Stonegate swim team shows their spirit while promoting COVID safety

By Contributor Mandy Sanidad

During this difficult period of time with the coronavirus, many people have had difficulties getting a mask to use when they need to leave their homes. Some have used bandanas, dust masks, and even socks in order to cover their faces and help reduce the spread of the disease. However, some people have taken the time to make their own masks at home.

Carrie Sanidad, a Stonegate swim team mother, started making masks for the nurses at Holy Cross hospital who couldn’t get enough PPE (Personal Protection Equipment).  As the first responders’ need for PPE from the public subsided, she decided to make Stonegate Serpent masks as a fundraiser for the next upcoming swim season (whenever that may be). Using materials like spare t-shirts, hair ties, flannel sheets, pipe cleaners, and filters made of vacuum bags, she created a two-toned mask with blue tie-dye on one side and white on the other, reflecting the Stonegate Serpent’s team colors. On one of the sides is the Serpents’ logo, along with the text “Stonegate Swim Team.” As a clever nod to the sport of swimming, there is also an option to have bungee cords (like on goggles!) as the straps.

These masks are a reminder that everyone can help to keep their communities safe during this quarantine. It is also a way for the team to show their spirit, even though the season has been canceled. Mrs. Sanidad comments, “I feel so grateful that I have the skills and materials to help my community while helping the team at the same time. I’d encourage anyone else who can make masks to do the same!”

Photo Courtesy Carrie Sanidad

They are still acccepting orders and donations, please contact Carrie: if you would like to support!

2 thoughts on “Stonegate swim team shows their spirit while promoting COVID safety

  • Jun 8, 2020 at 10:34 am

    Way to go Sanidads! A wonderful idea, of course, and a well-written article too.

    Maybe we should do a team picture (when conditions permit) with Serpent masks on — will be fun to look back years later and try to figure out who everyone is!

    Thanks for what you are doing for our community!

  • Jun 8, 2020 at 10:42 am

    WOW- sooo very proud to support the team AND keep safe!! Thank you again Sanidad family!!!!


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