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By: Reach for the Wall Staff

Now that each league is well underway with their dual meet seasons, we’ll take a quick glance at the standings in each division and some upcoming dual meets to watch. Each week we receive results from the three leagues below (Thank you to the league administrators that provide them!!!). With a few clicks you can see which leagues are having the closest meets how your swims stack up against the other leagues with our swimmer rankings or just take a look at how your swims are progressing from meet-to-meet, or year-to-year with your individual stats!


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Division A: Rockville & Stonegate are currently 3-0, and are poised to win their meets Saturday. Stonegate won the Relay Carnival so the division championship is still up for grabs!

Division B: Country Glen is facing 2nd place Wildwood Manor and according to our Virtual Meet, Saturday should be close!

Division C: Northwest Branch and Clarksburg Village are tied for 1st. They will face off in Week 5.

Division D: Woodley Gardens and Damascus are separated by two points for the division lead. This weekend’s meet will go a long way to determine the division champ!

Division E: Mill Creek Towne is currently trailing Stonebridge for the division lead, but with a head-to-head win this week, Mill Creek Towne could knot things up at the top.

Division F: Daleview has three wins heading into the weekend going up against the winless Little Falls. The division relay carnival is also this weekend, so Daleview could wrap things up with two wins.

Division G: Old Farm and Westleigh are separated by 1 point for the division lead. Both teams should win their duals this weekend and next, with the division title up for grabs at Divisionals.

Division H: Glenmont is leading Mohican in the division race by 2 points. They will face each other in week 5, which will likely determine the champion.

Division I: Kenmont has a strong lead and could seal things with wins this weekend and the Relay Carnival.

Division J: Olney Mill and Seven Locks are in a tight race. Olney Mill bested Seven Locks in their dual week 2, but Seven Locks took the Relay Carnival. Results this weekend and Divisionals will determine the victor.

Division K: Rockshire has three wins heading into the weekend going up against the 1 win Norbeck Hills. With wins this weekend and at the division Relay Carnival, Rockshire can wrap up the division title.

Division L: Plantations and Quail Valley are tied for 1st. This weekend’s battle between the two along with the divisional meet will determine the champion for division L.

Division M: Washingtonian Woods has a slight lead over New Mark Commons, with the Relay Carnival and dual meet this weekend, the title could be determined!

Division N: Hillandale has three wins heading into the weekend going up against the 2nd place Willows of Potomac. With wins this weekend and at the division Relay Carnival, Hillandale can wrap up the division title.

Division O: Middlebridge has a slight lead over both Upper County and Tanglewood. They will swim Tanglewood this weekend and Upper County in week 5 to determine division O champions.


There have been 2 weeks of dual meets, so it’s a bit early to predict who will come out on top for each division. That said, week 3 matchups as well as the relay meet on July 11th will start to shape the division races. Here’s how things stand so far:

Division 1: Chesterbrook, Overlee and Tuckahoe each have 2 wins. Chesterbrook has  amassed the most points thus far.

Division 2: Wakefield, Fairfax and Little Rocky Run all have 2 wins. Wakefield has the most points, but not by much. The rest of the duals should be close!

Division 3: Hunter Mill and Hunt Valley each have 2 wins. Hunter Mill looks poised to stay atop the division.

Division 4: Vienna Woods and Crosspointe have 2 wins. Vienna Woods has scored only 2 more points that Crosspointe, their dual meet this weekend should be a close one!

Division 5: Oakton and Cardinal Hill sit atop the leaderboard with 2 wins. They won’t face each other until the final dual meet of the season, so it could be for the division championship.

Division 6: Orange Hunt and Fair Oaks each have 2 wins. This is a tight division with four teams scoring within 20 points of each other in the first two meets. The rest of the dual meet weekends should provide close competition.

Division 7: Kent Gardens is the only 2 win team. The winner of this weekend’s meet with Mosby Woods could be a predictor for the division champion.

Division 8: Waynewood and Walden Glen each have 2 wins. This weekend one will remain undefeated and on track for the division title.

Division 9: Sideburn Run sits atop with 2 wins. They face second place Fox Mill Estates and can put some distance between the rest of the field with a win.

Division 10: Three teams have 2 wins, Virginia Hills, Highland Park and Great Falls. Virginia Hills will compete against Highland Park this weekend and Great Falls next, wins should secure a large lead.

Division 11: Old Keene Mill and Fairfax Club Estates have 2 wins. They don’t swim each other until the final dual meet, so they could face each other undefeated if they continue their winning ways.

Division 12: Brandywine and Kings Ridge each have 2 wins. They also don’t swim each other until the final dual meet, making for a great showdown for the division title.

Division 13: Rolling Hills and Hayfield farm have 2 wins. They face off this weekend, with one team joining the ranks of the  teams with 1 loss.

Division 14: Holmes Run Acres and Brookfield sit atop with 2 wins. Their dual meet is this weekend, leaving only 1 undefeated team for division 14.

Division 15: The undefeated records belong to Fox Hunt and Lake Braddock. Fox Hunt has scored only 1 point more across their first two meets than Lake Braddock. They swim each other this weekend, promising for a tight battle.

Division 16: Parklawn, Daventry and Parliament each have victories in their first two weeks. Parklawn will see each team the next two weeks, so by week 4 the tie should be broken.

Division 17: Again a 3-way tie at the top with Newington Forest, North Springfield and Pleasant Valley. North Springfield and Pleasant Valley will compete this weekend to break the tie


The Prince William Swim League is in it’s 4th week of dual meet competition. Each week the league provides a recap of the dual meets & can be found here: Week 1, Week 2, Week 3

Blue Division: Sudley and Piedmont each have 3 wins and will face of this weekend!

Red Division: Braemar is undefeated and swims White Division foe Kingsbrooke this weekend.

White Division: Three teams have 1 win each, and will swim competition from other divisions this weekend.

Yellow Division: Westridge and Wellington each have 2 wins and will compete against Brookside and Ridgewood respectively.

Green Division: Dale City and Meadowbrook each have 2 wins. Dale City will take on Lake Ridge(White), while Meadowbrook will swim Dominion Valley(Red).

Black Division: Old Bridge is leading the way with 2 wins and will take on Ashland (Red) this weekend.

Orange Division:   Virginia Oaks and Ben Lemond both have garnered 2 wins for the season and will swim Urbanna(Purple) and Montclair(Purple) respectively

Purple Division: Montclair is the only team with wins in this division, having tallied 2. They have a tough road ahead with upcoming dual meets with Ben Lemond(Orange), Old Bridge(Black) and Veterans Park(Orange).




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