PVS Swimmers Top the Leaderboard in Day 1 of Super Sectionals

By Reach for the Wall Staff

With four weeks to go until Olympic Trials, many within the Eastern Zone are using the Super Sectional meet as another opportunity to achieve qualifying times or in some cases, as a tune up before heading to Omaha. The meet is being held in Richmond VA, from Thursday May 13 through Sunday May 16. Teams from PVS in attendance are:

  • All Star Aquatics
  • Dragon Swim Team
  • Occoquan Swimming
  • Potomac Marlins
  • Rockville Montgomery
  • Shark Tank Racing Squad
  • The Fish

The first night of events included 200 IM, 100 Freestyle, 100 Breaststroke, 800 Freestyle (Women), and 1500 Freestyle (Men). While there is a streaming service provided, the results are not being posted anywhere but Meet Mobile “2021 VA EZ LC Speedo Championship Meet”. In the 200 IM, Zoe Skirboll (Racer X) and Alexandra Tyler (CDOG) both got under the Wave I qualifying standard for Olympic Trials. In the Men’s race, Sean Conway (UVA), formally NCAP, came up just short, missing the Wave I cut by .27 in his prelim swim. However, his entry time was well under the Wave II cut, so we suspect he is using this meet as a tune up rather than a qualifier. In the women’s 100 Freestyle, Emily Claesson (TIDE), bested the Wave I standard winning in 56.20. Zoe Skirboll (Racer X) was the next finisher ahead of the Wave I standard in the 100 Breaststroke, winning in 1:10.40. In the Men’s 100 Breaststroke, 2 swimmers met the Wave I cut, Noah Nichols (UVA) won the event in 1:02.11 (just shy of the Wave II standard of 1:01.97) and Dylan Rhee (AGUA) in 1:03.03. Aiken Do (FISH) finished 3rd, in 1:03.38, just missing the Wave I standard of 1:03.29.

Here’s the rundown of PVS athletes that competed in Finals (or placed in the top 24 for the distance events):

Women’s 200 IM:
6th: Carly Sebring (RMSC) 2:21.97
11th: Sienna Karp (ASA) 2:23.86
12th: Sophia Heilen (OCCS) 2:24.11
17th: Sienna Golembiewski (OCCS) 2:22.63

Men’s 200 IM:
6th: Adriano Arioti (RMSC) 2:07.42
7th: Toby Barnett (RMSC) 2:08.45
10th: Stephen Gilbert (OCCS) 2:08.85
18th: Liam McDonough (RMSC) 2:12.51
21st: Collin McKenzie (FISH) 2:14.38
23rd: Pierre Zeineddin (RMSC) 2:15.23

Women’s 100 Freestyle:
8th: Lauren West (ASA) 58.62
16th: Sienna Golembiewski (OCCS) prelim time 59.66. *Sienna had a goggle issue in finals and finished in 1:17
21st: Georgia Yang (ASA) 1:00.02

Men’s 100 Freestyle:
7th: Benjamin Huffman (OCCS) 53.38
12th: Jason Bretz (ASA) 53.83
20th: Kyle Wang (ASA) 54.60

Women’s 100 Breaststroke:
3rd: Joyce Wu (RMSC) 1:13.66
4th: Hanna Bingley (RMSC) 1:13.70
5th: Cameron House (ASA) 1:13.73
6th: Abigail Daniel (OCCS) 1:13.80
11th: Marija Prima (TANK) 1:14.78
12th: Sophia Heilen (OCCS) 1:14.79
14th: Isla Bartholomew (RMSC) 1:15.72
17th: Sienna Karp (ASA) 1:14.61
18th: Caitlin Hofmann (ASA) 1:15.80
22nd: Emma Hannam (OCCS) 1:17.43

Men 100 Breaststroke:
3rd: Aiken Do (FISH) 1:03.38
6th: Christopher Stankiewicz (TANK) 1:04.75
10th: Jacob Ball (TANK) 1:05.41
11th: Alvin Kimwon (RMSC) 1:06.13
12th: Joshua Wolfson (FISH) 1:06.52
17th: James Garner (RMSC) 1:07.04
21st: Joshua Thomas (PM) 1:08.99
22nd: Gabriel Fouts (RMSC) 1:09.05
24th: Connor Decatur (RMSC) 1:11.30

Women’s 800 Freestyle:
5th: Madison Smith (RMSC) 9:06.44
7th: Courtney Watts (FISH) 9:11.66
9th: Alyssa Martel (OCCS) 9:16.36
12th: Rachel Soubier (RMSC) 9:19.22
14th: Katherine Blake (RMSC) 9:23.74
19th: Kiera Ceely (RMSC) 9:29.24
20th: Adriana Caponiti (RMSC) 9:33.71
24th: Caitlin Hofmann (ASA) 9:37.04

Men’s 1500 Freestyle:
3rd: Benjamin Huffman (OCCS) 16:14.49
4th: Sean Santos (RMSC) 16:22.73
5th: Bryce Rohr (PM) 16:31.49
11th: Peter Gilbert (OCCS) 16:38.53
12th: Brady Begin (RMSC) 16:45.63
16th: Orluke Borjigin (RMSC) 16:56.49

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