Top 16 Times- The Girls

By: Reach for the Wall Staff

We’ve witnessed several weeks of championship swimming and think there’s critical mass to take a look at the top times across the area. With VHSL State (Class 5 & 6, Class 3 & 4 and Class 2) and MPSSAA meets happening this weekend, we know we will have to update next week! Here’s the top 16 times from the various championship meets held since December.

Note: AAAU= All American Automatic AAC= All American Consideration

50 Freestyle:

1Tatum Wall22.86AAAUIHS12/21/20192019 Loudoun County Swimming Invite
2Alexandra Dicks22.89AAAUJMAD2/12/20202020 PV OB VHSL Region 6D
3Katherine Helms23.05AAAUSOCO2/7/20202020 PV OB VHSL Region 6C
4Carly Sebring23.26AACDAM2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
5Jordan Buechler23.42AACWSPR2/7/20202020 PV OB VHSL Region 6C
6Nina Allen23.51AACBCC2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
7Paige Hall23.67DJO1/18/2020National Catholic H.S.
8Elizabeth Kuhlkin23.69JMAD2/12/20202020 PV OB VHSL Region 6D
9Reagan Osborne23.73LKBR2/7/20202020 PV OB VHSL Region 6C
10Abigail Daniel23.82PATR1/31/20202020 PV OB Cedar Run District
10Tatum Zupnik23.82HA2/1/20202020 PV OB WMPSSDL Championship
12Tia Thomas23.83SR2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
13Emily Drakopoulos23.84CNTV2/12/20202020 PV OB VHSL Region 6D
14Natalie English23.97YTWN1/31/20202020 PV OB VHSL Liberty District
15Laila Webb23.99SVP2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
15Maria Sawadogo23.99MTB2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships

100 Freestyle:

1Torri Huske48.63AAAUYTWN2/12/20202020 PV OB VHSL Region 6D
2Erin Gemmell49.56AAAUSR2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
3Alexandra Dicks50.4AACJMAD2/12/20202020 PV OB VHSL Region 6D
4Catherine Belyakov50.56AACQOR2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
5Jordan Buechler50.65AACWSPR2/7/20202020 PV OB VHSL Region 6C
6Paige Hall51.04AACDJO2/1/20202020 PV OB WMPSSDL Championship
7Carly Sebring51.06DAM2/1/2020Division 2 Championships
8Lauren West51.33EIN2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
9Janika Perezous51.49PFHS2/8/20202020 VHSL Region 5C
10Allison Kopac51.51RVHS2/8/20202020 VHSL Region 5C
11Elizabeth Kuhlkin51.59JMAD1/31/20202020 PV OB VHSL Concorde District
12Maren Conze51.63WAJ2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
13Ella Myers51.76HA1/23/20202020 PV OB ISL Championships
14Tia Thomas51.78SR2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
15Jillian Berger51.84BCC2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
16Reagan Osborne51.9LKBR2/7/20202020 PV OB VHSL Region 6C

200 Free:

1Erin Gemmell 1:45.96AAAUSR2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
2Torri Huske 1:46.07AAAUYTWN1/31/20202020 PV OB VHSL Liberty District
3Camille Spink 1:46.60AAAUBTFL2/7/20202020 Region 6B Championship
4Maren Conze 1:48.24AAAUWAJ2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
5Jillian Berger 1:49.61AACBCC2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
6Sophie Duncan 1:49.80AACHA1/23/20202020 PV OB ISL Championships
7Allison Kopac 1:50.08AACRVHS2/8/20202020 VHSL Region 5C
8Molly Benson 1:50.63WAJ2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
9Kate Bailey 1:51.06DJO2/1/20202020 PV OB WMPSSDL Championship
10Brynn Curtis 1:51.07OAKT2/12/20202020 PV OB VHSL Region 6D
11Erika Chen 1:51.17SR2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
12Catherine Purnell 1:51.76SJMN2/7/20202020 Region 6B Championship
13Katherine Gould 1:52.07POTO2/1/20202020 PV OB WMPSSDL Championship
14Makenzie Higgins 1:52.16SR2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
15Alli Marney-Bell 1:52.27MTB2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
16Georgia Yang 1:52.40WCH2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships

500 Free:

1Maren Conze 4:47.09AAAUWAJ2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
2Sophie Duncan 4:50.39AAAUHA2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
3Torri Huske 4:51.76AAAUYTWN1/31/20202020 PV OB VHSL Liberty District
4Allison Kopac 4:52.36AACRVHS12/21/20192019 Loudoun County Swimming Invite
5Tatum Wall 4:52.47AACIHS12/21/20192019 Loudoun County Swimming Invite
6Erika Chen 4:52.95AACSR2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
7Ella Myers 4:54.10AACHA2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
8Catherine Purnell 4:54.89AACSJMN2/7/20202020 Region 6B Championship
9Katherine Blake 4:55.49AACRMT2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
10Katherine Helms 4:55.69AACSOCO2/7/20202020 PV OB VHSL Region 6C
11Rachel Schlemmer 4:57.91DHS12/21/20192019 Loudoun County Swimming Invite
12Emma Flickinger 4:58.97LANG2/12/20202020 PV OB VHSL Region 6D
13Lauren Hartel 4:59.97YTWN2/12/20202020 PV OB VHSL Region 6D
14Anastasia Belyakov 5:01.20QOR2/15/20202020 PV OB MPSSAA 4A3A West Region
15Janika Perezous 5:03.55PFHS12/21/20192019 Loudoun County Swimming Invite
16Ashley Wang 5:03.62CFRG2/7/20202020 Region 6B Championship

200 IM:

1Phoebe Bacon 1:55.39AAAUSR2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
2Torri Huske 1:57.70AAAUYTWN2/12/20202020 PV OB VHSL Region 6D
3Abigail Harter 1:59.31AAAUBWHS2/8/20202020 VHSL Region 5C
4Sophie Duncan 1:59.56AAAUHA2/1/20202020 PV OB WMPSSDL Championship
5Catherine Belyakov 2:00.84AAAUQOR2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
6Anna Keating 2:02.12AACJMAD2/12/20202020 PV OB VHSL Region 6D
7Eleanor Sun 2:02.44AACSR1/18/2020National Catholic H.S.
8Abigail Daniel 2:03.19AACPATR2/7/20202020 Region 6B Championship
9Paige Hall 2:03.20AACDJO2/1/20202020 PV OB WMPSSDL Championship
10Abby Carr 2:03.65WCA2/1/20202020 PV OB WMPSSDL Championshi
11Allison Martin 2:04.50GV2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
12Jennifer Luong 2:04.78FHS12/21/20192019 Loudoun County Swimming Invite
13Ella Myers 2:04.95HA2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
14Katherine Helms 2:05.16SOCO1/31/20202020 PV OB VHSL Patriot District
14Katherine Blake 2:05.16RMT2/1/2020Division 1 Championships
16Jane Umhofer 2:05.77WAJ2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships

100 Back: Phoebe Bacon set an Independent School National Record

1Phoebe Bacon50.89AAAUSR2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
2Mackenzie McConagha53.31AAAUBWHS2/8/20202020 VHSL Region 5C
3Aris Runnels53.8AAAUCOLG2/7/20202020 Region 6B Championship
4Camille Spink53.89AAAUBTFL2/7/20202020 Region 6B Championship
5Abby Carr54.65AAAUWCA2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
6Janika Perezous54.68AAAUPFHS2/8/20202020 VHSL Region 5C
7Paige Hall55.1AACDJO1/18/2020National Catholic H.S.
8Kate Cosgrove55.53AACAHC2/1/20202020 PV OB WMPSSDL Championship
9Jordan Buechler55.73AACWSPR1/31/20202020 PV OB VHSL Patriot District
10Anna Redican55.75AACSOLK1/31/20202020 PV OB VHSL Liberty District
11Alexandra Dicks55.8AACJMAD1/31/20202020 PV OB VHSL Concorde District
12Sarah Culkin56GC2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
13Sophie Duncan56.05HA2/1/20202020 PV OB WMPSSDL Championship
14Mary Kate Reicherter56.17YTWN1/31/20202020 PV OB VHSL Liberty District
15Carly Sebring56.22DAM2/1/2020Division 2 Championships
16Darby Galbraith56.45JMAD2/12/20202020 PV OB VHSL Region 6D

100 Butterfly: Torri Huske set a Public School Record

1Torri Huske51.21AAAUYTWN2/12/20202020 PV OB VHSL Region 6D
2Phoebe Bacon52.84AAAUSR1/23/20202020 PV OB ISL Championships
3Mackenzie McConagha54.19AAAUBWHS12/21/20192019 Loudoun County Swimming Invite
4Abby Carr54.32AAAUWCA2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
5Aris Runnels54.96AACCOLG2/7/20202020 Region 6B Championship
6Carly Sebring54.99AACDAM2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
7Sarah Culkin55.03AACGC2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
8Jennifer Luong55.12AACFHS12/21/20192019 Loudoun County Swimming Invite
9Jillian Johnson55.23AACHA2/1/20202020 PV OB WMPSSDL Championship
10Sophia Heilen55.5BTFL2/7/20202020 Region 6B Championship
11Ella Myers55.75HA2/1/20202020 PV OB WMPSSDL Championship
12Rachel Schlemmer56DHS2/8/20202020 PV OB VHSL Dulles District
13Sienna Golembiewski56.05PATR1/31/20202020 PV OB Cedar Run District
14Jillian Berger56.12BCC2/15/20202020 PV OB MPSSAA 4A3A West Region
15Kate Bailey56.13DJO1/18/2020National Catholic
16Kate Cosgrove56.37AHC2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
16Allison Martin56.37GV2/1/20202020 PV OB WMPSSDL Championship

100 Breaststroke:

1Anna Keating59.92AAAUJMAD2/12/20202020 PV OB VHSL Region 6D
2Catherine Belyakov 1:02.48AAAUQOR2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
3Abigail Harter 1:02.51AAAUBWHS12/21/20192019 Loudoun County Swimming Invite
4Brynn Curtis 1:02.65AACOAKT2/12/20202020 PV OB VHSL Region 6D
5Joyce Wu 1:03.53AACHA2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
6Eleanor Sun 1:03.65AACSR2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
7Abigail Zindler 1:04.26OAKT1/31/20202020 PV OB VHSL Concorde District
8Abigail Daniel 1:04.54PATR1/31/20202020 PV OB Cedar Run District
9Jasmine Barry 1:04.67BCC2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
10Bridget Morris Larkin 1:04.72YTWN2/12/20202020 PV OB VHSL Region 6D
11Jane Umhofer 1:04.77WAJ2/1/2020Division 1 Championships
12Sienna Karp 1:05.35WAJ2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
13Hanna Bingley 1:05.40WAJ2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
14Megan Craven 1:05.54NCS2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
14Dora Wu 1:05.54MCLN2/12/20202020 PV OB VHSL Region 6D
16Sofie Davis 1:05.59MAD1/23/20202020 PV OB ISL Championships

1 Meter Diving:

1Haley Marshall497.3GC2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
2Michelle Mazzara466SR2/1/20202020 PV OB WMPSSDL Championship
3Genevieve Thibodeau453.7SR2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
4Miah Fisher434.15MTVN2/7/20202020 PV OB VHSL Region 6C
5Sarah Gurley425.55PVI2/1/20202020 PV OB WMPSSDL Championship
6Callie Borda417.3ROC2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
6Wynter Bramao417.3HA2/1/20202020 PV OB WMPSSDL Championship
8Madison Grosz416.8JMAD2/12/20202020 PV OB VHSL Region 6D
9Ruby Borzekowski411.05MTB2/5/20202020 PV OB Metro Championships
10Maddie Reese408.65OAKT2/12/20202020 PV OB VHSL Region 6D
11Miah Fisher406.85MTVN1/31/20202020 PV OB Gunston District
12Jordan Campbell406.35PATR1/31/20202020 PV OB Cedar Run District
13Minh Donnell403.75WTWD1/31/20202020 PV OB VHSL Patriot District
14Claire Vroom400.8LANG2/12/20202020 PV OB VHSL Region 6D
15Ellie Joyce391.75WLIB2/12/20202020 PV OB VHSL Region 6D
16Maggie Di Scipio386.5FCHS1/30/20202020 PV OB VHSL National District

3 thoughts on “Top 16 Times- The Girls

  • Feb 21, 2020 at 1:12 pm

    looks like the girls in our regions are much, much stronger than boys))). The girls have 30 All American Automatic (AAAU), and boys have only 9 AAAU !!!!! Girls are over 3 times stronger!!! I never had any doubt about that, but that is some quantitation)))

  • Feb 21, 2020 at 6:33 pm

    Would be good if you included VISAA times from the recent state meet, there were a lot of fast swims by DC area swimmers.

    • Feb 24, 2020 at 12:11 pm

      Got the results and uploaded to our site, check our results section. The times will be included in our next post for Top Times. Thanks for your feedback!


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