Dramatically Improving the Swimming Air Quality with BioOx

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As the outdoor season comes to an end and we (swimmers and parents) head indoors, the air quality of the pools we visit will come the forefront of our on-deck and at-home conversations. BioOx has products that clear the air in spaces as small as your home pool all the way up to the championship venue. Using patented biotechnology, our freestanding BioOx units use natural enzymes to destroy harmful toxins in the air. BioOx units draw in chloramines and other toxins, expelling clean air and making your facility a healthier and more enjoyable place to swim. BioOx®, a cutting-edge technology that uses natural enzymes to destroy harmful toxins in the air, is challenging the conventional wisdom around indoor swimming. Clean, breathable pool air is attainable. It doesn’t have to involve an expensive and complex renovation of your HVAC system, or the purchase of a costly new air movement product, or some do-it-yourself combination of running this fan and opening that door in an attempt to strike a delicate balance in a losing battle against toxic chloramines.

Take a look at the video for a testimonial of a recent customer, nearby Hagerstown YMCA,  and their experience with this revolutionary product:

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