DMV Swimmers Find the Podium Across the Country!

By Reach for the Wall Staff

This week many swimmers and teams hit the road to compete against the top competition across the nation. From California to Ohio to Indiana, PVS swimmers are hitting the pools, dropping time and standing on the podiums. Here’s a rundown of who did what & where…(We’ll omit Katie Ledecky from this writeup as she’s fully transitioned to Florida)

Phillips 66 National Championship Tuesday July 26th-Saturday July 30. Full results on Meet Mobile: 2022 Phillips 66 National Championships. Also, the Olympic Channel is airing finals (at a minimum the A final, sometimes the B Final)

Olympic Channel Broadcast Schedule for National Championships


200 Butterfly
Izzy Gati (Kentucky/NCAP) 10th
Mackenzie McConagha (Wisconsin/NCAP) 12th
Abby Harter (Virginia/NCAP) 13th

100 Freestyle
Erin Gemmell (NCAP) 6th
Paige Hall (Ohio State/Machine) 32nd


200 Freestyle
Erin Gemmell (NCAP) 2nd
Izzy Gati (Kentucky/NCAP) 23rd

200 Breaststroke
Anna Keating (Virginia/Machine) 2nd
Brynn Curtis (Auburn/York) 17th

200 Backstroke
Brett Feyerick (Princeton/NCAP) 23rd

Thursday: no finalists


400 Freestyle
Erin Gemmell 1st!!! Erin was out to an early lead and never relented, touching in 4:06.17. Her prior best was 4:08.69 which she posted in prelims- way to go Erin, National Champion!

USA Swimming Futures Championships, Geneva, Ohio July 27-Saturday July 30. Full results on Meet Mobile: 2022 Futures Championships-Geneva. Meet information, heat sheets and viewing options are available on the Meet Website. After two nights of Finals, Nation’s Capital has scored 21 points and is 17th in the Men’s standings, while All Star Aquatics has scored 4.5 points and is 39th in the Women’s standings


Women 100 Breaststroke
Emma Redman (FISH) 29th

Men 100 Breaststroke
John Sita (NCAP) 13th
Joshua Thomas (PM) 20th

Women 200 Butterfly
Madeleine Simmons (ASA) 12th
Emma Redman (FISH) 19th

Men 1500 Freestyle
William Mullen (NCAP) 2nd


Women 400 IM
Madeleine Simmons (ASA) 19th

Women 100 Backstroke
Emma Redman (FISH) 19th


Men 400 Freestyle
William Mullen (NCAP) 2nd
Theodore Drescher (NCAP) 14th
Grey Bremer (PM) 30th

Women 100 Butterfly
Allison Martin (FISH) 10th

Women 200 Breaststroke
Emma Redman (FISH) 26th

Men 200 Breaststroke
Joshua Thomas (PM) 24th

NCSA Summer Championships, Wednesday July 27th-Sunday July 31. Full results on Meet Mobile: 2022 NCSA Summer Swimming Championships. After two nights of Finals, Nations Capital leads the team standings with 813.5 points, Rockville Montgomery is 4th with 409, Arlington Aquatic is 7th with 334, and Machine 16th with 189.5. As you can tell from the point totals, there are a lot of PVS swimmers competing in Finals and hitting the podium. NCSA is posting heat sheets and results for each session on their Meet Website and you can watch online via the Indiana Swimming YouTube Channel


Women 100 Freestyle
Camille Spink (NCAP) 1st, NCSA Record 54.73!!
Andrea Dworak (RMSC) 11th
Aris Runnels (NCAP) 12th
Sophie Duncan (AAC/Unat) 20th
Amy Qin (RMSC) 23rd
Aleena Stukus (Machine) 27th
Sarah Eliason (RMSC) 31st
Madison Smith (RMSC) 32nd
Alexia Sawwa (NCAP) 35th

Men 100 Freestyle
Noah Dyer (Machine) 2nd
Kellen Cameron (AAC) 6th
Nolan Dunkel (AAC) 17th
Nicholas Arndt (RMSC) 23rd
HT Tragle (NCAP) 29th
Jack Moloney (Machine) 30th
Joshua Howat (NCAP) 37th
Mak Nurkic Kacapor (NCAP) 39th

Women 200 Backstroke
Jordan Durocher (NCAP) 3rd
Maren Conze (NCAP) 13th
Livia Venditti (RMSC) 19th
Nadia Thomas (NCAP) 20th
Rachel Soubier (RMSC) 29th
Andrea Dworak (RMSC) 30th

Men 200 Backstroke
JT Ewing (AAC) 1st, NCSA Record 1:59.19!!
Adriano Arioti (RMSC) 3rd
Simon Burmudez (NCAP) 5th
Collin McKenzie (AAC) 6th
Jacob Lowrey (NCAP) 12th
JT Schmid (NCAP) 17th
Tyler Witacre (Machine) 21st
Finn Bacon (NCAP) 38th
Mak Nurkic Kacapor (NCAP) 40th

Women 50 Butterfly
Aris Runnels (NCAP) 4th
Sarah Eliason (RMSC) 7th
Eleanor Sun (NCAP) 10th
Amy Qin (RMSC) 16th
Rachel Conley (AAC) 31st
Carly Lahr (NCAP) 33rd
Madisyn Carter (NCAP) 36th

Men 50 Butterfly
Kristopher Lawson (NCAP) 1st
Nolan Dunkel (AAC) 5th
Rian Graham (Machine) 7th
Noah Dyer (Machine) 9th
Nicholas Arndt (RMSC) 13th
Allan Engstrom (York) 23rd
HT Tragle (NCAP) 36th

Women 1500 Freestyle
Madison Smith (RMSC) 3rd
Lauren Tucker (NCAP) 5th
Sydney Craft (NCAP) 6th
Lauren Hartel (AAC) 22nd

Men 800 Freestyle
Theodore Ament (RMSC) 8th
Brady Begin (RMSC) 9th
Bryce Rohr (NCAP) 11th
Samir Elkassem (RMSC) 21st
Orluke Borjigin (RMSC) 22nd
Jacob Lowrey (NCAP) 26th
Alex Crown (NCAP) 35th
Liam Sheeram (RMSC) 37th
Paul Mullen (NCAP) 38th


Women 200 Freestyle
Camille Spink (NCAP) 1st, NCSA Record 1:59.87!!
Madison Smith (RMSC) 8th
Sophie Duncan (AAC, Unat) 12th
Andrea Dworak (RMSC) 13th
Maren Conze (NCAP) 21st
Courtney Watts (Machine) 34th
Amy Qin (RMSC) 40th

Men 400 IM
Alex Crown (NCAP) 26th
Eli Martin (AAC) 29th
Charles Greenwood (NCAP) 37th

Women 100 Breaststroke
Catherine Hughes (AAC) 1st
Nina Wysocki (Unat-PV) 19th
Joyce Wu (RMSC) 24th
Elizabeth Bryan (Machine) 26th
Aleena Stukus (Machine) 29th
Bridget Rose Morris Larkin (Machine) 30th
Megan Cleaver (Machine) 34th
Charlotte Scogna (AAC) 37th

Men 100 Breaststroke
Lleyton Arnold (NCAP) 5th
Bailey DeLuise (AAC) 8th
Jordan Kelly (NCAP) 9th
Jack Moloney (Machine) 16th
Neo Matsuyama (NCAP) 26th
Meyer Eskin (NCAP) 29th
Charles Greenwood (NCAP) 31st
Harrison Quach (RMSC) 35th
Joseph Umhofer (RMSC) 36th

Women 200 Butterfly
Eleanor Sun (NCAP) 1st
Jordan Durocher (NCAP) 5th
Campbell Scofield (NCAP) 9th
Carly Lahr (NCAP)14th
Sydney Craft (NCAP) 17th
Ella Myers (NCAP) 20th
Lauren Clark (RMSC) 22nd

Eleanor Sun receiving her medal for winning the 200 Butterfly

Men 100 Backstroke
JT Ewing (AAC) 1st
Nolan Dunkel (AAC) 2nd
Adriano Arioti (RMSC) 5th
Simon Burmudez (NCAP) 9th
Collin McKenzie (AAC) 16th
Blake Conway (NCAP) 17th
JT Schmid (NCAP) 20th
Noah Dyer (Machine) 21st
Nasim Elkassem (RMSC) 25th
Tyler Whitacre (Machine) 34th
Jackson Tishler (NCAP) 37th
Jacob Lee (NCAP) 38th

JT Ewing, Nolan Dunkel atop the podium for the 100 Backstroke


Women 400 IM
Eleanor Sun (NCAP) 1st!
Jordan Durocher (NCAP) 4th
Sophie Duncan (AAC/Unat) 5th
Lauren Tucker (NCAP) 13th
Alexia Sawwa (NCAP0 38th
Campbell Scofield (NCAP) 39th

Men 200 Freestyle
JT Ewing (AAC) 2nd
Noah Dyer (Machine) 5th
Kellen Cameron (AAC) 18th
David Yune (RMSC) 20th
Simon Bermudez (NCAP) 21st
Alex Crown (NCAP) 23rd
Joshua Howat (NCAP) 35th
Samir Elkassem (RMSC) 36th

Women 50 Breaststroke
Catherine Hughes (AAC) 1st!!
Kylee Sessions (NCAP) 16th
Emma Hannam (Unat) 18th
Nina Wysocki (Unat) 20th
Aleena Stukus (Machine) 27th
Elizabeth Bryan (Machine) 34th
Reagan Kampschror (NCAP) 39th

Men 50 Breaststroke
Bailey De Luise (AAC) 6th
Jordan Kelly (NCAP) 8th
Jack Maloney (Machine) 12th
Lleyton Arnold (NCAP) 13th
Collin McKenzie (AAC) 15th
Neo Matsuyama (NCAP) 18th
Charles Greenwood (NCAP) 24th
Myer Eskin (NCAP) 29th
Harrison Quach (RMSC) 38th
Evan Poulos (NCAP) 40th

Women 100 Backstroke
Camille Spink (NCAP) 4th
Aris Runnels (NCAP) 5th
Maren Conze (NCAP) 9th
Courtney Watts (Machine) 23rd
Amy Qin (RMSC) 31st
Livia Venditti (RMSC) 38th
Gwyneth Frick (NCAP) 39th
Annie Liu (RMSC) 40th

Men 200 Butterfly
Adriano Arioti (RMSC) 3rd
Rian Graham (Machine) 22nd
Simon Bermudez (NCAP) 23rd
Daniel Coughlin (Machine) 29th
JT Schmid (NCAP) 36th
Michael Kaiser (RMSC) 39th

Women 800 Free Relay
NCAP 1st (just missed record)- Eleanor Sun, Maren Conze, Ella Myers, Camille Spink

Men 200 Free Relay
AAC, 1st, NCSA Record!!- Kellen Cameron, Bailey De Luise, Nolan Dunkel, JT Ewing

Team scores after Friday finals:
NCAP 1st: 1217.5 (Men 1st with 464, Women 1st with 753.5)
RMSC 6th: 555 (Men 6th with 285, Women 7th with 270)
AAC 7th: 501 (Men 3rd with 406, Women 21st with 95)
Machine 14th: 294.5 (Men 8th with 263.5, Women34th with 31)

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