Super Sectionals Day 2- PVS swimmers in Finals

By Reach for the Wall Staff

Friday was a ‘lighter’ day for finals, however not light on the toughness of the races, with the ‘controlled sprint of the 200 freestyle and the 400 IM, which is often labeled as ‘grueling’. The night started off with the 200 freestyle and 14 yr old Claire Weinstein (WEST), taking the top spot in 2:00.95, achieving a Wave I Trial standard! Nicole Venema (TIDE) was the next swimmer to achieve a cut, doing so in the 100 Butterfly. While she was well under the Wave I standard, she just missed the Wave II standard, winning the event in 59.86. Mia Abruzzo (PWAC) also joined the Trials qualifying group by winning the 400 IM in 4:50.49, besting the Wave I standard by 1.3 seconds!

Here’s the rundown of PVS swimmers that competed in Finals:

Women’s 200 freestyle:
5th: Madison Smith (RMSC) 2:04.37
11th: Lauren West (ASA) 2:08.27
12th: Rachel Soubier (RMSC) 2:08.85
14th: Courtney Watts (FISH) 2:09.37
18th: Alyssa Martel (OCCS) 2:07.74
22nd: Georgia Yang (ASA) 2:10.62

Men’s 200 Freestyle:
2nd: James Ewing (FISH) 1:52.46
5th: Benjamin Huffman (OCCS) 1:55.17
9th: Aiken Do (FISH) 1:55.27
18th: Liam McDonough (RMSC) 1:58.44
20th: Jason Bretz (ASA) 1:59.12
24th: Sean Colson (RMSC) 2:01.88

Women’s 100 Butterfly:
3rd: Abby Carr (RMSC) 1:00.32
9th: Sarah Culkin (RMSC) 1:01.92
10th: Carly Sebring (RMSC) 1:03.22
13th: Sienna Golembiewski (OCCS) 1:03.43
16th: Abigail Daniel (OCCS) 1:04.28
17th: Georgia Yang (ASA) 1:03.04
19th: Carly Lahr (PM) 1:04.07
23rd: Sophia Heilen (OCCS) 1:05.39

Men’s 100 Butterfly:
13th: Pierre Zeineddin (RMSC) 57.99
20th: Nikolos Natsvlishvili (RMSC) 58.35
24th: Benjamin Huffman (OCCS) 59.08

Women’s 400 IM:
6th: Sienna Karp (ASA) 5:05.37
12th: Caitlin Hofmann (ASA) 5:06.60
15th: Katherine Blake (RMSC) 5:08.83
21st: Annaleagh Stahl (OCCS) 5:15.44
22nd: Erin Haines (RMSC) 5:15.45
24th: Sophia Heilen (OCCS) 5:19.37

Men’s 400 IM:
3rd: Adriano Arioti (RMSC) 4:34.48
5th: Stephen Gilbert (OCCS) 4:36.93
6th: Toby Barnett (RMSC) 4:38.48
12th: Sean Santos (RMSC) 4:43.33
19th: Peter Gilbert (OCCS) 4:46.28
21st: Bryce Rohr (PM) 4:49.37

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