Top 16 Times- The Boys

By: Reach for the Wall Staff

We’ve witnessed several weeks of championship swimming and think there’s critical mass to take a look at the top times across the area. With VHSL State (Class 5 & 6, Class 3 & 4 and Class 2) and MPSSAA meets happening this weekend, we know we will have to update next week! Here’s the top 16 times from the various championship meets held since December.

Note: AAAU= All American Automatic AAC= All American Consideration

50 Free:

1Anthony Grimm19.85AAAUOAKT2/12/20202020 PV OB VHSL Region 6D
2Trace Wall20.19AAAURRHS12/21/20192019 Loudoun County Swimming Invite
3Aiken Do20.6AACWTWD2/7/20202020 PV OB VHSL Region 6C
4Brett Feyerick20.71AACPREP2/1/20202020 PV OB WMPSSDL Championship
5Peter Makin21.03FAIR2/7/20202020 PV OB VHSL Region 6C
6Ollie Bernasek21.07GONZ2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
7Mitchell Meyer21.09WDBR2/7/20202020 Region 6B Championship
8Mac Marsh21.1GONZ2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
9Matthew Mitros21.21ROBN2/7/20202020 PV OB VHSL Region 6C
10Jack Mowery21.23WLIB2/12/20202020 PV OB VHSL Region 6D
11David Fitch21.28PREP1/18/2020National Catholic H.S. 
11Alec Cooper21.28WWH2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
13Ryan Mathis21.33PREP2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
14Chris Ma21.36RMT2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
15Owen Dyson21.38JMAD1/31/20202020 PV OB VHSL Concorde District
16Lucca Scott21.43WWH2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships

100 Free:

1Trace Wall44.96AACRRHS12/21/20192019 Loudoun County Swimming Invite
2Brett Feyerick45.15AACPREP2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
3Noah Rutberg45.57AACWCH2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
4Mitchell Meyer45.64AACWDBR2/7/20202020 Region 6B Championship
5Alec Cooper45.94WWH2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
6Ollie Bernasek46.02GONZ2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
7Jack Mowery46.07WLIB2/12/20202020 PV OB VHSL Region 6D
8Peter Makin46.32FAIR2/7/20202020 PV OB VHSL Region 6C
9Liam Redman46.36JUST2/7/20202020 PV OB VHSL Region 6C
10Matthew Mitros46.47ROBN2/7/20202020 PV OB VHSL Region 6C
11Kent Codding46.5WTWD2/7/20202020 PV OB VHSL Region 6C
12Anthony Grimm46.59OAKT1/31/20202020 PV OB VHSL Concorde District
13Daniel Brooks46.82YTWN2/12/20202020 PV OB VHSL Region 6D
14David Fitch46.87PREP2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
15Owen Dyson46.91JMAD1/31/20202020 PV OB VHSL Concorde District
16Aiken Do46.98WTWD1/31/20202020 PV OB VHSL Patriot District

200 Free:

1Jacob Rosner 1:38.14AAAULS2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
2Sam Oliver 1:40.33JCHS12/21/20192019 Loudoun County Swimming Invite
3Lucas Johnson 1:40.78CFRG2/7/20202020 Region 6B Championship
4Ziad Bandak 1:40.93WCH2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
5Adi Kambhampaty 1:41.20WLIB1/31/20202020 PV OB VHSL Liberty District
6Everett Oehler 1:41.33RMT2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
7Robert Quan 1:41.54RVHS12/21/20192019 Loudoun County Swimming Invite
8Ollie Bernasek 1:42.09GONZ1/18/2020National Catholic H.S.
9Eamon Smith 1:42.13GONZ2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
10Dylan Danaie 1:42.17PREP2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
11Jason Bretz 1:42.66WWH2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
12Henry Radzikowski 1:42.71BTFL2/7/20202020 Region 6B Championship
13Anthony Doll 1:42.73WAKE2/12/20202020 PV OB VHSL Region 6D
14Cole Greenberg 1:42.87QOR2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
15Jonik Surprenant 1:42.91JHB2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
16Jt Ewing 1:43.16GONZ2/1/20202020 PV OB WMPSSDL Championship

500 Free:

1Sam Oliver 4:25.68AAAUJCHS2/7/20202020 Region 6B Championship
2Jacob Rosner 4:28.47AACLS2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
3Ziad Bandak 4:32.63AACWCH2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
4Sean Santos 4:34.52GC2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
5William Mullen 4:34.80DJO2/1/20202020 PV OB WMPSSDL Championshi
6Robert Quan 4:34.91RVHS12/21/20192019 Loudoun County Swimming I
7Jonik Surprenant 4:36.34JHB2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
8Josh Anderson 4:36.94LKBR1/31/20202020 PV OB VHSL Patriot Distri
9Dylan Danaie 4:38.35PREP2/1/20202020 PV OB WMPSSDL Championshi
10Sam O’Brien 4:38.43LV2/8/20202020 PV OB VHSL Dulles Distric
11Matthew LaClef 4:38.77WAJ2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
12Jack Mowery 4:39.17WLIB1/31/20202020 PV OB VHSL Liberty Distri
13Henry Radzikowski 4:40.43BTFL2/7/20202020 Region 6B Championship
14Christopher Kopac 4:41.30RVHS12/21/20192019 Loudoun County Swimming I
15Josh Thomas 4:41.77CHNT2/12/20202020 PV OB VHSL Region 6D
16William Sonne 4:41.89WWH2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships

200 IM:

1Noah Rutberg 1:50.24AACWCH2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
2John Moore 1:50.28AACBWHS12/21/20192019 Loudoun County Swimming Invite
3Landon Gentry 1:51.73PATR2/7/20202020 Region 6B Championship
4Joe Schaefer 1:51.84WTWD2/7/20202020 PV OB VHSL Region 6C
5Eric Liao 1:52.22BTFL2/7/20202020 Region 6B Championship
6Anthony Nguyen 1:52.40ROBN2/7/20202020 PV OB VHSL Region 6C
7Ryan Catron 1:52.49GONZ2/1/20202020 PV OB WMPSSDL Championship
8Adi Kambhampaty 1:52.53WLIB2/12/20202020 PV OB VHSL Region 6D
8Mitchell Meyer 1:52.53WDBR2/7/20202020 Region 6B Championship
10Collin McKenzie 1:52.56GONZ2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
11Josh Wolfson 1:52.66PREP2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
12Toby Barnett 1:52.73ROC2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
13Jack Moloney 1:53.10GONZ2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
14Jack Mowery 1:53.81WLIB1/31/20202020 PV OB VHSL Liberty District
15Andrew Blusiewicz 1:54.04DHS12/21/20192019 Loudoun County Swimming Invite
16Stephen Gilbert 1:54.31PATR2/7/20202020 Region 6B Championship

100 Back:

1Brett Feyerick48.16AAAUPREP2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
2Anthony Grimm49.29AAAUOAKT1/31/20202020 PV OB VHSL Concorde District
3Noah Rutberg49.4AACWCH2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
4Jt Ewing49.67AACGONZ2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
5Jason Bretz49.72AACWWH2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
6Peter Makin50.47FAIR1/31/20202020 PV OB VHSL Patriot District
7Ryan Catron50.68GONZ2/1/20202020 PV OB WMPSSDL Championship
8Zac Leith50.8SOCO2/7/20202020 PV OB VHSL Region 6C
9Kent Codding50.86WTWD2/7/20202020 PV OB VHSL Region 6C
10Robert Luebke50.88LANG2/12/20202020 PV OB VHSL Region 6D
11Emil Lasida51.1TCWM2/7/20202020 PV OB VHSL Region 6C
12Zachary Rowe51.16PATR2/7/20202020 Region 6B Championship
13Maximiliano Casey-Bolanos51.23MTB2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
14Liam Redman51.27JUST2/7/20202020 PV OB VHSL Region 6C
14Kyle Johnson51.27PVHS2/8/20202020 PV OB VHSL Dulles District
16Aaron Tingley51.32GMAR2/12/20202020 PV OB VHSL Region 6D

100 Butterfly:

1Landon Gentry48.71AAAUPATR2/7/20202020 Region 6B Championship
2Lucas Johnson48.99AACCFRG2/7/20202020 Region 6B Championship
3Kent Codding49AACWTWD2/7/20202020 PV OB VHSL Region 6C
4Matthew Pottker49.08AACGONZ2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
5Chris Ma49.09AACRMT2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
6Sorab Aman49.27AACWSPR2/7/20202020 PV OB VHSL Region 6C
7Benjamin Charles49.75AACMAR2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
8Darius Truong49.84AACLANG2/12/20202020 PV OB VHSL Region 6D
9Kyle Johnson49.89AACPVHS12/21/20192019 Loudoun County Swimming Invite
10Darius Truong50.17LANG1/31/20202020 PV OB VHSL Liberty District
11David Fitch50.19PREP1/18/2020National Catholic H.S. 
12Jt Ewing50.32GONZ1/18/2020National Catholic H.S. 
13Pierre Zeineddin50.44RMT2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
14Carson Lee50.51CNTV1/31/20202020 PV OB VHSL Concorde District
15Zachary Bayler50.55WHE2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
16Ryan Mathis50.79PREP1/18/2020National Catholic H.S. 

100 Breaststroke:

1Anthony Grimm54.29AAAUOAKT2/12/20202020 PV OB VHSL Region 6D
2Aiken Do55.71AAAUWTWD2/7/20202020 PV OB VHSL Region 6C
3Joe Schaefer55.85AACWTWD2/7/20202020 PV OB VHSL Region 6C
4Dylan Danaie56.2AACPREP2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
5John Moore56.49AACBWHS12/21/20192019 Loudoun County Swimming Invite
6Josh Wolfson56.68AACPREP2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
7Eric Liao56.76AACBTFL2/7/20202020 Region 6B Championship
8Tyler Lentine57.27DJO2/1/20202020 PV OB WMPSSDL Championship
9Kyle Johnson57.28PVHS2/15/20202020 PV OB VHSL Region 4C
10Adi Kambhampaty57.31WLIB2/12/20202020 PV OB VHSL Region 6D
11Mac Marsh57.39GONZ2/1/20202020 PV OB WMPSSDL Championship
12Johnny Bradshaw57.47LANG2/12/20202020 PV OB VHSL Region 6D
13Angelo Javier Navaleza57.54DAM2/15/20202020 PV OB MPSSAA 3A2A1A West
14Benjamin Charles57.73MAR2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
15Collin McKenzie57.82GONZ1/18/2020National Catholic H.S. 
16Jack Gibson57.94LKBR2/7/20202020 PV OB VHSL Region 6C

1 Meter Diving:

1Michael Parker529.2SHE2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
2Samuel Duncan519.95JMAD2/12/20202020 PV OB VHSL Region 6D
3Finn Gelbach509.95HTSHS2/1/20202020 PV OB WMPSSDL Championship
4Oliver Mills501.35FH2/1/20202020 PV OB WMPSSDL Championship
5Max Weinrich496.25SHE2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
6Jacob Fisher494.4MTVN2/7/20202020 PV OB VHSL Region 6C
7Sam Flory484.3ROBN1/31/20202020 PV OB VHSL Patriot District
8William McCollum473.45BCC2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
9Jacob Fisher472.75MTVN1/31/20202020 PV OB Gunston District
10Quinn Westwood470.95WCH2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
11Ethan Badrian469.1JHB2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
12Aidan Thomas465.05WTWD2/7/20202020 PV OB VHSL Region 6C
13Matthew Warren459.7GMAR1/30/20202020 PV OB VHSL National District
14Matthew Bray455.7CHNT2/12/20202020 PV OB VHSL Region 6D
15Aidan Wang453.25TSW2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
16Evan Brown448.6WLIB1/31/20202020 PV OB VHSL Liberty District

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