PVS at Dolphin NASA Showcase Classic

By Reach for the Wall Staff Writers.

In our post, “What are Zones and Sectionals?”, we noted that PVS clubs, instead of sending their age group swimmers to “Zones”, are increasingly sending them to meets outside of our Eastern Zone that have a similar level of competition.  PVS teams are opting to go to these “national Zones-level” meets in order to allow more of their age group swimmers to  experience Zones-like meets (i.e., more kids qualify for these meets than can qualify for winter Zones).  It is also a great opportunity to swim against great swimmers from all over the country (instead of just those within the Eastern Zone).

These national Zones-level meets include the NCSA Age Group Championships in Orlando, Florida (March 22-24)  and the Dolphin NASA Showcase Classic in Clearwater, Florida (March 30 – April 2).  The Dolphin meet is in its third year and the NCSA meet started this year.

The Dolphin meet in Clearwater – the last of these national Zone-level meets for the winter, short -course season – ended this past weekend.  105 teams from around the country participated in the meet, five of which were from PVS (The Fish, Mason Makos, NCAP, Occoquan, Snow).

The Fish came in 2nd overall at the meet, and NCAP got 4th.  The Fish’s girls also won second overall and their boys got 6th.  NCAP’s boys and girls teams each came in 5th overall.nasa3

As for individual performances, Emma Redman (The Fish) won the high point award for the 9 year girls, with her teammate, Maggie O’Shaughnessy, taking 3rd.  For the 10 year olds, Courtney Watts (The Fish) received the 3rd highest points for the girls, and Michael Mullen (NCAP) got 3rd overall on the boys’s side.

Among the 11 year olds, Kate Hallmark (NCAP) won the 4th most points for the girls, with Maggie Shi (NCAP) and Carly Sebring (NCAP) taking 7th and 9th, respectively.  On the boys side, Nicholas Arndt (The Fish) came in 3rd overall and his teammate, J.T. Ewing, got 6th.

nasa2With respect to the 12 year olds, Giulia Baroldi (NCAP) won 6th overall among the girls.  For the boys, Liam Redman (The Fish) took 2nd overall, Cole Greenberg (NCAP) got 6th, and Mason Jolley (Occoquan) and David Fitch (NCAP) came in 9th and 10th, respectively.

As for the 13 year olds, Allison Martin (The Fish) got 6th overall and Jillian Johnson (NCAP) took 9th on the girls side.  Leo Goldblatt (NCAP) got 3rd overall among the boys.

And finally, for the 14 year olds, Katie Mack (NCAP) won the high point award for the girls.  On the boys side, Peter Makin (NCAP) took 3rd overall and Gilbert Diaz (Occoquan) came in 6th.

You can access meet videos and results at floridaswimnetwork.com.  Meet results also are at fastswimresults.com.

Congratulations to all the PVS swimmers who swam at this very competitive meet in Clearwater.

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