Calling all swim parents…

By Reach for the Wall Staff Writers.  

Reach For The Wall needs your help.  As you may or may not know, Reach For The Wall was published by The Washington Post until recently.  They decided to discontinue their coverage of swimming through this site and a group of people – parents just like you – took it over.  (For more information, check out We’re Back…).  We did this for the swim community … the parents, the grandparents, the coaches and most importantly, the swimmers.

The community support thus far has been overwhelming and so greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

Now we need your help!  As you know, summer swim season is rapidly approaching and we can’t wait.  Summer is a time for fun and friendly competition.  It is a time for club swimmers to relax and recreational swimmers to shine.  At Reach For The Wall, we want to ensure that our coverage of summer swimming is for the swimmers and about the swimmers.  Even more important to us is that it includes all of the swimmers.

This is where you come into play.  We can’t be at every meet.  But we know that people like you are.  We want and need you to send us meet highlights, photos, videos, fund raising information and any thing else you can think of that we need to know.  Team records, pool records, league records are all welcome and we want to hear all about it.  But we also want more than that.  How about the 8 year old who finally broke a minute in 25 backstroke?  The video of the swimmer who is terrified of diving off the wall doing it for the first time?  The swimmer who sang (or played) the national anthem really well?  Kids (or parents) doing the latest dance?  The underdog who just learned how to swim fly getting first place?  All of that, please send it our way.

All we ask is that the information you send us is accurate and we can verify it.  And that we have permission to publish photos and videos.  It is that simple.  You don’t even have to wait until you get home.  Grab your phone, snap a photo, type an email, take a video and send it to:

If you are interested in being the weekly liaison for your summer team or are interested in sending us meet updates, please email us.

This call for help goes beyond summer swimming.  We need eyes and ears at every meet, including PVS and high school meets.  We already have had several people send us articles from meets they have attended.  Keep it up.  Don’t be shy, you know you have always wanted to be an underground reporter.  If you are interested in being the weekly liaison for your summer team or are interested in sending us meet updates, please email us (

Thank you again for the community support.  With your help, we keep getting better.

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