Summer Diving

By Lelia True / Contributor

While we eagerly await the start of summer swimming, don’t forget about our frequent partners on the team – the divers.  These intrepid athletes often make the difference between winning and losing our high school and college meets.  Like summer swimming, summer diving is a great place for these athletes to start.  The  Montgomery County Diving League (MCDL) in Maryland and Northern Virginia Swimming League (NVSL) in Virginia have been the starting point for several Olympic Trial divers and dozens of college divers.

Tim Faerber is one of the local divers that grew up in summer diving and has a strong history of accomplishments.  He holds multiple MCDL records, dove for the University of Michigan and currently is the diving coach for Country Glen.  He grew up diving at Eastgate with his sister, Elaina.  He used the summer team as a starting block to build a successful high school and college career.  Tim loved summer diving because, “it was a great way to meet people from all around the county, challenge myself in new ways and have a lot of fun.”

Dive meets take place on Sunday (in MCDL) or Tuesday (in NVSL), so they don’t conflict with the summer swim meets.  They are in an inclusive format that lets rookie divers compete next to kids that have qualified for the national team.  If you are looking for a team in Montgomery County, check out one of the teams here (or in Virginia, go here).  Want to dive for Tim?  He is holding an event for new divers on Monday from 1 to 3pm at Country Glen Swim Club, 10055 Glen Road, Potomac, Maryland.  The event is open to kids 10 and under.  It is called the Rubber Duckie Invitational.  Join us and have some fun learning to dive.

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