PVS Coaches Among Finalists for ASCA Age Group Coach of the Year!

By: Reach for the Wall Staff, photo republished from Fitter & Faster website

Since 2014, in  coordination with the American Swimming Coaches Association (ASCA) annual conference, Fitter & Faster sponsors an award for the ‘Age Group Coach of the Year’. From the Fitter & Faster website, here’s the criteria for selection:

“To identify the top age group coaches ASCA used a combination of USA Swimming’s Virtual Club Championship (VCC) team rankings of 10 and Under swimmers through 14 year olds. We have also evaluated USA Swimming’s Top 20 Individual Rankings for swimmers ages 10 and Under through 14 years old.

Using the combined rankings ASCA has identified the top 50 age group teams in the United States. We have also identified the top ranked teams in Local Swim Committees (LSC’s) who do not have a representative team in the top 50 of the VCC. This insures that age group coaches from the entire United States — all 59 LSC’s were invited to be represented. The total number of nominees is approximately 105 individual coaches as many teams have several coaches placing swimmers in the top 20 individual rankings.”

This year the ASCA World Conference is being held right here in Washington DC! Thousands of coaches from across the globe are expected to attend, with many coaches from PVS conducting clinics and sharing their coaching techniques. Two coaches have made the list of 10 finalists out of 120 nominated for the Age Group honor:

The winner will be announced Thursday, August 31 at the evening award session. Congratulations to both coaches!

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