USA Swimming provides Grants to PVS Clubs

By Reach for the Wall Staff

8/11/2020: USA Swimming and the USA Swimming Foundation provided a press release today to announce their second round of relief grants provided to USA Swimming Clubs. Per the announcement, “USA Swimming, the national governing body for the sport of swimming in the United States, concluded its COVID-19 Relief Program with a second round of funding to member clubs on August 11 in the amount of $1,524,253. Nearly twice the number of clubs applied for grants in the second round, with submissions from 627 teams across 56 of USA Swimming’s Local Swimming Committees (LSC).”

17 from PVS were among the 722 USA Swimming Clubs receiving assistance:

  • Arlington Aquatic Club
  • All Star Aquatics
  • Dragon Swim Team
  • The Fort Belvoir Swim Team, Inc.
  • The FISH
  • Fairfax Foxes Swimming
  • Joe Flaherty’s Dolphins
  • Moons Aquatics Club
  • Mason Makos Swim Team
  • Patuxent Aquatics Club, LLC
  • Potomac Marlins
  • Shark Tank Racing Squad
  • Victory Lane Aquatic Club
  • Washingtonians Swim Club
  • Machine Aquatics
  • Occoquan Swimming
  • SNOW Swimming

USA Swimming’s COVID-19 Relief Program was a two-pronged initiative created to support clubs and members impacted economically by the pandemic and to support the clubs’ eventual return to the water.

To be eligible to apply for a USA Swimming COVID-19 Relief Program Grant, a team must have:

  • Suffered demonstrable financial losses as a result of the economic effects of COVID-19;
  • Developed a plan to assist families in need with relief from club dues obligations;
  • Incurred continued operating expenses, not including payroll; and 
  • Established a comprehensive return to swimming plan through use of the grant and other resources.

The applications, which were submitted between July 1-10, were reviewed by a team of staff, and USA Swimming and USA Swimming Foundation board members. Evaluation parameters included:

  • Whether the grant proposal clearly and effectively presented a strong case for immediate support
  • Whether the grant proposal set forth a plan to support families in need to return to participation in swimming with the club
  • Whether the club provided unique access in the community for the opportunity to swim competitively
  • Whether the club achieved or initiated Safe Sport Club Recognition status
  • Whether the club received grant funding from the USA Swimming Relief Program for Teams in round one.

Overall, 722 clubs requested and received funding through the program, totaling more than $3 million thanks to the USA Swimming Foundation.

As provided on the USA Swimming website, suggested uses of the grant awards are as follows:

  • Assisting member families with relief from club dues obligations 
  • Retaining local counsel to advise of re-opening concerns 
  • Facility rental fees  
  • Offset club operating expenses, not to include staff payroll expenses or purchase of equipment 

We recognize that these grant amounts will not make a huge impact on the overall operating budget/expenses that clubs are facing this year, however every little bit helps. Congratulations to the PVS Clubs that received the grants and hope in the coming months the swimming community can make progress toward functioning at capacity.

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