Speedo Sectionals Day 4

By Contributor Brenten Gilbert

This is the 4th post of the 4-part series from Brenten Gilbert, a contributor to Reach for the Wall. In case you missed it, here’s the links to the series: Speedo Sectionals Day 1 , Speedo Sectionals Day 2 and Speedo Sectionals Day 3

Speedo Sectionals are designed to be the gateway to National Championship meets. The qualifying times for these meets are typically more challenging than the LSC championships, but it is the first tier of the USA Swimming Championship Series (hence the single star in the logo). 

Sectionals are typically organized by the USA Swimming Zones, but in efforts to keep entry numbers manageable, the Eastern Zone has broken up into Regions and Region 2 is hosted by Virginia Swimming at the Christiansburg Aquatics Center, home to the Virginia Tech programs.

With representative swimmers from over 50 clubs competing, this very well may be the launching pad to future successes for some of these swimmers.


The last day of the meet becomes a test of the will as thoughts turn to the drive home or the week ahead and fatigue starts to weigh in both mentally and physically. The finals session tends to see a rise in scratches which offers extra swims to those willing to close out the meet with one last swim. Contested events today include: 1650 Free (Girls), 1000 Free (Boys), 200 Back, 100 Free, and 200 IM as well as the final two relays: 200 Free and 400 Medley.

Girls 200y Free Relay


The Fox Chapel Killer Whales came to race as the combination of Kasey Schrecongost, Alexis Schrecongost, Ariana Pasquella, and Sarah Pasquella shed five seconds from their seed time and jumped up into contention with a time of 1:38.30 out of the opening heat. Elise Nardozzi, Kaitlyn Connors, Amanda Aidar, and Hanna Klingensmith took the bait and responded with a 1:36.64 in the next heat to take over the current top time.

Heat three didn’t challenge those two times, but it was the crew from Annapolis – Kendall Madison, Jessica Rothrock, Ashley Connor, and Sophia Keller – who hit the wall first with a time of 1:40.23. In the final heat, the Occoquan relay consisting of Emily Haugen, Lily Von Herbulis, Sophia Heilen, and Jamie Cornwall left the rest of the field in their wake, stopping the clock at 1:35.85 for the best time of the night. Second place in the heat (third overall) went to the Nittany Lion Aquatics relay with a 1:37.11. NCAP rounded out the top five with a 1:38 effort from Kalina Frick, Gwyneth Frick, Lexi Sawwa, and Ellia Kweon.


  1. Occoquan Swimming – 1:35.85
  2. Team Pittsburgh – 1:36.64
  3. Nittany Lion Aquatics – 1:37.11
Women’s 200 FR Podium

Boys 200y Free Relay


The Steel City Aquatics relay team of David Schlor, Logan Schlor, Alex Wagner, and Josiah Panizzi outpaced the field in the opening heat for the boys, touching out in 1:30.33 to beat their seed time. Heat two went to Loyola Blakefield in a time of 1:26.96 from William Kunkel, Cameron Shinnick, Ryan Clancy, and Kevin Snyder, followed by Machine’s A relay. The Annapolis relay consisting of Antonio Gurri, John Deppe, Dominic Kazzi, and Niccolo Gurri earned the best time of the night with a heat three victory in 1:26.55, but that would ultimately only be good enough for fifth overall.

The final heat brought some fireworks with two races within the race. AAC’s Matvei Namakonov shot off the blocks with a 20.44 opening split to give his teammates Malcolm McKenzie, Collin McKenzie, and Michael Zhang an early edge on first place. However, one lane over, the Occoquan boys – Ben Huffman, Benny Firtag, Dawson Truong, and Joshua Hochard – steadily reeled them in, ultimately claiming first place after Hochard’s 20.59 anchor split.

The race for third place was no less exciting as NCAP’s Michael Williams gained an advantage over Elias Babcock of H2okie in the opening split. That lead evaporated as Lucas Bureau swam a scorching 19.89 to take over the lead, setting up teammates Hampton Wohlford and Joseph Trout with an opportunity to claim third. NCAP’s Christopher Boucree, Brayden Wence, and William O’Shea kept their cool, however, and eventually found their way to third place, out-touching the H2okies boys by three tenths.


  1. Occoquan Swimming – 1:24.09
  2. Arlington Aquatics – 1:24.37
  3. Nation’s Capital – 1:26.16
Men’s 200 FR Podium

Girls 1650y Free


The first heat of two was swum in the afternoon and went to Ava Knopsnyder, who dropped four seconds to post a new personal best time of 17:29.00. Also in the early heat was RMSC’s Delia Fritz, who swam a 17:58 to finish tenth overall. 

In the finals heat, Alyssa Martel of Occoquan Swimming led from beginning to end and, though she was a bit off her best time, touched first with a 17:09.90. NCAP’s Victoria Santino and Emily Buckley placed seventh and eighth in the event, ahead of Occoquan’s Brooke Worth. 


  1. Alyssa Martel – 17:09.90
  2. Madeline Berg – 17:16.96
  3. Peri Gaguzis – 17:21.04
Women’s 1650 Podium

Boys 1000y Free


There were three heats of the 1000 Free for the boys and two of them were swum in the afternoon based on seed times and preferences. Heat one went to Trent Vacula who posted a 9:48.14, which would be good enough for eighth overall. Also in the heat was RMSC’s Erik Staggs with a 10:12.04. 

Heat two saw Samuel Huggins drop just under nine seconds for a personal best and a very solid swim of 9:40.01. That would place him fourth overall. Trailing slightly behind Huggins in the heat was Occoquan’s Alex Grocholski, who landed in seventh overall with a 9:44, ahead of Aydin Erkan’s 9:55. 

In the finals heat, the center of the pool featured a rematch of the mile that opened this meet and the results remained the same as Ben Huffman (OCCS) took the win with a new personal best time of 9:26.49, his first time under 9:30. Ian Metzgar joined the sub-9:30 club as well, taking second with a 9:29.80. Third place went to Occoquan’s Peter Gilbert with a 9:36. Xavier Orlic of NCAP also contested the finals heat, posting a 9:52.


  1. Ben Huffman – 9:26.49
  2. Ian Metzgar – 9:29.80
  3. Peter Gilbert – 9:36.63
Men’s 1000 Podium

Girls 200y Back


Katie Luetkenhaus of Occoquan posted a 2:08 in heat two that was enough to qualify for the C finals in the 200 Back. Luetkenhaus would join RMSC’s Annie Liu who held her 17th seed to make it through to the evening swim. 

Swimming out of heat three, NCAP’s Madalyn Witt chipped off four tenths of a second off her personal best time and it was enough to move her up into th B finals. Waiting for her in the B finals would be teammates Alyssa Sagle and Anna Klotz, as well as RMSC’s Sara Smith. PVS would be represented in the A final by NCAP’s Gwyneth Frick and Occoquan’s Annaleagh Stahl.


  1. Talia Bugel – 2:00.80
  2. Elise Nardozzi – 2:01.29
  3. Annaleagh Stahl – 2:02.71
  4. Jade Castro – 2:02.80
  5. Gwyneth Frick – 2:03.98
  6. Kiaha McCool – 2:04.70
  7. Ingrid Janney – 2:05.23
  8. Maeve Kelley – 2:06.00


The scratches were a’plenty and enough to shift things around a bit, but the C finals went to Ashley Connor with a time of 2:06.09. Luetkenhaus finished third in the heat with a 2:08. Alyssa Sagle won the B finals in 2:03.76. RMSC teammates Sara Smith and Annie Liu touched in third and fourth for the heat. Klotz and Witt finished the heat in sixth and eighth respectively.

In the A final, it seemed the goal was to break the two-minute mark and while Talia Bugel matched that mark, it was Jade Castro who broke through with a 1:59.47 to win the heat. Bugle, Castro, and Elise Nardozzi, who came in third, all posted best times in pursuit of 1:59 in an exciting race. Fourth place went to Annaleah Stahl (OCCS) and NCAP’s Gwyneth Frick finished the heat in seventh overall.


  1. Jade Castro – 1:59. 47
  2. Talia Bugel – 2:00.00
  3. Elise Nardozzi – 2:00.62

Boys 200y Back


NCAP’s Xavier Orlic turned his 25th seed into a C final appearance after prelims. He’ll square off against teammate Jackson Tishler, RMSC’s Chase Keeler and Occoquan’s Peter Gilbert and all four posted 1:56s in the morning. Heat three of the morning afforded Christian Carroll of NCAP the opportunity to drop two seconds and jump into the B finals, which ended up being the same pattern followed by Machine’s Jonathan Peterson in heat five. 

Occoquan’s Owen Hoban trimmed a second off his personal best to move up from the eighth seed to third and pass through to the A finals, where he’ll join NCAP’s Ryan Strotheide.


  1. Joe Hayburn – 1:47.19
  2. Timothy Murphy – 1:50.61
  3. Owen Hoban – 1:51.90
  4. Andrew Rose – 1:52.01
  5. Ethan Shonk – 1:52.33
  6. Benjamin Sheets – 1:52.58
  7. (TIE) Ryan Strotheide / Benjamin Schattenberg – 1:53.26


Evan Graham won the C finals with a 1:54.75, followed by Occoquan’s Peter Gilbert, who touched second in 1:55.30. Keeler and Orlic finished the heat in fifth and sixth, ahead of NCAP’s Ryan Chmielenski, who scratched into the C final. 

Teddy Blake stopped the clock first in heat two, cracking the 1:50 mark and posting a 1:49.59 that stood apart from the field. Peterson turned in a fourth place finish with a 1:54, while Tishler and Carroll touched in 1:55 and 1:56 respectively.

Not to be outdone by Blake’s B final performance, Joe Hayburn uncorked a dominant swim of 1:45.95 to win the event by a margin of just under five seconds. This was Hayburn’s third win of the meet. Hoban essentially replicated his prelims swim, but in the evening it was only good enough for fourth place. 


  1. Joe Hayburn – 1:45.95
  2. Timothy Murphy – 1:50.53
  3. Ethan Shonk – 1:51.70

Girls 100y Free


Grace Jansen of York claimed the 24th position, enough for a C finals berth from heat four of the prelims. Heat five produced another C finalist in NCAP’s Ellia Kweon as well as an A finalist when Charis Roundtree (Cavalier) posted a personal best of 52.58 to claim the 7th spot. Awaiting Roundtree in the A final were a pair of Occoquan sprinters, Jamie Cornwall and Emily Haugen. Lexi Sawwa (NCAP) landed in the B final, alongside RMSC’s Anna Li and Occoquan’s Lily Von Herbulis, while York’s Leena Knepper qualified for the C final. 


  1. Lily King – 50.42
  2. Katelyn Jackovic – 51.42
  3. Elise Nardozzi – 51.43
  4. Jamie Cornwell – 51.67
  5. Emily Haugen – 52.16
  6. Kaitlyn Connors – 52.37
  7. Charis Roundtree – 52.58
  8. Sophia Routzahn – 52.65


The C final featured second chance swims for Herndon’s Veronika Owen, Occoquan’s Alyssa Martel, and AAC teammates Kara Curry and Sara Newman. Jessica Rothrock won the heat with a 53.61, but Martel, Curry, and Owen each posted 54s to take third, fourth, and fifth. Newman’s time in the event was 56.13.

Mally Workman’s 52.81 was enough to win the B final as Ellia Kweon touched in third with a 53.42. Knepper and Von Herbulis both put together 53s while Jansen finished the race with a 54.34. 

Occoquan’s Jamie Cornwall took the race out fast and held on to win the event with a time of 50.96, her first time under 51 seconds. Charis Roundtree knotted a tie for fourth place with a 52.62, followed by Haugen and Sawwa, who finished sixth and seventh.


  1. Jamie Cornwell – 50.96
  2. Kaitlyn Connors – 51.40
  3. Sophia Routzahn – 52.03
Women’s 100 Freestyle Top 3 Finishers

Boys 100y Free


Leading the movers and shakers once again, Occoquan’s John Verosko, swimming in heat four of twelve, jumped up over 50 spots to land in the C final with a time of 47.64. Teammate AJ Friend followed suit, moving up from heat eight to join Verosko. Also qualifying for the C final were Machine’s Anderson Church, NCAP’s Colby Lane, Shark Tank’s Joshua Wolf, and Occoquan’s Matt Jensen. 

AAC’s Malcolm McKenzie landed in the B final with a time of 47.12 in prelims. Joining him in the B final will be a pair of heat nine swimmers, Dawson Truong (OCCS), and Daevin Oey (Machine). 

The A finals were crowded with PVS swimmers, as five swimmers made it back, including Collin McKenzie (AAC) and Benny Firtag (OCCS) who snuck in from B seeds. Top seed going into the evening swim went to Occoquan’s Joshua Hochard, who dropped a personal best time of 45.07 and will likely look for a 44 tonight. Also in the mix Will be Ben Huffman and AAC’s Matvei Namakonov. 


  1. Joshua Hochard – 45.07
  2. Matvei Namakonov – 45.67
  3. Joe Hayburn – 45.78
  4. Collin McKenzie – 46.22
  5. Daniel Simoes – 46.34
  6. Ben Huffman – 46.58
  7. Benny Firtag – 46.70
  8. Niccolo Gurri – 46.86


After scratches, Malcolm McKenzie moved into A, Jenson, Verosko, and Lane moved up to B and a trio of NCAP swimmers (Christopher Boucree, Brayden Wence, and William O’Shea) earned a second chance swim in the C final.

Noah Gabriele won the C final in a time of 47.53, just two-tenths ahead of Wolf, who touched in second. A.J. Friend claimed fourth place, while Boucree, Wence, and O’Shea closed out the heat with a range of 48s. 

The B final went to Levi Hansen as his 47.29 was just enough to prevent Truong from touching first. Church, Jensen, and Oey, added swims of 47-high to the heat, ahead of Verosko and Lane who stopped the clock with 48s. 

No one matched the 45.07 from the morning, but Matvei Namakonov did make it back to the wall ahead of Hochard as the two finished 1-2 with 45.31 and 45.56. Joe Hayburn, fresh off his 200 Back victory, managed a 45.77 for third, ahead of Malcolm McKenzie (46.24) and Ben Huffman (46.46). Firtag finished eighth with a 46.94.


  1. Matvei Namakonov – 45.31
  2. Joshua Hochard – 45.56
  3. Joe Hayburn – 45.77
Men’s 100 Freestyle Top 3 Finishers

Girls 200y IM


Tess Peny of Occoquan, Anna Li, and Sara Smith of RMSC each posted prelims times of 2:12 to land in the C finals. All Star’s Elizabeth Jackson, initially seeded 42nd, posted a 2:12 of her own to join them.  Moving into the B finals were AAC’s Lauren Fatouros, originally seeded 38th, and NCAP’s Lexi Sawa, originally seeded 25th. Joining them was Occoquan’s Sophia Heilen, who swam a 2:10 in the morning that put her just outside of the A finals. NCAP’s Gwyneth Frick moved into the A finals, claiming the sixth spot.

After scratches and the resultant positional jockeying, Heilen moved back up to the A finals. Li scratched while Smith, Jackson, and Peny moved up to the B finals. The C finals added NCAP’s Kalina Frick, Madisyn Carter, and Madalyn Witt. 


  1. Ashley Mellinger – 2:07.96
  2. Alexia Wright – 2:09.03
  3. Peri Gaguzis – 2:09.24
  4. Elise Nardozzi – 2:09.63
  5. Lily King – 2:09.78
  6. Gwyneth Frick – 2:10.10
  7. Ava Knopsnyder – 2:10.15
  8. Naomi Furman – 2:10.33


Jessica Rothrock won the C final with a 2:08.29, a time that would have easily made the A finals in the morning. Kalina Frick touched in fifth place with a 2:13, while Carter finished in 2:14, just ahead of Witt. 

Sara Smith stopped the clock first in the B finals, logging a time of 2:09.17. Penny touched second in the heat with a 2:10, while Sawwa finished fourth. Jackson’s finals time was a 2:11.54, ahead of Fatouros’s 2:12.

In the A final, it was thirteen-year-old Ashley Mellinger sealing her fourth victory of the weekend with a winning time of 2:06.06. Gwyneth Frick finished second in 2:06.70. Heilen’s 2:07.68 placed her fifth overall. 


  1. Ashley Mellinger – 2:06.06
  2. Gwyneth Frick – 2:06.70
  3. Elise Nardozzi – 2:07.02
Women’s 200 IM Top 3 Finishers

Boys 200y IM


Liam Rooney of RMSC earned a spot in the C final with his prelims time of 1:59.08 out of heat four. Teammate Jason Doan swam in the next heat and joined him with a time of 1:58.93. PAC’s Michael Venit also qualified for the C final. 

Heat seven produced two B finalists as Andrew Hendrickson and Marco Minai both put up times good enough to pass through. Also qualifying for the B final were Christopher Stankiewicz (Shark Tank), Noah Robinson (NCAP), Alex Crown (NCAP), and Joshua Bordovsky (Machine). 

Occoquan’s Owen Hoban and AAC’s Michael Zhang both carried their A seeds into the A finals, where they would face Matvei Namakonov, who’s 1:56.13 out of heat six was good enough for the seventh seed.

Second chance swims were granted to Matheus Feltrin (RMSC), who bumped up into the B final, as well as Malcolm Mckenzie (AAC), Jackson Tishler (NCAP), and Chase Keeler (RMSC), who joined the C. 


  1. Kirill Pankov – 1:51.84
  2. Owen Hoban – 1:53.04
  3. William Retsch – 1:53.96
  4. Zachary Erb – 1:54.68
  5. Dominic Cortopassi – 1:55.05
  6. Michael Zhang – 1:55.12
  7. Matvei Namakonov – 1:56.13
  8. Haihan Xu – 1:56.52


Trent Vacula won the C final with a time of 1:58.35. Tishler finished in fourth right at the 2:00 mark, followed by Malcolm McKenzie, who touched in 2:01.41, ahead of Keeler. The B final was a pretty tight battle between John Deppe, Jack Martin, and Benjamin Schattenberg, but it was ultimately Deppe who pulled off the victory with a 1:56.84. Minai and Feltrin finished fourth and fifth in the heat and Venit turned in a finals time of 2:01.35.

Michael Zhang turned on the afterburners in the A final to break 1:50 for the first time, clocking a 1:49.93. Hoban was able to secure a third place finish holding steady at 1:53, ahead of Robinson and Stankiewicz, who turned in 1:55s. Crown and Hendrickson closed out the heat with 1:56s. 


  1. Michael Zhang – 1:49.93
  2. Zachary Erb – 1:51.69
  3. Owen Hoban – 1:53.19
Men’s 200 IM Top 3 Finishers

Girls 400y Medley Relay


Heat one featured a tight race between Severna Park and Frederick Area, swimming next to each other in lanes three and four. Frederick Area built an early lead, but Severna Park relied on a strong back half to sneak in for the heat win by less than a fingernail, 4:03.28 to 4:03.29. Fox Chapel managed to break the 4:00 barrier in heat two, posting a 3:55.11, but it was the Nittany Lion Aquatics relay who took the win with a 3:53.18. These times would hold up for third and fifth overall.

Heat three saw the girls from H2okie Aquatics go toe-to-toe with Lancaster Aquatics as each team held the lead for about half the race before the H2okies laid claim to the victory, stopping the clock 0.03 earlier with a 3:59.69.  

Similarly, the final heat was marked by a tug of war between Occoquan Swimming and NCAP. Gwyneth Frick gave NCAP an early advantage with a dominant 57.08 backstroke split, but Occoquan’s Sophia Heilen battled back with a 1:04.29 breaststroke split to take the lead. Undeterred, NCAP’s Madisyn Carter put up a 56.92 butterfly to reclaim the clean water and build a substantial lead heading into freestyle. However, they didn’t factor in Jamie Cornwall, who went scorched earth with a 49.89 anchor split to run down Lexi Sawwa’s and snag the win by a half second. 


  1. Occoquan Swimming – 3:51.10
  2. Nation’s Capital – 3:51.63
  3. Nittany Lion Aquatics – 3:53.18
Women’s 400 MR Podium

Boys 400y Medley Relay


In heat one of the Boys 400 Medley, Fox Chapel managed to outlast the efforts of Bethel Park and Steel City Aquatics to claim the victory in 3:37.97. Loyola Blakefield became the first relay team of the day to crack 3:30 as they posted a respectable 3:29.76 to claim the win in heat two and ultimately the sixth fastest time of the meet. In heat three, only the Annapolis relay team of Joe Hayburn, Dominic Kazzi, Niccolo Gurri, and Antonio Gurri stepped in to lower that mark, posting a 3:28.53 to take the heat with what would be good enough for fourth place overall.

In the final race of the evening, there was no match for the Arlington Aquatics squad of Collin McKenzie, Michael Zhang, Matvei Namakonov, and Malcolm McKenzie, who dominated the event with a time of 3:18.93, eight seconds faster than any other team. Not a bad way to close out the meet. In their wake, Occoquan’s Owen Hoban, Dawson Truong, Joshua Hochard, and Ben Huffman claimed second place ahead of NCAP’s contingent of Ryan Strotheide, Vincent Nguyen, Noah Robinson, Brayden Wence. Fifth place overall went to H2okie Aquatics.


  1. Arlington Aquatics – 3:18.93
  2. Occoquan Swimming – 3:27.11
  3. Nation’s Capital – 3:28.12
Men’s 400 MR Podium


A four-day meet provides a lot of data, a lot of swims, and a lot to look through, so below is a summary of the events and winners from throughout the meet. (Bold indicates a PVS Swimmer/Team).


GIRLS 1000 FREEAshley MellingerMadeline BergMaeve Kelley
BOYS 1650 FREEBen HuffmanIan MetzgarPeter Gilbert


GIRLS 200 FREEElise NardozziAlyssa MartelJessica Rothrock
BOYS 200 FREEDaniel SimoesTeddy BlakeOwen Hoban
GIRLS 100 BREASTSophia HeilenSophia RoutzahnCamryn Schwartz
BOYS 100 BREASTCollin McKenzieMichael ZhangMatvei Namakonov
GIRLS 100 FLYSophie ShaoSophia HeilenVeronika Owen
BOYS 100 FLYJoe HayburnDaniel SimoesJoshua Hochard
GIRLS 400 IMAshley MellingerPeri GaguzisTheresa Lankford
BOYS 400 IMJ.T. EwingWilliam RetschOwen Hoban
GIRLS 800 FREE RELAYTeam PittsburghLancaster AquaticsOccoquan Swimming
BOYS 800 FREE RELAYOccoquan SwimmingNation’s CapitalH2okie Aquatics


GIRLS 200 MEDLEY RELAYOccoquan SwimmingNittany Lion AquaticsFox Chapel
BOYS 200 MEDLEY RELAYArlington AquaticsOccoquan SwimmingLoyola Blakefield
GIRLS 200 FLYSophia HeilenSophie ShaoKayla Parry
BOYS 200 FLYCameron ShinnickRadomyr CoutureWilliam Retsch
GIRLS 50 FREELily KingJamie CornwallKatelyn Jackovic
BOYS 50 FREEMatvei NamakonovDaniel Simoes /Christopher StankiewiczN/A (tie)
GIRLS 200 BREASTSarah ShafferPeri GaguzisSophia Routzahn
BOYS 200 BREASTMichael ZhangHaihan XuBenjamin Spragg
GIRLS 100 BACKGwyneth FrickPenelope CeltnieksTalia Bugel
BOYS 100 BACKJoe HayburnJoseph RothDaniel Simoes
GIRLS 500 FREEAshley MellingerAlyssa MartelMaeve Kelley
BOYS 500 FREETeddy BlakeBen HuffmanSamuel Huggins
GIRLS 400 FREE RELAYTeam PittsburghOccoquan SwimmingNittany Lion Aquatics
BOYS 400 FREE RELAYArlington AquaticsOccoquan SwimmingNation’s Capital


GIRLS 200 FREE RELAYOccoquan SwimmingTeam PittsburghNittany Lion Aquatics
BOYS 200 FREE RELAYOccoquan SwimmingArlington AquaticsNation’s Capital
GIRLS 1650 FREEAlyssa MartelMadeline BergPeri Gaguzis
BOYS 1000 FREEBen HuffmanIan MetzgarPeter Gilbert
GIRLS 200 BACKJade CastroTalia BugelElise Nardozzi
BOYS 200 BACKJoe HayburnTimothy MurphyEthan Shonk
GIRLS 100 FREEJamie CornwallKaitlyn ConnorsSophia Routzahn
BOYS 100 FREEMatvei NamakonovJoshua HochardJoe Hayburn
GIRLS 200 IMAshley MellingerGwyneth FrickElise Nardozzi
BOYS 200 IMMichael ZhangZachary ErbOwen Hoban
GIRLS 400 MEDLEY RELAYOccoquan SwimmingNation’s CapitalNittany Lion Aquatics
BOYS 400 MEDLEY RELAYArlington AquaticsOccoquan SwimmingNation’s Capital


The Sectionals meet is scored as a team-based meet. Below are the results of that scoring.


  1. Occoquan Swimming – 526
  2. Lancaster Aquatics – 441
  3. Fox Chapel Killer Whales – 432.5
  4. Nation’s Capital Swim Club – 429
  5. Team Pittsburgh Elite Aquatics – 328.5


  1. Occoquan Swimming – 658
  2. Nation’s Capital Swim Club – 393
  3. Arlington Aquatics – 391
  4. Annapolis Swim – 311.5
  5. Loyola Blakefield Aquatics – 199


  1. Occoquan Swimming – 1184
  2. Nation’s Capital Swim Club – 822
  3. Lancaster Aquatics – 622.5
  4. Arlington Aquatics – 522
  5. Team Pittsburgh Elite Aquatics – 475.5

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