PVS Clubs score in 18 & Under Winter Champs

By Reach for the Wall Staff

Earlier today (12/14/2020) USA Swimming updated their database with results for all the meets held December 1-13 to comprise the overall standings of the 18 & Under Winter Championships. Points were assigned to the top 16 places for each event as follows:


TAC Titans from North Carolina emerged as the top team amassing 243 points, Sarasota Sharks from Florida were 2nd with 178 points, and Nation’s Capital (NCAP) 3rd with 172 points. 4 other PVS clubs had swimmers score a top 16 time and place in the team standings: Arlington Aquatic Club placed 6th with 107 points, Mason Makos placed 11th with 77.5, Machine placed 48th with 19 points and The FISH placed 70th with 8.5 points.

We went ahead and produced the full report of Top 16 Finishers so you can see what it took to score:

One piece of data we thought might be interesting, but is hard to find was the date and meet name that the swimmer competed in to achieve their times. For a majority of the PVS swims, they were accomplished at the PVS 18 & Under Champs held December 3-6. One outlier in the results that is tagged as a PVS swimmer was Catherine Purnell, who is currently a freshman at Duke University. She swam in the 2020 Janis Dowd Invite, hosted by UNC December 3-5; her 200 Butterfly time was good for 13th place and 11th place in the 400 IM. While she’s listed in the results as unattached-PV, we’re not sure where her points were attributed, but we do know it wasn’t NCAP (her former team). It would be interesting to see some of the other data such as if the other meets were trials/finals, which weekend (or other days) during the December 1-13 timeframe they competed or if they had more than one opportunity to swim fast.

Congratulations to the swimmers representing the 5 PVS teams that scored top 16 times!

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