Swimmer Spotlight: MCSL

This is the first in a series of articles that highlight swimmers that you might want to keep an eye on in the DMV region.  We start with athletes in the Montgomery County Swim League (MCSL).

8 & Under Boys

So far this season, Christian Kennard (8) from Robin Hood is MCSL’s fastest 8 & under boy in 25 free,  25 back and 25 fly.  Kazuki Nagao (8 – Quince Orchard) is a close second to Christian in 25 back and 25 fly and 3rd to the Robin Hood speedster in 25 free.  Justin Harris (8) at Diamond Farm is the fastest in 25 breaststroke.

8 & Under Girls

After Week 1, Hailey Hammond (8 – Little Falls) is the league’s top 8 & under girl in 25 free and 25 back, and the 2nd quickest in 25 fly.  Meghan Morin (8) from Connecticut Belair is MCSL’s fastest breaststroker among 8 & under girls and 2nd fastest in 25 free (behind Hailey).  Meghan’s teammate at Connecticut Belair, Eileen Cosgrove, is the league’s fastest 8 & under girl in 25 fly (just ahead of Hailey) and 3rd fastest in 25 back.

9-10 Boys

At this point, there is a scrum for top dog of the 9-10 boys in MCSL between the Elkassem twins (Nasim and Samir) from Country Glen and Ashton Sun (10 – King Farm).  Nasim (10) is the fastest among this group in 25 fly, 2nd fastest in 50 free and 3rd in 25 back. Samir (10) is the fastest in 50 free and 4th in 25 breaststroke.  Sun is the fastest backstroker so far in this group and 4th in freestyle. Adriano Arioti (9- Rockville) and Harrison Quach (10 – Stonegate) are lurking right behind the Elkassems and Sun.  Alexander Wen (10) from Regency Estates is the fastest in breaststroke so far.

9-10 Girls

Three girls are battling for top 9-10 girl after Week 1.  Livia Venditti (10) from Country Glen is leading the pack in  50 free and 25 back.  Anna Li (10 – Woodcliffe) is 1st in 25 breaststroke and 2nd in 25 back and 25 fly.  And, Amy Qin (10 – Stonebridge) is 1st in 25 fly, 2nd in 50 free and 3rd in 25 backstroke.  Get your popcorn out – these girls will be fun to watch this summer.

11-12 Boys

David Fitch (12) from Potomac is top dog so far among the 11-12 boys in 50 free, 50 breaststroke, 50 fly and 100 IM.  Cole Greenberg (12) at Quince Orchard is the fastest 11-12 backstroker after Week 1 and is 2nd in 50 free and 100 IM, and 4th in 50 fly.  Josh Wolfson (12 – Tallyho), Ben Nachod (12 – Germantown), Roell Maclang (12 – Quail Valley), Sean Santos (12 – Hallowell), Alexander Chen (12 – Clarksburg Village), and Nikita Bityutskiy (12 – Bethesda) also are nipping at Fitch’s heels.

11-12 Girls

Since they were 8 years old, Giulia Baroldi, Jill Berger and Kate Hallmark have been battling each other in MCSL.  Baroldi (12) from Potomac Glen is 1st among the league’s 11-12 girls in 50 back and 50 fly and is 2nd in 50 free and 100 IM.  Hallmark (12), who swims at Bethesda, is 1st in 50 free and 100 IM, and 2nd in 50 back.  Berger (12 – Little Falls) is 2nd in 50 fly, and 3rd in 50 free, 50 back and 100 IM. But don’t lose sight of Carly Sebring (Damascus), who is only 11 and the league record holder for 9-10 girls in 25 fly, as she is 3rd in 50 breaststroke this year, 4th in 50 fly and 100 IM, and 5th in 50 free.  Erin Gemmell is also an 11 year old to keep an eye on.

13-14 Boys

Alan Li (14) of Rockville tops MCSL’s 13-14 boys in 50 back, 50 fly and 100 IM, and is 2nd in 50 free.  Hayes Goetcheus (14 – Cedarbrook) leads the age group in 50 free, is 2nd in 100 IM and is 4th in 50 fly.  Joseph Nonanto (14), who swims for Clopper Mill Kingsview, is tops in 50 breaststroke and 5th in 100 IM.  Also keep an eye on  Chris Ma (14 – Rockville), Noah Rutberg (13 – Regency Estates), Ryan Gruner (14 – Stonegate), Jacob Rosner (14 – Potomac Woods), and Max Casey-Bolanos (14 – Northwest Branch).

Brett Feyerick (13), who swims at Tallyho, did not swim this past Saturday but should be among the league’s best 13-14 year old boys.

13-14 Girls

Phoebe Bacon (13) from Tallyho who flies to Omaha, Nebraska later this week to swim at Olympic Trials in 100 back, leads the league’s 13-14 girls in 50 free and 50 back and is 2nd in 100 IM.  Catherine Belyakov (13), who swims for North Creek, tops MCSL’s 13-14 girls in 50 fly and 100 IM and is 2nd in 50 backstroke.  Caroline Howley (14 – Potomac Woods) is the league leader for the age group in 50 breaststroke.  Amanda Liu (14) from Bethesda sits in 2nd in 50 back and 50 fly and 7th in 100 IM.  Germantown teammates, Moshelle Borjigin (14) and Sarah Elliott (14), Amanda Wenhold (14 – Tanterra), Tia Thomas (13 – Stonegate), Molly Benson (13 – Glenwood, and Tatum Zupnik (14 – Rock Creek) are within striking distance of Bacon and Belyakov in several events.

15-18 Boys

Among MCSL’s 15-18 boys, so far Jack Cosgrove (18 – Connecticut Belaire) leads the group in 100 free, Alex Munson (18 – Hallowell) is tops in 100 back, Alex Vissering is the fastest in 100 breaststroke, Griffin Alaniz (17 – Connecticut Belair) is first in 50 fly.  and Timmy Ellett (15 – Tilden Woods) is #1 in 100 IM.  Griffin is headed to the Olympic Trials this weekend.  Swim fast in 200 Back Griffin!

15-18 Girls

After Week 1, the girls 15-18 age group has a tie in 100 free Sammie Grant (15 – Daleview) and    Hannah Lindsay (18 – Regency Estates), Hannah also leads in 100 back and 50 fly.  Hannah is also headed to the Olympic Trials in Omaha this weekend where she’ll be swimming 200 Backstroke.  Good Luck Hannah! Cassandra Sanidad (15 – Stonegate) in 100 breaststroke, and Celine Nugent (16 – Tilden Woods) in 100 IM.

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    Noah Rutberg is 13, not 14. It’s Hannah Lindsey, not Lindsay. And Griffin Alaniz of RMSC (200 Back) and Hannah Lindsey of ASA (200 Back) also are headed to Olympic Trials at the end of this week.

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      You are a true blue PVSer. Thanks for the eagle eye, we have fixed it!

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