NVSL Week 1

By Reach for the Wall Staff.

The results are in & it was a great opening weekend (June 24th) in the NVSL. Reach for the Wall now has times from MCSL and NVSL available in our database. We’ve revamped the ‘Swimmer Rankings‘ function and streamlined the search parameters. Now, with a few criteria (Gender, Stroke, and Distance), the system will return results!  If you want to limit the results to a certain age, or age range, you can enter that before or after the search. We’ve also implemented an ‘Advanced Search’, offering a few more criteria for filtering the results. Take it for a test drive and see how the swimmers in Northern Virginia ‘stack up’ against those in Montgomery County MD.

For all things NVSL, check out the NVSL website there’s a great writeup of the records broken in week 1, and a easy to follow Standings for each division, we will continue to provide results and news as the season progresses!



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