Live Olympian Webinars sponsored by: CG Sports Management

By Reach for the Wall Staff

Starting today March 22, CG Sports Management is offering a series of live webinars featuring some of the biggest names in our sport. Today’s session is scheduled for 2pm and is titled ” Keeping the Faith During Uncertain Times ” It will be led by World Champions Michael Chadwick and Michael Andrew.  “Mike and Mike” will share their tips and “how to’s” on staying positive, having faith and leaning in during those uncertain times. Register for today’s event, or click the logo below to see/register for all the upcoming events.

With today’s webcast and continuing through the week they are offering the following schedule of free webinars + Q&A content (always at 2pm – 3pm EST) :

  • Sunday’s with “Mike and Mike” Michael Andrew and Michael Chadwick
  • Monday Motivation with Josh Davis
  • Tuesday Live Dryland Workouts with 400 IM American Record Holder Katie Hoff
  • Wednesdays with Elizabeth Beisel and a Special guest;
  • Thursday Mental Performance and Sports Psychology with Dr. Megan Cannon and Madisyn Cox
  • Friday Parent Education with Kristy Kowal and Joan Beisel.

Some of us at Reach for the Wall have had the opportunity to interact with these dynamic athletes in prior clinics, seminars, and webcasts and can attest that they will grab your attention and provide some tools you can work with in your daily activities (even if you’re not an athlete!). Drop us a note in the comments & let us know your thoughts after the sessions- one of us will be in attendance too!

About CG Sports Management:

The CG Sports Management team has managed the creation and management of our clients events, including everything from: ideation, marketing, sales, promotions, customer service, on-site management and post-event customer satisfaction. We help our clients execute their vision and build events that support their brand.

Current Olympians and Mentors:

Club Partnership Program:

Our program is designed to give teams the opportunity to have a very close relationship and engagement with team USA Olympians or national team members. An Olympian will typically spend 24 hours with a team, over the course of a Friday and Saturday. During this time they will attend your team practices, spending time in and out of the water with every training group. In addition, they will speak to parents in a separate session and also conduct a session just for coaches. What has made this program so well liked by teams, is the casual and close personal nature of the engagement. Athletes get to work with an Olympian multiple times. Coaches build a friendship with the guest Olympian. Parents get 1-1 time to ask questions that they otherwise never would have the opportunity to ask. Send us an email to book your fall/spring/summer event. CG Sports Management Cejih Yung:

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