2023 ISF Swimming Championships Day 2 Finals

By Reach for the Wall Staff; Photos by Marcus Chen

Team USA entered the Finals session with opportunities to make the podium in the first three races, and even with improved performances (from prelims) the were not able to crack the top three. Here’s the rundown of the podium swims for each event and a few shots of Team USA in action!

Boys 200 Freestyle:

1 Maximo Augusto Aguiar Macchion Argentina 1:55.03
2 Gabriel Abrahão Barbalat Orem Brazil 1:56.47
3 Mateus Serrat Magalhães Brazil 1:57.26

Camden Theodos was just off his prelim time and placed 7th in 2:03.78

Girls 200 Freestyle:

1 Carolina Rodrigues Oliveira Brazil 2:06.74
2 Milena Vitória Barros Brazil 2:08.82
3 Eve Doherty England 2:09.01

There were huge time drops from prelims to finals in this event with Team USA’s Elizabeth Gregory just missing out on the bronze, but posting a 3 second drop from prelims! Elizabeth finished 4th in 2:10.86 and her teammate Ellia Wolfe was 6th in 2:12.85 (also a big drop from prelims)!

Boys 100 Breaststroke:

1 Ziqiao Zhao China 1:03.81
2 Daniel Ransom England 1:06.28
3 Shu-Wei Shih 15 Chinese Taipei 1:06.98

There was no room for error in this race as the top two finishers had incredible swims from their prelim races, both dropping 3 seconds! Team USA’s Gavin Tran was a bit off his prelim swim and captured 4th

Girls 100 Breaststroke:

1 Jasmine Carter England 1:12.65
2 Imogen Myles England 1:12.97
3 Sophia de Andrade Isidoro Brazil 1:13.91

It was a battle of 14 yr olds from England with Jasmine Carter dropping a half second from her prelim swim to take the top spot

Boys 50 Backstroke:

1 Aidan Orpin England 27.33
2 Leonel Silva Argentina 27.53
3 André Lopes Brazil 28.32

The top 3 spots went according to their qualifying in prelims, with another win for Team England, Aiden Orpin!

Girls 50 Backstroke:

1 Gabrielle Freeman England 30.19
2 Cecilia Mabel Dieleke Argentina 30.21
3 Mirtel Merimaa Estonia 30.50

Gabrielle Freeman made it 3 in a row for Team England, garnering the top spot in the 50 Back!

Boys 200 Butterfly:

1 Laureano Nicolas Hopmeier Argentina 2:07.99
2 Pedro H. Neves Moreira Brazil 2:08.61
3 Aidan Orpin England 2:12.71

There were some super time drops for the top three in this race and impressively Aiden Orpin racing to 3rd so quickly after his win in the 50 Backstroke!

Team USA’s Chase rabe took 4th (improving from 6th seed), also dropping 2 seconds from his prelim swim, going 2:18.71

Girls 200 Butterfly:

1 Ana Julia Aguiar Amaral Brazil 2:15.42
2 Seren Tallantyre England 2:24.58
3 Giovana Campos Brazil 2:25.66

Team USA’s Laurel Hoskovec dropped a second off her prelim time to capture 7th overall in 2:37.74

Boys 4 * 100 Medley Relay:

1 England 3:56.51: Aran Bissett, Max Morgan, Aidan Orpin, Gabriel Shepherd
2 Brazil 3:56.54: André Lopes, Murillo Grandi, Pedro H. Neves Moreira, Gabriel Abrahão Barbalat Orem
3 China 4:03.60: Yaxin Liu, Ziqiao Zhao, Muyang Zhang, Xianrang Chen

Girls 4 * 100 Medley Relay:

1 England 4:18.86: Gabrielle Freeman, Jasmine Carter, Seren Tallantyre, Eve Doherty
2 Brazil 4:21.15: Rayssa Isabelle Piaotquewicz, Sophia de Andrade Isidoro, Ana Julia Aguiar Amaral, Joice Otero Rocha
3 China 4:33.74: Peixuan Lyu, Xiaomi Yang, Tong Wu, Xiaoyi Zhen

The Girls race finished in the same order as the Boys, with Team USA: Juliana Cavalcanti, Angelina MacLeod, Elizabeth Gregory and Shayla Zulcic just off the podium finishing in 6th.

Day 2 Final Results:

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