arms SchoolBethesdaMD
631:44.64Samantha Smith (11), Jasmine Barry (11), Jill Berger (11), Nina Allen(9 )Bethesda-Chevy Chase High SchoolBethesdaMD
821:45.13Jamie Cornwell (10), Emma Hannam (9 ), Sophia Heilen (10), Camille Spink(9 )Battlefield High SchoolHaymarketVA

200 Freestyle:

41:45.96Erin Gemmell9Stone Ridge SchoolBethesdaMD
51:46.07Victoria Huske11Yorktown High SchoolArlingtonVA
71:46.18Camille Spink9Battlefield High SchoolHaymarketVA
241:48.15Jordan Buechler12West Springfield High SchoolSpringfieldVA
261:48.24Maren Conze9Walter Johnson High SchoolBethesdaMD
351:48.48Tatum Wall10Independence High SchoolAshburnVA
551:49.61Jill Berger11Bethesda-Chevy Chase High SchoolBethesdaMD
641:49.80Sophie Duncan10The Holton Arms SchoolBethesdaMD
761:50.08Allison Kopac12Riverside High SchoolLeesburgVA

200 IM:

11:55.39Phoebe Bacon12Stone Ridge SchoolBethesdaMD
71:57.70Victoria Huske11Yorktown High SchoolArlingtonVA
171:59.31Abigail Harter12Briar Woods High SchoolAshburnVA
211:59.56Sophie Duncan10The Holton Arms SchoolBethesdaMD
362:01.04Anna Keating12James Madison High SchoolViennaVA
442:01.67Abigail Daniel11Patriot High SchoolNokesvilleVA
612:02.44Eleanor Sun9Stone Ridge SchoolBethesdaMD
882:03.46Jennifer Luong11Freedom High SchoolSouth RidingVA

50 Freestyle:

2:21.83Victoria Huske11Yorktown High SchoolArlingtonVA
10:22.74Alexandra Dicks11James Madison High SchoolViennaVA
15:22.86Tatum Wall10Independence High SchoolAshburnVA
53:23.18Camille Spink9Battlefield High SchoolHaymarketVA
63:23.26Carly Sebring10Damascus High SchoolDamascusMD
89:23.42Jordan Buechler12West Springfield High SchoolSpringfieldVA
93:23.43Paige Hall11Bishop Denis J. O’Connell High SchoolArlingtonVA

100 Butterfly:

3:50.69Victoria Huske11Yorktown High SchoolArlingtonVA
6:52.68Abigail Harter12Briar Woods High SchoolAshburnVA
8:52.84Phoebe Bacon12Stone Ridge SchoolBethesdaMD
27:54.16Mackenzie McConagha11Briar Woods High SchoolAshburnVA
60:54.92Abigail Daniel11Patriot High SchoolNokesvilleVA
65:54.96Aris Runnels11Colgan High SchoolManassasVA
68:54.99Carly Sebring10Damascus High SchoolDamascusMD
74:55.03Sarah Culkin11Our Lady Of Good Counsel High SchoolOlneyMD
86:55.23Jillian Johnson12The Holton Arms SchoolBethesdaMD

100 Freestyle:

2:48.63Victoria Huske11Yorktown High SchoolArlingtonVA
9:49.18Camille Spink9Battlefield High SchoolHaymarketVA
14:49.56Erin Gemmell9Stone Ridge SchoolBethesdaMD
17:49.66Tatum Wall10Independence High SchoolAshburnVA
49:50.40Alexandra Dicks11James Madison High SchoolViennaVA
63:50.65Jordan Buechler12West Springfield High SchoolSpringfieldVA
82:50.90Carly Sebring10Damascus High SchoolDamascusMD

500 Freestyle:

84:47.09Maren Conze9Walter Johnson High SchoolBethesdaMD
244:50.39Sophie Duncan10The Holton Arms SchoolBethesdaMD
374:51.76Victoria Huske11Yorktown High SchoolArlingtonVA
444:52.36Allison Kopac12Riverside High SchoolLeesburgVA
454:52.47Tatum Wall10Independence High SchoolAshburnVA
524:52.95Erika Chen12Stone Ridge SchoolBethesdaMD
624:54.10Ella Myers10The Holton Arms SchoolBethesdaMD

200 Freestyle Relay:

181:34.43Alexandra Dicks (11), Morgan Howat (11), Anna Keating (12), Elizabeth Kuhlkin(12)James Madison High SchoolViennaVA
201:34.47Makenzie Higgins (12), Erika Chen (12), Tia Thomas (11), Erin Gemmell(9 )Stone Ridge SchoolBethesdaMD
371:35.04Emily Larsen (11), Natalie English (12), Caroline Burgeson (10), Victoria Huske(11)Yorktown High SchoolArlingtonVA
681:35.90Tatum Zupnik (12), Courtney Watts (9 ), Sophie Duncan (10), Ella Myers(10)The Holton Arms SchoolBethesdaMD
711:35.95Molly Benson (12), Lianna Rosman (10), Jane Umhofer (11), Maren Conze(9 )Walter Johnson High SchoolBethesdaMD
871:36.39Alexandra Martschenko (12), Agnese Lasmane (9 ), Leaya Ma (12), Brynn Curtis(12)Oakton High SchoolViennaVA
951:36.58Jasmine Barry (11), Kate Hallmark (10), Ailey Gold (10), Nina Allen(9 )Bethesda-Chevy Chase High SchoolBethesdaMD

100 Backstroke:

RankTimeNameGradeSchoolCity State
1:50.89Phoebe Bacon12Stone Ridge SchoolBethesdaMD
9:53.31Mackenzie McConagha11Briar Woods High SchoolAshburnVA
17:53.80Aris Runnels11Colgan High SchoolManassasVA
21:53.89Camille Spink9Battlefield High SchoolHaymarketVA
41:54.58Paige Hall11Bishop Denis J. O’Connell High SchoolArlingtonVA
65:55.00Janika Perezous11Potomac Falls High SchoolSterlingVA

100 Breaststroke:

2:59.76Anna Keating12James Madison High SchoolViennaVA
341:02.37Abigail Harter12Briar Woods High SchoolAshburnVA
411:02.65Brynn Curtis12Oakton High SchoolViennaVA
781:03.53Joyce Wu9The Holton Arms SchoolBethesdaMD
881:03.65Eleanor Sun9Stone Ridge SchoolBethesdaMD

400 Freestyle Relay:

93:24.25Makenzie Higgins (12), Erika Chen (12), Eleanor Sun (9 ), Phoebe Bacon(12)Stone Ridge SchoolBethesdaMD
343:27.04Caroline Burgeson (10), Victoria Huske (11), Emily Larsen (11), Grace Jansen(10)Yorktown High SchoolArlingtonVA
503:28.12Alexandra Dicks (11), Sophia Brown (9 ), Darby Galbraith (11), Elizabeth Kuhlkin(12)James Madison High SchoolViennaVA
673:29.19Molly Benson (12), Sienna Karp (9 ), Jane Umhofer (11), Maren Conze(9 )Walter Johnson High SchoolBethesdaMD
733:29.59Jillian Johnson (12), Joyce Wu (9 ), Ella Myers (10), Sophie Duncan(10)The Holton Arms SchoolBethesdaMD


No ranking is attributed to the divers, they are listed in alphabetical order. A single diver was designated National Champion, Hailey Hernandez from Southlake Carroll High school in Southlake Texas

Callie Borda10Rockville High SchoolRockvilleMD
Minh Donnell11Woodson High SchoolFairfaxVA
Madison Grosz12James Madison High SchoolViennaVA
Ellie Joyce9Washington-Liberty High SchoolArlingtonVA
Haley Marshall10Our Lady Of Good Counsel High SchoolOlneyMD
Julia Pioso11Centreville High SchoolCliftonVA
Madison Reese11Oakton High SchoolViennaVA
Genevieve Thibodeau12Stone Ridge SchoolBethesdaMD
Claire Vroom10Langley High SchoolMcleanVA

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  • Jul 4, 2020 at 2:13 pm

    Catherine Belyakov should be at least in 3 individuals events in NISCA All American, including 50.56 in 100 Free (AAC); 1:02.10 – 100BR (AAU) and 2:00.84 in 200 IM (AAU).

    • Jul 4, 2020 at 10:05 pm

      Agree! It’s up to her coach to send in the application…there are others that should be on the list as well.


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