The ties that bind…a family in need.

The swim community is a tight knit one and when someone in our swim family needs help, we know swim families will take an immediate call to action.

For those of you that don’t know, Poolesville swimming suffered a devastating loss this week.  The long-time Poolesville High School parent representative, Mark Miller, died of cancer on Tuesday.  He was only 49.   Everyone that knew Mark and his wife, Julie, will tell you that they were the best parent reps and all around amazing people.    They also were very involved in the MCSL Poolesville Piranhas. Their son was the coach last year.

Several people, including swimmers from Poolesville High School, have reached out to us at Reach For The Wall to ask for our support in helping the family.

There is a gofundme site set up

As we head into Memorial Day Weekend, a weekend in which we honor those who died in active service, we would appreciate any help you can give this family – while not necessarily in the service but a family that provided dedicated service to our swim community.

Kindest Regards,
The Reach For The Wall family


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