Super Sectionals- PVS Finalists Saturday Night

By Reach for the Wall Staff

The night of finals started off with the ‘other’ grueling event…the 200 Butterfly. Two of the top 3 finishers made the Wave I Trials standard, with RMSC’s Abby Carr missing by .01. In the Men’s race, Samuel Folger (GS) snuck under the Wave I standard by .14, winning the event in 2:01.05. Alexandra Tyler (CDOG) kept the momentum going in the Women’s 100 Backstroke, winning in 1:01.84, well under the Wave I standard of 1:02.69. Two more swimmers met the Wave I standard in the Men’s 100 Backstroke (56.59), Sean Conway (UVA, formally NCAP) won the event in 56.26 and Joe Hayburn (ASC) was second in in 56.58. Claire Weinstein (WEST), finished out the list of qualifiers for the night as she garnered her second cut of the meet in winning the 400 Freestyle in 4:15.57. Another component of this meet is a race for a team title, with scores being tallied separately for Men’s and Women’s events, but also combined. In the combined team race, RMSC is holding a 3 point lead over UVA 326-323 going into Sunday’s events. OCCS is 7th with 151 points, FISH 11th with 93 points, ASA 14th with 74 points, TANK 23rd with 26 points, and PM 31st with 19 points. Good luck today, make the last one the fastest one!

Here’s the rundown of PVS swimmers that swam finals Saturday night:

Women’s 200 Butterfly:
3rd: Abby Carr (RMSC) 2:14.60
8th: Sienna Golembiewski (OCCS) 2:18.37
9th: Sarah Culkin (RMSC) 2:18.48
11th: Georgia Yang (ASA) 2:20.74
12th: Carly Lahr (PM) 2:20.78
14th: Maria Webb (RMSC) 2:22.75 *13 yrs. old!
18th: Emma Dorsey (RMSC) 2:24.49
21st: Sophie Elliott (RMSC) 2:25.93
22nd: Miranda Schuman (PM) 2:25.96

Men’s 200 Butterfly:
4th: Pierre Zeineddin (RMSC) 2:05.45
9th: Adriano Arioti (RMSC) 2:04.98
14th: Nikolos Natsvlishvili (RMSC) 2:09.87
20th: Sean Davis (RMSC) 2:11.21
21st: Santiago Ludwig (ASA) 2:11.23

Women’s 100 Backstroke:
6th: Abby Carr (RMSC) 1:05.28
9th: Carly Sebring (RMSC) 1:04.80
14th: Courtney Watts (FISH) 1:06.05
20th: Virginia Hinds (ASA) 1:07.23 *13yrs old!
24th: Livia Venditti (RMSC) 1:07.97

Men’s 100 Backstroke:
4th: Sam O’Brien (FISH) 57.05
7th: James Ewing (FISH) 57.67
10th: Jason Bretz (ASA) 58.34
12th: Stephen Gilbert (OCCS) 59.32
14th: Adriano Arioti (RMSC) 1:00.03
16th: Collin McKenzie (FISH) 1:01.11
19th: Liam McDonough (RMSC) 59.87
23rd: James Case (RMSC) 1:00.46

Women’s 400 Freestyle:
3rd: Madison Smith (RMSC) 4:20.31
11th: Alyssa Martel (OCCS) 4:31.29
17th: Lauren West (ASA) 4:32.07
22nd: Annalise Cornett (FISH) 4:37.12
24th: Adrianna Caponiti (RMSC) 4:38.02

Men’s 400 Freestyle:
4th: Benjamin Huffman (OCCS) 4:04.09
8th: Sean Santos (RMSC) 4:07.73
10th: Peter Gilbert (OCCS) 4:09.86
11th: Toby Barnett (RMSC) 4:10.30
16th: Everett Oehler (RMSC) 4:14.93
19th: Orluke Borjigin (RMSC) 4:14.38
20th: Brady Begin (RMSC) 4:15.17
24th: Joshua Thomas (PM) 4:18.39

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