Safe Sport Recognition-MSSC

By: Reach for the Wall Staff

Back in January, we published a post, announcing The FISH had met the standards for the Safe Sport recognition program. We are pleased to report that another PVS team, Maryland Suburban Swim Club (MSSC) have also met the requirements! Here’s the announcement from PVS:

As an update to our previous article, the number of Clubs across the nation that have met requirements has more than doubled to 24. We hope the next time we provide an update the list will be too long to put on a page:

  • Jets Aquatic Club (Arkansas LSC)
  • Aces Swim Club (Colorado LSC)
  • Elevation Athletics (Colorado LSC)
  • Thames Aquatic Club (Connecticut LSC)
  • South Florida Aquatic Club (Florida Gold Coast LSC)
  • Swim Fort Lauderdale (Florida Gold Coast LSC)
  • Sea Dragon Aquatics (Florida LSC)
  • Bloomington Normal Swim Club (Illinois LSC)
  • Mundelein Mustang Swim Club (Illinois LSC)
  • Lawrence County Aquatics (Indiana LSC)
  • Tri-City Channel Cats (Inland Empire LSC)
  • Lakeside Aquatics Team (Louisiana LSC)
  • Lehigh Valley Aquatics (Mid Atlantic LSC)
  • Sarpy County Swim Club (Midwestern LSC)
  • Sailfish Swim Team (New England LSC)
  • Buffalo Area Aquatic Club (Niagara LSC)
  • Town Wreckers Swim Team (Niagara LSC)
  • Cape Fear Aquatic Club (North Carolina LSC)
  • Splash Club, Inc. (Oklahoma LSC)
  • The Fish (Potomac Valley LSC)
  • MSSC (Potomac Valley LSC)
  • Boise Swim Club (Snake River LSC)
  • Paseo Aquatics Swim Team (Southern California LSC)
  • Salt Lake Swim Legends (Utah LSC)

For context, this is 24 of 3,000+ clubs, and 19 of the 59 LSC’s have a club that meet the criteria. In our last post, we provided some guidance from the PVS Chair Mike O’Shaugnessy and thought it would be useful here too:

If a club is looking for advice about earning Safe Sport recognition, we would recommend a few  things:

(1) don’t be overwhelmed;

(2) have your club Safe Sport Coordinator play an active role;

(3) obtain model policies and procedures from the USA Swimming Safe Sport website and implement them;

(4) Follow the detailed instructions to club recognition circulated by PVS Safe Sport Chair Mike O’Shaughnessy;

(5) be on the lookout for an invitation to join a webex about navigating the SSRC program;

(6) hold group viewings of the Safe Sport for Athletes/Swim Parents videos, and track attendance – submit the names of participants to USA Swimming;

(7) reinforce that Safe Sport is really intended to protect the athletes, and help them have fun in the pool; and

(8) if you have questions, contact Mike O’Shaughnessy at

Congratulations to MSSC & hope to see more PVS clubs make the list!!

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