The ‘daily dryland’: Ideas to stay active while at home-week 6

By Reach for the Wall Staff

CNN recently caught up with Caeleb Dressel to check in on what he’s doing during the quarantine. One of the takeaways from their interview is to remember that you are all athletes and varying your exercise routines to stay fit is a good thing 🙂 We attended last week’s Facebook Live ‘happy hour’ with Joe Auer, Sid Cassidey and their guest Matt Delancey. Matt is the strength coach at University of Florida and during the conversation, mentioned he had a gym in his garage that he’s allowed Caeleb to use in this time away from the pool. He also talked about a recent flood and having Caeleb perform some unique exercises/repetitions to assist reducing the flood waters in his garage. You get to see some of that work in the video below:

About a week into the shutdown Swimming World published an article by Wayne Goldsmith “Can’t Swim? Here Are 25 Things You CAN Do To Stay In The Zone & Get Fighting Fit“. We’ve picked 5 of those items that you can work on this week as you re-assess the prior 5 weeks and set goals going forward:

Keep fit! Get outside. Run. Walk. Cycle. Ride a mountain bike. Go play with the dog. Find ways to keep moving, keep active and keep fit which you can do outdoors and with plenty of space.

Learn Yoga! Yoga is brilliant for swimmers. It improves your flexibility. It helps strengthen and stabilize your core. It helps you learn to relax and to control your breathing. It costs nothing – as there are many high quality, excellent Basic, Introductory Yoga videos available for free on line. 

Watch some videos of previous Major Championship events. You have at your fingertips access to the greatest library of swimming information that any generation of swimmers has ever had. Search for videos from last year’s National titles. Or the previous two Olympic Games. And watch how the greatest athletes in the world do what they do best.

Forward to 35:40 to hear Josh Davis and Jason Lezak narrate this race!

Talk to your coach. Chances are your coach is sitting at home every afternoon feeling a bit down and flat. Why not give your coach a call and ask them about your training, your racing and your goals for the next year? I guarantee your coach is missing coaching as much as you’re missing training.  Safe Sport: communicate with your coach through your parent or guardian if your age demands it.

Learn a non-swimming skill. Having an interest and developing a passion outside of swimming is a great idea. It’s an excellent way to take care of your mental health and wellbeing. It could be you develop an interest in collecting. Or learning how to write short stories. Or what about learning how to build your own computer? Having a non-swimming skill, hobby or interest is important to maintain a sense of balance and perspective in your life.

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