Rip Current Sports- Dual Boards Gaining Momentum

In a recent interview with iHeart Media for the Maryland Business Spotlight, Jose Gallagher, CEO of Rip Current Sports, shared his story of how the Dual Board concept came to being and how he’s worked diligently to introduce them to the swimming market.

“Whether you are a beginner just dipping your toes in the water … or a seasoned athlete, we’re looking to refine your skills…you will see results in minutes!”

About Rip Current Sports:

Rip Current Sports was founded in 2020 by swim instructor and entrepreneur, Jose Gallagher.

Jose’s goal was to manufacture a new swimming product made for all swimmers, from the very beginner to the Olympian. Recognizing the need for products to help develop buoyancy, body position and kick, he created Dual Boards. 

Since their inception, training with Dual Boards has helped beginners and Para swimmers surf the water, and intermediate and advanced swimmers improve their body position and beat their goal times.

Today Rip Current Sports strives daily to create the foundation of this start-up business; made by a swimmer and for all swimmers!

Products can be purchased within a few clicks for their website: Shop or contact them directly:

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  • Apr 2, 2024 at 12:43 pm

    Thank you ReachForTheWall team! Rip Current Sports is currently doing Free Demos of our Dual Boards for Coaches and Teams across the DMV. We support the ReachForTheWall Community and happily mentioned your awesome organization on the iHeart interview at


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