Rip Current Sports is excited to offer 20% off sitewide!

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Dual Boards, by Rip Current Sports, Optimize Body Position and Kick in All Strokes!

Introduced at the 2022 Napa ASCA clinic, Dual Boards are designed to change lives by creating swimmers faster and creating faster swimmers. A Year later, Dual Boards are being used by beginner and elite swimmers alike to train side breathing and build balance and feel towards power and endurance.

Rip Current Sports is excited to offer 20% off sitewide!

Offer expires January 31, 2023!


  • We’ve sold 100 sets of Dual Boards 
  • Aloha Aquatics swim school out of Las Vegas recently purchased sets for their training groups.
  • Competitve Swimmer recently featured our product prominently in their publication 
  • We’re now a Proud ASCA Partner
  • We’ve been invited (yet to actually secure a date) to NCS High School to do a Team Demo with 14 High School Swimmers to attend where all swimmers have their own set of Dual Boards to use.
  • Founder and CEO, Jose Gallagher, currently trains two Dual Board Brand Ambassadors: Sarah Bofinger and Abigail Kershaw as they prepare to qualify for Team USA’s para-Team.  Sarah is a paid part-time employee of Rip Current Sports who he’s trained since 2019; she was born with congenital hip-displasia.  Jose works once a week with Abigail (Abby) Kershaw, who is a US Classified S14 (intellectually impaired) and has minor cerebral palsy.  Abigail does it all! For the remainder of her training, she swims under the tutelage of Coach David Ensor who has 4 sets of Dual Boards he uses with his swimmers!  

One thought on “Rip Current Sports is excited to offer 20% off sitewide!

  • Jan 21, 2023 at 2:28 pm

    The Rip Current Sports Team appreciates the community swim spirit of the Reach for the Wall leaders. You all have encouraged Rip Current Sports since our launch in May of 2022 and we hope to serve you, as well as you have helped us, as this DMV community learns with Dual Boards!


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