Thank you

By Reach for the Wall staff.

As an update, Reach for the Wall – a §501(c)(3) public charity – has raised $900 since soliciting contributions several weeks ago.   We are very grateful to our readers for all your support this past year, and we especially want to thank the following individuals for their generous donations:

  • Steven Bernstein
  • Mark Cumberland
  • James Dowdall
  • Lucy Fitch
  • Emilie Grahl
  • Ilona Grant
  • David Greene
  • Rich House
  • Tom Lamb
  • Anita LaRue-McAfee
  • Bryan McCann / Rock Creek Swim Team
  • Diane Mobley
  • Michelle OBrien
  • Simon Park
  • Kim Rooney
  • Larry Rouvelas
  • Federico Sanidad
  • Clay Sebring
  • Paula Shervanick
  • Cheryl Smelson
  • Stephanie Teeters
  • Julie Turner
  • Sara Weinstock

The amount raised to date allows us to just about cover our start-up and operating expenses this past year.  Of course, we need to raise more to cover our costs to stay online this year and (hopefully) to expand our offerings, so please take a minute to make a tax-deductible contribution using the yellow “Donate” button on the top right hand side of our homepage.

Thank you.

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