ICYMI: DC Trident Tickets on Sale today!

By Reach for the Wall Staff

the International Swimming League (ISL) released a full schedule and links to buy tickets to each event:

The tickets for the November 16-17 event at College Park can be purchased through Eventbrite, and it looks like they are offering two tiers of admission:

Not sure what the Premium Admission will get you, whether there will be on deck seating or some other perk? Updated 9/7 from the event director: “Premium seats are the section closest to the start/finish end of UMD and lower rows on the glass in section 2 & 3. ”

Rosters for the teams competing in College Park (as 9/6):

Note: The suggested size of each club’s traveling roster is 24 athletes (12 men & 12 women), plus 4 substitutes (2 men & 2 women), for a total of 28. The total roster a club may have for 2019 is 32. Given that none of the above teams have hit the 32 member limit we may see some additions before competition starts in a month. Check out the ISL website for all the technical details on the format of the competitions, which events are swum each day and the how the teams will compete for overall league championship.

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