Sectionals 2016: North vs. South (or LC vs. SC)

By Reach for the Wall Staff Writers.  

As discussed in a previous article, USA Swimming’s Eastern Zone breaks its sectional meets up into several meets throughout the zone region in order to control the size of the meets and to offer swimmers the option of racing in short or long course pools.  This year, the Eastern Zone hosted a long course (LC) Sectional meet in Richmond, Virginia for the Local Swimming Committees (LSCs) in the southern half of the zone, another LC Sectional meet in Buffalo, New York for the LSCs in the zone’s northern half, and a short course (SC) Sectional meet in Ithaca, New York.

The LC Sectional meet in Richmond, Virginia had PVS Swimmers from ASA, Arlington Aquatics Club, Herndon Aquatics Club, Machine, NCAP, Occoquan Swimming, Potomac Marlins, RMSC, Sea Devil Swimming, University of Maryland Aquatic Club, Snow and The Fish.

The SC Sectional meet in Ithaca, New York hosted PVS swimmers from Arlington Aquatic, Blue Wave Swimming, DC Parks and Rec, NCAP and RMSC. PVS swimmers did not attend the LC Sectional meet in Buffalo (since this meet caters to Eastern Zone swimmers in the Northern half of the zone).

Whether a team or swimmer attends the LC or SC sectional depends on the team and/or the swimmer.  During an Olympic year, LC meets are in high demand (because the Olympics and Olympic Trials are swum in long course meter pools), so many swimmers opted to go to the LC meet in Richmond.  Some teams and swimmers chose the meet that is easiest to travel to.   Others chose the SC meet simply because they have been training and racing short course for 6 months and it is the perfect end to a great season.

Richmond LC Sectionals

The top point scorers from PVS at LC Sectionals in Richmond are as follows:


1st 1st Donohoe, Madelyn (14 years old) FISH
2nd Owens, Michelle (16) FISH
9th Fye, Nicole M (17) FISH
14th Wolff, Veronica  (18) FISH
18th Hemminger, Keely (15) FISH


9th Dunne, Ryan (22 years old) NCAP
17th Baker, Ryan (18) AAC
22nd Edskes, Bouke (17) NCAP
29th Anderson, Hugh (28) MACH
43rd Thompson, Ian (18) AAC

The top performing teams from PVS at the LC Sectionals in Richmond were:

2nd – The Fish (645 points)
5th – Machine Aquatics (477)
15th – NCAP (140)

Ithica SC Sectionals

At SC Sectionals in Ithica,  the top scorers from PVS are as follows:


17th Heilbrun, Maddie (15 years old) NCAP
19th Rhodes, Caroline (16) NCAP
20th Quinn, Erin (14) NCAP
35th Reilly, Sophie (15) NCAP
50th Nash, Savannah (15) NCAP


7th Clendenin, Stephen (27 years old) BWST
17th Robey, Hugh (15) NCAP
32nd McCarthy, Gregory (16) RMSC
39th Thalblum, Steven (15) NCAP
64th Truong, Devin (17) NCAP

The top performing teams from PVS at the SC Sectionals in Ithaca were:

1st – NCAP (838.5 points)
19th – RMSC (163)
30th – Blue Wave Swim Team (76)

We love posting photos of swimmers from these meets.  If you have any great photos of your swimmers at sectionals, please send them our way at:

It looks like short course season has come to an end for this year.  PVS dominated in their home turf as well as in pools all around the country.  Well done!  We are looking forward to the upcoming Long Course and Summer Season!

2 thoughts on “Sectionals 2016: North vs. South (or LC vs. SC)

  • Apr 18, 2016 at 3:50 pm

    You forgot University of Maryland Aquatic Club in the listing of clubs in attendance at LC Sectionals in Richmond. UMAC Men finished 10th/21st overall.

    • Apr 18, 2016 at 6:16 pm

      Apologies to the UMAC swimmers, we pulled the teams from meet mobile and you got lost in the unattached shuffle. We will fix it and will pay closer attention to the great teams that start with U!!!!!!


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