Super Sectionals- Sunday Finals

By Reach for the Wall Staff

Sunday’s finals include the 200 Backstroke, 50 Freestyle, and 200 Breaststroke. We’ll also give the rundown on the Women’s 1500 Freestlye and Men’s 800 Freestyle which were competed during the afternoon. In the Women’s 200 Backstroke, Alexandra Tyler (CDOG) captured the win, touching in 2:14.76, just .07 shy of the Wave I standard. The Men’s race was paced by multiple event winner Sean Conway (UVA, formerly NCAP), who touched first in 2:03.43, just outside of the Wave I standard of 2:02.99. In both 50 Freestyle events, the winners narrowly missed the Wave I standard. In the Women’s race, Nicole Venema (TIDE) touched 1st in 26.16, missing by .17. In the Men’s 50 Freestyle, Brandon Johnson (LRSC) got the victory in 23.22, missing the Wave I standard by .03. Aiken Do (FISH) and Matthew Davidson (LIB) tied for 2nd in 23.54. The Women’s 1500 Freestyle saw 14 yr. old Claire Weinstein (WEST) picking up her third Trial standard, finishing in 16:45.42, narrowly missing the Wave II standard of 16.44.60. In the final event of the night, Dylan Rhee capped off the Trial qualifiers and dipped under the WAVE I standard, touching 1st in 2:16.92. However, after the meet ended, Meet Mobile was updated to show he Dq’d & Alvin Kimwon (RMSC) moved to the top spot in 2:19.94! Alvin was the lone event winner from PVS over the course of the meet. In the team scores (as posted to Meet Mobile), RMSC prevailed as the team champion, amassing 498.5 points, ahead of UVA’s 424. Occoquan Swimming placed 6th, with 229 points, The Fish captured 9th with 152.5 points, All Star Aquatics 12th with 132 points, Shark Tank 32nd with 27, and Potomac Marlins 34th with 23 points. In the Individual point race, Benjamin Huffman (OCCS) took 1st with 74 points!
Congratulations to all who qualified and competed in Richmond- great start to the summer championship meet season!

Here’s the summary of PVS swimmers that competed in Sunday’s Finals:

Women’s 200 Backstroke:
4th: Sarah Culkin (RMSC) 2:20.83
6th: Annaleagh Stahl (OCCS) 2:22.28
14th: Livia Venditti (RMSC) 2:24.44
16th: Melina Anschutz (RMSC) 2:25.80
18th: Courtney Watts (FISH) 2:23.67
19th: Emily Noll (ASA) 2:24.90
22nd: Gloria Kuang (Dragon) 2:28.08 *13 years old!

Men’s 200 Backstroke:
4th: James Ewing (FISH) 2:03.56
5th: Sam O’Brien (FISH) 2:05.19
11th: Jason Bretz (ASA) 2:09.24
12th: Stephen Gilbert (OCCS) 2:09.54
13th: Liam McDonough (RMSC) 2:10.18
14th: Nikolo Natsvilishvili (RMSC) 2:12.05
15th: Sean Colson (RMSC) 2:15.28
18th: Sean Davis (RMSC) 2:13.15
21st: John Ossi (RSC) 2:14.31
24th: Theodore Dietrich (ASA) 2:16.80

Women’s 50 Freestyle:
6th: Nina Allen (RMSC) 26.56
10th: Lauren West (ASA) 26.75
13th: Jamie Cornwall (OCCS) 27.06
14th: Carly Sebring (RMSC) 27.22
20th: Courtney Watts (FISH) 27.66
23rd: Emily Haugen (OCCS) 27.93

Men’s 50 Freestyle:
2nd: Aiken Do (FISH) 23.54
14th: Everett Oehler (RMSC) 24.52
18th: Benjamin Huffman (OCCS) 24.45

Women’s 200 Breaststroke:
3rd: Caitlin Hofmann (ASA) 2:38.91
4th: Isla Bartholomew (RMSC) 2:39.05
5th: Sophia Heilen (OCCS) 2:40.47
6th: Sienna Karp (ASA) 2:41.90
7th: Hannah Bingley (RMSC) 2:42.45
8th: Cameron House (ASA) 2:44.47
9th: Erin Haines (RMSC) 2:41.84
10th: Joyce Wu (RMSC) 2:42.05
17th: Emma Redman (FISH) 2:44.29
22nd: Katherine Wade (RMSC) 2:45.99
23rd: Emily Haugen (OCCS) 2:49.83

Men’s 200 Breaststroke:
1st: Alvin Kimwon (RMSC) 2:19.94
3rd: Toby Barnett (RMSC) 2:21.75
4th: James Garner (RMSC) 2:21.80
6th: Joshua Wolfson (FISH) 2:25.90
12th: William Jackson (ASA) 2:27.73
15th: Sean Santos (RMSC) 2:30.75
16th: Christopher Stankiewicz (TANK) 2:44.07
23rd: Jake Cannistra (ASA) 2:34.45

Men’s 800 Freestyle:
2nd: Benjamin Huffman (OCCS) 8:30.04
7th: Peter Gilbert (OCCS) 8:38.93
9th: Bray Begin (RMSC) 8:45.26
13th: Bryce Rohr (PM) 8:49.51
14th: Orluke Borjigin (RMSC) 8:49.83
21st: Joseph Gray (OCCS) 9:00.83
23rd: Grey Bremer (PM) 9:03.12

Women’s 1500 Freestyle:
4th: Madison Smith (RMSC) 17:19.68
6th: Alyssa Martel (OCCS) 17:38.19
15th: Adrianna Caponiti (RMSC) 18:15.37
16th: Selah Dean (FISH) 18:16.52
20th: Luciana Ossi (RMSC) 18:35.54
21st: Kimberleagh Stahl (OCCS) 18:48.88
22nd: Brooke Worth (OCCS) 18:49.40
24th: Lilly Cleal (FISH) 19:10.63

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