The ‘daily dryland’: Ideas to stay active while at home-week 5

By Reach for the Wall Staff

As we begin week 5 of training outside the pool and look ahead to some of the online activities that are planned, we see that the lineup is strong! In particular there are two sessions that have ties to PVS:

  • Saturday April 18th, NCAP coach Dory Halbe is hosting a session for Fitter and Faster:

Just Keep Swimming! Saturday April 18: 1pm EST

For Swimmers Ages 11 & Under

Let’s have some fun and just keep swimming! Watch this to keep swimmers 11 & under engaged with swimming and having fun! 

Led by Olympic gold medalist Tyler Clary and NCAP Coach Dory Halbe

Register Now

Now for today’s workouts. we found two videos that can be accomplished in tandem (and repeated) for a killer workout that will leave your quads burning!

First video is courtesy youTube publisher ‘SwimGym’ where they throw down the ‘Bring Sally Up’ challenge

If you made it through the squat challenge, go ahead and follow our friend Atiba Wade as he provides a variation on the traditional ‘burpee’ as well as perfecting your pushup form

You can repeat the exercises in these videos 2-3 times for a full 30 minute workout- Good Luck!

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