Swimmer Spotlight: NVSL

This is the second in a series of articles that highlight swimmers that you might want to keep an eye on in the DMV region. We began with the Montgomery County Swim League (MCSL) and now focus on the Northern Virginia Swimming League (NVSL).  We will update these posts periodically.

8 & Under Boys

So far in this young season, Brandon Lesser (8) from Daventry is NVSL’s fastest 8 & under boy in 25 freestyle and 25 butterfly, Colin Francis (8 – Chesterbrook) is 1st in 25 backstroke, and Blake Madsen (8 – Poplar Tree) is tops in 25 breaststroke.  Bruno Haggard (8 – Tuckahoe) and Ocean Lan (8), however, are nipping at the heels of Lesser and Francis, as Haggard is 2nd in 25 free and 4th in 25 fly, and Lan is 2nd in 25 fly and 4th in 25 back.

8 & Under Girls

After Week 1, Esther Swanson (8 – Fox Mill Woods) is the league’s top 8 & under girl in 25 free and 25 fly, and Emma Watts (8 – Highlands Swim & Tennis) is #1 in 25 back and 25 breast.  But, keep your eye on two 7 year olds – Charis Roundtree (Virginia Run) and Emily Radcliffe (Poplar Tree).  Roundtree is 2nd in NVSL in 25 free and 4th in 25 fly, and Radcliffe is #2 in 25 back and #4 in 25 free.

9-10 Boys

As in MCSL, there is a scrum among the 9-10 boys for top dog in NVSL between Ryan Bradshaw, Nicolas Christofferson, Nolan Dunkel, Noah Dyer, John Paul Gonsalves and Grant Watts.  Dunkel (10 – Tuckahoe) is #1 in 50 back and #4 in 25 fly, Gonsalves (10 – Kent Gardens) is 1st in 50 free and 5th in 25 fly, Dyer (10 – Hiddenbrook) is 2nd in both 50 free and 25 fly, Bradshaw (10 – Hamlet) is 2nd in breast and 3rd in fly, Watts (10 – McLean) is first in 50 fly, and Christofferson (10 – Chesterbrook) is 3rd in back and 5th in free.  Also take note of a pair of 9 years old at Overlee: Evan Ingraham is #1 in 50 breast and William Weber is 3rd in 50 free and 6th in 50 back.

9-10 Girls

Courtney Watts (10 – Highlands Swim and Tennis) is 2 seconds faster than her next fastest competitor in both 50 freestyle and 50 backstroke.  Sophia Cloutier (10 – Lee-Graham) holds that 2nd place behind Watts in 50 free but is #1 in 25 fly.  Eli and Patricia Leonard (both 10) at Chesterbrook hold the #1 and #2 spots, respectively, in 50 breaststroke.  Keep an eye on 9 year old Emma Redman (Sleepy Hollow), who is 5th in 50 free and 7th in 50 breast.

11-12 Boys

Three 12 year old boys are 1st in one event and 2nd in another.  Johnny Bradshaw (Hamlet) is the fastest so far in 50 free and 2nd fastest in 50 fly, Liam Redman (Sleepy Hollow) is #1 in 50 back and #2 in 50 free, and Justin Singletary (Fairfax) is tops in 50 fly and the 2nd in 50 back.  Aiken Do (12 – Rutherford) is on this trio’s heels, leading NVSL in 50 breaststroke and placing 3rd in 50 back so far this season.  Take note of J.T. Ewing, an 11 year old at Tuckahoe, who is 6th in 50 free and 7th in 50 back at this point in the season.

11-12 Girls

In the end of the season showdown between Overlee and Chesterbrook, watch the battle between Olivia Momanus (12 – Chesterbrook), who currently leads NVSL in both 50 back and 50 fly, and Katherine Bailey (12 – Overlee), who tops the league in 50 free and is 2nd to Momanus in 50 fly.  Emily Makin (12 – Mount Vernon Park) is #1 so far in 50 breast and 7th in 50 fly.  Also look out for Natalia Rongione (12 – McLean), who is 2nd in freestyle and 4th in breaststroke, and a pair of 11 year olds – Victoria Valko (McLean), who is 2nd in back, and Sarah Anderson (11 – Rolling Forest), who is 3rd in fly and 4th in 50 free.

13-14 Boys

Peter Makin (14 – Fairfax) tops NVSL’s 13-14 boys in 50 free and 50 back so far in the season.  Benjamin Charles (14 – Highlands Swim and Tennis) leads the age group in 50 fly and is 2nd in 50 free, and Michael Falzone (14 – Dunn Loring) is first in 50 breastroke and 6th in 50 backstroke.  Max Cruz (14 – Annandale) is close behind, placing 2nd in 50 back and 3rd in 50 fly at this point in the season.

13-14 Girls

Jillian Johnson (14 – Chesterbrook) leads the league’s 13-14 girls in 50 back and 50 fly.  Sheridan Phalen (14 – Mount Vernon Park) tops the age group’s girls in 50 free, and 13 year old Anna Keating leads the pack in 50 breast.  Other 13 year olds to note include Allison Martin (Highlands Swim and Tennis), who is 2nd in 50 fly and 50 breaststroke, and Flavia Carcani (Kent Gardens), who currently sits 2nd in 50 free.

15-18 Boys

Among NVSL’s 15-18 boys so far, Ryan Baker (18 – Overlee) leads the group in 50 free and 50 back, Tyler Ellis (16 – Pinecrest) is tops in 50 fly, and Carter Flint (17 – Tuckahoe) is the fastest in 50 breaststroke.  Also keep an eye on Jaya Kambhampaty (16 – Chesterbrook), who currently is 2nd in 50 back and 4th in 50 free.

15-18 Girls

After Week 1, the girls 15-18 age group is led by Katie Mack (15 – Hamlet), who is 1st in 50 free and 3rd in 50 breast, Suzanne Dolan (18 – Overlee), who is #1 in 50 back and 2nd in 50 free, Veronica Wolff (18 – Chesterbrook), who leads in 50 fly and is #3 in 50 back, and Jacqueline Chabeaux (16 – Greenbriar), who is 1st in 50 breast and 4th in 50 free.

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