PVS Outstanding Athlete Awards

By Reach for the Wall Staff

Potomac Valley Swimming (PVS) released the results of the ‘Outstanding Athlete Award’ for swimmers in each age group from 9-18 years old. Per the nomination form, the PVS Outstanding Athlete Awards are presented annually to a male and female athlete in each single age group from 9 to 18 and Open. The qualification period is from Sept 1 2022 – August 31, 2023. Nominations for this award are submitted by a PVS Coach member. Selection is made by secret ballot at the Competition Committee. Only individual accomplishments are considered, no relay accomplishments. Additional USAS/PVS Accomplishments section for other USAS/PVS Accomplishments and/or Recognition/, e.g., USAS National/Junior Team Members, USAS Open Water National Championships, FINA World Rankings, National IMX Rankings, etc. no accomplishments for club sponsored, high school or summer league accomplishments or meets are considered.
Overall, 21 swimmers from 6 different PVS Clubs were chosen (RMSC 11, NCAP 5, Machine 2, All Star Aquatics 1, FAA 1, MAKO 1). Also, it is notable that the 13 yr old girl awardee Sadie Buckley (MAKO), 15 yr old girl awardee Caroline Agee (NCAP), 15 yr old boy awardee Cooper Zakorchemny, were selected for the 2023 Girls National Select Camp Roster. There were 4 other PVS swimmers: Elizabeth Bryan (Machine), Maria Webb (RMSC) Aaron Jia (NCAP) and Charlie Greenwood (NCAP) selected to the National Select Camp roster, but were not PVS awardees.

When the voting occurred, the accomplishments for each swimmer are presented ‘anonymously’ with each nominee designated within an excel spreadsheet (example):

The voting took place during the weekend of October 6 starting at 3:00 pm, and was open through Monday, October 9 midnight. Congratulations to all the athletes nominated for this award and those selected:

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