National Learn to Swim Day: May 21, 2022

By Reach for the Wall Staff

For those of you who dutifully check the ‘National Day Calendar‘ to see what is celebrated on each day of the year, you’ll be happy to see tomorrow, May 21 is Learn to Swim Day!! As written on the National Day website: “National Learn to Swim Day on the third Saturday in May is dedicated to educating parents and children about water safety. Before Memorial Day Weekend and the start of summer, it is an annual opportunity for families to learn the importance and benefits of learning to swim.”
In past years, we’ve posted stories from different contributors on their experience and expertise with providing learn to swim opportunities for their and other children. Also note, learning to swim is not just for the kids…if you are not water safe at any age, take the ‘plunge’ and get lessons.

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Here’s a few past posts and additional resources (so you don’t have to search our archives):

Swim Lessons 101 : “The weather is getting warmer and before you know it those neighborhood pools are going to be filled with hundreds of children splashing around while parents relax in a lounge chair reading a magazine while sipping refreshing drinks soaking in the vitamin D.   OK, so maybe this isn’t a realistic picture of what a day at the pool is like but it definitely was my dream when my kiddos were little… I dreamed of the day that my kids could swim well enough that I could relax just a little.  I knew my eyes would never stop scanning the pool for these precious little faces but the ease of mind that knowing they had survival type skills at a minimum was a highly sought after dream.  Step one:  swim lessons.   Step two: swim lessons? Where? Who? How?”

When is my child ready to start swim lessons?: “As a veteran swimming instructor, I often find myself talking with parents about the best time to start swim lessons. While age is important, it’s not definitive. Other elements like confidence, motor function, and previous experience with water are also significant factors to consider before signing up for swim class…The Red Cross recommends waiting until your baby is six months old to start formal swimming lessons. Between six and 24 months, Red Cross swim lessons are always taught parent-tot style, meaning that your child will be in the pool with Mom, Dad, or another trusted adult. At this age, working directly with a parent is more comfortable than a strange instructor. These “Parent and Child Aquatics” classes consist mostly of singing songs, playing with water toys, and generally having fun.”

SafeSplash Swim School
Montgomery County Recreation- Swim Lessons
GoldFish Swim School

The USA swimming Foundation has been promoting water safety the whole month of May. Here’s a few Tweets that also provide resources:

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